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Is this a waste of points?

by FireEyes

If you have not seen "The Aquabats Super Show!" first of all, shame on you, and second this will make almost no sense so I apologize.

Okay so, "The Aquabats Super Show!" (called "The Aquabats" for short) was the show that influenced me the most as a young child. And when I say young child I mean like from five to seven years old. It shaped the way I viewed superheroes and the way I wanted to sing (still to this day.)

For those of you who are lost, let me explain. The Aquabats are a real-life band of the same name with alternate superhero personas. They go around, playing songs and protecting the world from villains. Pretty simple, right? Well they're also dubbed, "The World's Most Incompetent Heroes." The Aquabats are made up of M.C. Bat Commander (commonly shortened to MCBC), the singer with no powers. Crash McLarson, the bassist who can grow up to 100ft when he gets EMOTIONAL. Rickey Fitness, the drummer who can go fast. Eaglebones Falconhawk, the guitarist and that guitar is weaponized. He also has eagle vision and an invisible bird called, "THE DUDE." And Jimmy the Robot, the keyboardist/sax player who is, coincidentally, a robot.

The main focus of this "review", if you can even call it a review, will be Ricky Fitness. More specifically, his braces. "Really Lauren? His braces? Isn't that nitpicking too much?" I hear you asking. No. No it isn't. In fact, his braces are a major plot point in one episode and episodic jokes are made about them.

In Season 1 episode 5, "Lady Fingers," there is a three-headed siren running around when the Aquabats are fighting mummies from the underworld. Ricky is the ladies man- who I coincidentally was obsessed over as a five year old- and he falls in love with one of the heads, Quara. A big plot point as to why Quara also likes Ricky is that they both have braces. Very shallow.

After all the shenanigans of the episode, Ricky facetimes with Quara in the underworld. So I suppose they are dating. He got a girlfriend basically from his braces. But there is no other mention of Quara because this obviously is an episodic show.

In Season 1 episode 2, "Mysterious Egg," the Aquabats find a, you guessed it, a giant mysterious egg and a giant chicken sprouts from it. So yadda yadda yadda chicken runs away and Ricky is sent to go looking for it. The giant chicken proceeds to peck at Ricky and he exclaims, "I think he's trying to eat my bracesssss!"

Ricky has the continuity of his braces and being the ladies man. This is also evident in the other characters. MCBC is characterized as impulsive and determined. Crash is always shown as easily made into becoming emotional and a little on the ditsy side. Eaglebones was firstly characterized in the series as cocky and independent. But as time in the series went on he has an arch and becomes more caring and empathetic. And Jimmy is still a robot.

"Okay okay, Lauren. But what does this have to do with Ricky's braces?" Sh sh sh. I'm getting there.

So where was I? Oh yeah. So as I said Ricky, and by proxy his braces, have continuity. Right? WRONG! In season 2 episode 5, "The Antibats," there is a close up shot of Ricky's face and he's smiling as he frequently does. But something was off about this smile. Could it be? Is there a *gasp* noticeable gap in his front teeth?

"Really? Is that our huge build up? You wasted all my time for this?" Okay first of all, you're mean. And second of all, I'm not finished.

Even though this is a mostly episodic show, there is grounding in the characters. It's needed for the show to still make sense and for character's conflict. Ricky's braces are somewhat a central part of his character. You'd describe him as the little ladies man who has braces. Just as MCBC is the commander with a chin strap to his helmet with a drawn on moustache and a missing tooth. But it's fine right? He still has his braces in the show, right?

If you've gotten this far into this really weird essay you'll know the answer. WRONG! The Aquabats revived their show with a bi-weekly YouTube series. But for the campaign, when we are getting Ricky back, he *gasp* doesn't have his braces anymore. The universe has crumbled and now we are left with a Ricky that has perfect teeth. It is here where I will also mention that in the pilot episode, Ricky is without braces. 

 "Lauren, you're insane." Shut up, I have my reasons.

In season 1 there is always a cartoon portion that has actual continuity. Those little cartoons are based on an overall story. But in the cartoon Rickey does not have braces. That does not annoy me. Shocking, I know. But here's the reason why. The "It's a Cartoon" portions are separate to the live-action majority of the episode. With Ricky, he is more timeless without the braces. There is no mention of braces in the cartoon or any 4th wall break jokes about him not having any. Characters that have braces in cartoon, think of Mabel from Gravity Falls, the braces are a part of the character design. But braces that are on live action characters do not translate so well.

