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One Nights Dream

by CreativeFreak

Hope you like!!

How I crave to hold him in my arms; to feel him, his touch, his heat, and his lips: so soft, so smooth, and so desirable. I bite my lip just thinking about it. To look into his gray- blue eyes is all I could ever wish for at this very moment. How I love him so, as he does for me as well. So much that he tells me secrets he doesn’t share with anyone else. He cares for me, worries for me when he feels I am emotional after telling me something saddening and scary, even though it hurts him more than it does myself. If only we could be together, but he and I are both to young, and he would never win my mothers approval, or God’s. But he is the only thing I desire and need in this time. My heart beats only for him.

They imagine themselves together, holding each other strongly; never wanting to let go for eternity. Walking across a vast field of grass and flowers, stopping only to look in each others eyes to finally plant one long kiss.

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Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:36 pm
Dream_Catcher says...

just a little cliche though i know where you are coming from with it. I can relate in that there aren't too many 'good' guys around and its hard to find and keep them. but i hold wishes and dreams same as you. easy to connect with.

Hearing these stories makes me realize that I never did anything with my childhood.
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