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T.O.B.O.C.F - Chapter TWO!! I think... Yeah... Read Pwease

by Emma


We stood there, no words coming out of our cold mouths, it was now raining so hard I felt I really was in a shower. I just wanted to go home, but how could I go home and leave my friend with the crush of my life?!

“Hello honey, I’m Chelsey” She said, her voice so very girly I felt like puking on her,

“Erm… Hi.” He muttered,

Great! Knew it, I was safe. The look on his face, the sound of words that he produced out of his mouth,

He didn’t like her! Yay! PARTY!!

The three of us chatted for like, hours. It was interesting to talk to something you fancy without totally blushing and stammering in front of them. I probably would of if it wasn’t for Chelsey’s constant flirting. I felt like shouting at her telling her to bug off and that Stuart was all mine… But then I figured, why? She’ll just slap me and go off in a huff. I did like her. She was one of those popular girls, annoying as hell but popular. Without her I would of probably had no friends at all… Which I 100% did NOT want.

It was getting late than the rain had finally come to a halt and had gone else where to rain on. I waited on Chealsy to leave before leaving my self, no way could I trust her then.

“Sorry,” I apologized,

”It’s alright, she erm… Likes talking,” He said to me,

“I have… to go home,” I sighed,

He just nodded and walked the other direction. I knew after this I would probably never see him again, I did want to see him again, hell yeah. It would be a waste of a night. I knew I was going to get it at home. Mum would probably start with;

‘What time do you call this, people could rape you or harm you blah, blah, bloody, blah…’

Like she would actually care! I walked home slowly kicking this diet-coke can, wondering if I would get grounded. Dad would probably brew a right storm, probably smack me round the face and ground me for a month, while my mum would scream hell its self into my poor beautiful ears.

I arrived at the front door, opened it and then shut it slowly not making a noise. I heard sobbing coming from the livingroom. Something was up, sighing I walked in to see it was my mum, covering her self with a snooty hankie which suddenly made my guts turned, she could of cleaned it before she reused it… stupid mother.

“Mum, what is it?” I asked, without sounding like I cared,

“Your stupid dad, he isn’t home, meant to come back at 4, its now 10:30! He’s probably gone off with some blonde tart!” She sniffed,

I nodded, and walked into my room, I wasn’t really surprised if my dad had gone with another woman, mum wasn’t much of a looker, it was surprising that the two lasted that long together! But I was surprised that mum hadn’t told me off yet. Mum LOVED telling me off, when ever she had a reason to. I went onto my computer to find no one was online apart from some really annoying people which I blocked. Bored I turned it off and went to bed, ready to dream of lovely roses and other crap which I liked.


HAHAHA!!! Even worse than the last one!! HAHA!!!! Yeah T.O.B.O.C.F. is: Teenage OutBursts Of Cliche Fun

If you wanted to know...

Pwease don't rip this apart :D

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Sun Aug 28, 2005 12:14 pm
Elizabeth wrote a review...

”It’s alright, she erm… Likes talking,” He said to me,.

BWAHAHAHA... that's the same excuse me friends pull if I go too far...

Bored I turned it off and went to bed, ready to dream of lovely roses and other crap which I liked.

:shocked: ROSES ARENT CRAP!!!
:runs to a dark corner and begins to cut.... CHEESE:

Harley: Phew... Emma, lay off the granola...
Emma: (O_O) WHAT?!!!
Me in me corner; bwahahaha *disappears*

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Mon Aug 08, 2005 8:07 pm
Harley says...


i like it, excpet that instead of "would of" it should be "would have".

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Sat Jul 30, 2005 1:02 am
Sam says...


This was pretty cool. But you didn't have the 'his hotness made me warm'...line...*pouts*

'Like' and 'equal' are two entirely different things.
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