Especially with an episodic show such as "The Aquabat Super Show!" braces and momentary things are not the best for a character to have. It only shows a specific period of time and when they are gone, that era is over. If that era is all we've known then the start of a new time period comes off as shocking and uncalled for. And because live-action things are not shot in order, the disorganization of gradual changes are more noticeable. 

But yes this was a whole essay review of why Ricky's braces are a detriment to his character. Well, detriment might be a strong word but I don't like it. While I acknowledge this is not an important thing and could not be avoided, it's important to me. Heck, when I was five I wanted braces so bad because I wanted to be like Ricky. But I hope you understand what has been bothering me for a few years. I also hope your attitude has improved too.

Is this a review?



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Tue Jul 25, 2023 5:34 am
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MrW0op3r wrote a review...

Waste of points? No, that’s be crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a round room. And they only fed me bagels. I love bagels! Bagels are round, the sun is round! The sun is yellow bananas are yellow, bananas have spots, Dalmatians have spots. Dalmatians are canines, people have canine teeth, teeth bite things, biting people is crazy! Crazy? I was crazy once!

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Wed Sep 01, 2021 6:08 pm
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MailicedeNamedy wrote a review...

Hi FireEyes,

Mailice here with a try of a short review! :D

So, I don´t know Aquabat's Super Show!. After being ashamed, I'll try to give a first review here anyway. I've only watched a few clips and read through the Wikipedia article a bit, but I still don't have a proper overview by far.

This was definitely a very strange, weird and weirdly interesting review/essay from you. I think it's clear that you like the series a lot and you show that clearly. I found your writing style very enjoyable to read because it felt like a narrative you get from a friend when you're out for a walk. (It actually reminded me of how a friend of mine is always chatting about some series where I know nothing. :D) Your writing style had this direct way of "attacking" the reader. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it was noticeable that you partly built up the whole subject matter with a large portion of humour.

I found the concrete hints of the individual episodes well chosen, and give the reader a "foothold" when he has no idea himself. Let's start with the fact that you created a good overview by introducing the series and the main protagonists. This definitely helped a lot to get an idea of the situation. You then create a good transition to the main theme of the braces. This path you used to get to the end was a bit confusing in parts, but one could understand the rough context.

One thing that sticks with me at the end is how the show has now influenced you as a child. You briefly describe what you mean, but don't go into any more depth afterwards, and I think that could be a general conclusion after you've described everything. It would be a good conclusion that would help you to understand everything again.

In summary, I found the text interesting. From what you have told, I like the characters and I also like your structure in general.

Have fun writing!


FireEyes says...

Thanks Mailice! And don't worry, I won't attack you on your wall lol. And I'll keep in mind what you said about the ending, and try to tweak it later.

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Wed Sep 01, 2021 2:13 pm
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RandomTalks wrote a review...


RandomTalks here with a short review!

I saw this lying around in the Green Room for quite a long time, so I decided to give it a shot today. First of all let me say this. I have not seen the show, please do not arrest me for that. But I have spent a significantly large part of my very short life obsessed with tv shows and series, so I totally get where you are coming from.

When I first started reading this review, I had no idea what I was getting into. But the informal voice you used drew me in, and even though I still haven't been able to make absolutely any sense of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It was humorous and a little exaggerated at points, and that somehow made it even more funny. It made me remember my childhood when my mother used to roll her eyes every time I would go on ranting about my favorite character and how the show directors betrayed him/her. So there was something very nostalgic about this for me.

I liked how you went on with the review as if you know how ridiculous the show is, but you would still murder the person who insulted it. The reader can tell that you are passionate about this and it is all reflected in the strong voice of narration. I did not find any grammatical mistakes, and the formatting was pretty great too.

And if it is any consolation, I get your fixation with the braces. I was there in that hole with you not long ago (on a totally different but similar matter), so yes, I feel you.

Keep writing and spreading smiles like this. Have a great day!

FireEyes says...

Ahh thank you Random!!! I appreciate your kind words so much! I'd actually written this in the way I generally talk so that was a little ego boost XD. Thank you again!

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