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Hey Hey, Goodbye

by EverLight

Note: This poem is too deep to describe in 100 words, so here's some more on Hey Hey, Goodbye-For ages now, I've been fascinated with the fact that people can be ''heroes'' or ''villains'' and that villains can change, and become heroes, and heroes, can change and become villains. I call it my ''Hey Hey, Goodbye'' principle. And I've also toyed with the idea of the Riddler having some close connection to Batman-such as being Batmans adopted son. So I decided to write a poem about a hero who recused a young, homeless boy, and became his father, and taught him to be a hero-and how that boy became a villain. The name Enigma again ties to the Riddler. So there you have it. 

Hey Hey

I remember how I first met you, you were in an alley way, surrounded by criminals
They beat you, scorned you, and abused you, and I heard your cries for mercy
So I beat the gangsters back, chained them to the alleyway, and named you Enigma
How young you were then, scared, shivering, frightened of the world
But I took you in as a son, for you had no father, and I taught you nobility and respect.
And I watched you grow into a hero seen as a savior.
Hey Hey, Goodbye
The villain in you was stronger then the hero, and you chose the path of darkness
A heroes path is paved with suffering, but I had hoped you’d come to understand
It is our duty to rise above grief, and be there for those you protect and defend.
I cannot put to words the pain I felt knowing the hero I raised has become a villain
And no words will ever describe the agony I feel knowing I must stop you
Hey Hey, Goodbye
I taught you how to save a heart, and change a life, but now I see the truth
It is your own heart that needs saving, and your own life that needs changing
You’ve learned a lesson that can’t be taught-The greatest evil lies within ourselves
Every thing you do, from destroying lives, to burning cities is true villainy
True villains know no heart or shame-they only know vengeance, blood, and deceit.
And you have become a true villain
Hey hey, Good bye
The hardest battle you fight as a hero isn’t fought against your archenemy
The hardest battle you fight as a hero is fought against your inner shadows
It was a bitter mistake, one I regret, that I never taught you that
But you, young Enigma have also made a bitter mistake-you fought the wrong enemy
When you couldn’t save a life, you made your shame, rage, and sorrow your enemy
You tried to keep your emotions deep inside, out of feeling distance
But those emotions tore at your soul and made you the villain you are
You forget that it takes ultimate courage to acknowledge your emotion
And you never learned that you are only as strong as your humanity.
Good Bye
Oh maleficent one, for all your wicked ways, I can still see the helpless child I rescued
I hope you know that no matter how hard I fight to stop you, you’ll always be in my heart
I’ll always be your father, and no matter what you’ve done you’ll always be my son.

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Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:29 pm
DariaTheGirlWhoLovesPizza wrote a review...

Hey. here to review :)

This poem is literally amazing. The name didn't really draw me in to review this however, but after reading it, I'm starting to understand the meaning behind the title. And I love it.
The depth and emotion in this poem was definitely level 100, and the idea is interesting. Some people think that others can't change at all, and that deep down inside they're always the same. You, however, captured the idea that people can change. It's a cool point of view to say the least.
Usually long lines give me a headache, but somehow it flowed effortlessly in this poem. Also, your ending was straight fire. That line is something you could think about forever. Imagine growing to know someone as an epic hero and watch them change into a horrendous villain, and somehow have to face reality and basically fight them, imprison them, or even damage them. Yeah, that'd be prettyyyy hard, and you really made me feel for the mc.

Overall, I only have like one critique. I think the switch between him being a "savior" and then becoming a "villain" was pretty sudden. There wasn't a lot of build up to that fact.

Other than that, this was fun to read, and you wrote some great thoughts. Especially when you said "The hardest battle you fight as a hero is fought against your inner shadows."

Anyways I gtg, but you are talented~


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Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:42 pm
dahlia58 wrote a review...

This is deep (please forgive my choice of words). "I'll always be your father, and no matter what you've done you'll always be my son" really struck. I can't imagine how torn the hero must have felt when he was forced to end his own son, his own creation. But I do find the hero commendable for doing the right thing (ending the evildoer), even if it's an agonizing decision.

EverLight says...


EverLight says...

But Enigma is his ADOPTED son. But the bond is the same as though this is his true son.

dahlia58 says...

Yes, but adopted children are just as much as the creation of their parents as biological children. This is just my opinion, however. I enjoyed reading this poem very much.

EverLight says...

Ah, I see. Pretty interesting way to look at adoption.

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