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We Are Painting Men

by EmmaGrayce

Why do we sit so vulnerably, many 
Deluged by inertia's spell, but still 
Our  minds are furnished with a surplus of brilliance.
And regretfully so few people fuel 
The worlds treasured ingenuity
The petrol of our thought...
And then I remember 
That the world had been one 
But when Pangea split 
People too, trimmed 
The peripheries in which 
Men of so much similarity 
Had once been granted ingress.
Then due to small uncommonness
Were stripped of even simple freedom.
Living in a universal paradox 
The air is crisp and the sky clear
Yet mankind is drowned in confusion.
I wonder: is our existence but a game? 
Do the Gods play us like chess 
We are their pawns, maybe 
The oceans and mountains 
Can be the queens? 
Do they sit atop the world 
And bellow down upon us 
As we define morality 
While acting in opposition
Of the so called, precious words we speak 
Some speak of blindness most tragically 
But should mankind be blinded 
We'd live by our thoughts, our words 
Which would not impend upon our vision.
I ask myself, why color 
Can have so much meaning 
When a man's promised word can be thrown 
Out the door along with so much else...
There is a village buried within a valley:
Doused in beauty 
Painted so poetically 
And still, so far away, people shan't just be people.
Sit down and submerge yourself within your thoughts 
And ponder who you want to be:
A white man? A Black man?
A city boy or a village girl?
Or could we, just for once 
Erase from the whiteboard 
What we teach generations over?
And conclude that men shall be men 
Women shall be women 
We are all composed of the same flesh 
Same bone.. And same ability to both 
Divide and conquer 
Or accept and love the brother and sisterhoods 
We have been blessed by.  

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Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:18 am
Snoink wrote a review...

Hi Emma!

Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful. It’s too bad it hasn’t been read more. I had to read it several times to get many of the complexities involved… it is like eating whole wheat bread as opposed to the wonder bread that I am used to eating! Still, I love it.

I love how you go through and talk about the various issue confronting about race in our world today. Yet, you do this in a subtle manner by talking about first how wonderful mankind is, in general, and how they split. Then you talk about the world splitting, and somehow that just makes the image of races splitting even more poignant. After all, once upon a time, we were actually brothers and sister on the same continent! And then things diverged.

But! This isn’t all! Then you talk about how blindness, and critique that. And I just adore the way you do it, because the whole asking of the question, “Why do we have to be blind?” is just so poignant.

And then you talk about people denying personhood! And I love the words… “erase from the whiteboard.” The white part, as if you want to erase the cultural standard and replace it with something more vibrant and wonderful.

Anyway! I am really digging this poem. It’s very lovely! Thanks for posting it. :)

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Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:59 pm
indieeloise wrote a review...


Absolutely beautiful. I don't usually read/review poetry, but the metaphor in the title caught my eye. I love the subtle idea of unity, broken by words and thoughts and judgment.


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