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A riddle for you - What am I?

by Cosmo

I send a shiver down your spine,

though I am not cold.

I can make you move,

though I do not touch you.

I am a vast species,

though I do not live.

I speak the truth of others,

though I may not be yours.

I make you cry and smile,

though I do not touch or tickle you.

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Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:46 pm
Peregrine wrote a review...

I think it's music. I don't really know why but some songs send shivers down your spine, they definitely make you move. Do they not touch you? Hmmm, struggling on that one. I don't think they physically can, but emotionally, yes. This is actually quite hard. Well done and no errors written wise

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Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:55 am
Snoink wrote a review...


It’s love! It has to be! See? Look at it!

I send a shiver down your spine, ← Just the THOUGHT of my wonderful fiance can send these kinds of shivers up my spine, because he is just SO awesome and he makes me SO happy because he loves me SO much. So, love is there! And, his love affects me this way. MIND YOU. I would probably use the word “tingle” as opposed to shiver… maybe I am wrong? STILL! I think this could totally hold.
though I am not cold. ← Oh, his love and my love is not cold at all! It is amazingly warm and awesome! :D

I can make you move, ← This is so true! I am pretty much dancing for joy at the very thought of him.
though I do not touch you. ← AND! It’s a thought of his love and my love! So, he doesn’t technically have to even touch me! Isn’t this awesome?

I am a vast species, ← Love can occur in many different types! I love my family! I love my friends! I love my lover! But, each one in COMPLETELY different ways.
though I do not live. ← Love does not live, though it is alive!

I speak the truth of others, ← Yes! Besides. God is love, and God is also truth… see? ;) (And YES. I just totally went the theological route here. But, still!)
though I may not be yours. ← Sadly! Sometimes, love can be unrequited. :(

I make you cry and smile, ← YES. THIS. ALL. THE. TIME.
though I do not touch or tickle you. ← This is soooooo true.

ANYWAY! I am sticking with my answer. It has to be love! Or, I might just be lovestruck, and thus incapable of thinking of anything else. ;)

Am I right?! :D

Cosmo says...

No you are not ;)

This is one of the faults of the riddle, is that it can be multiple things :S

But thank you for the review!

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Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:57 am
Loose says...

I feel like this riddle has too many possible answers, so it's not really challenging as much as it's a matter of guessing the right one. For instance, in the last few seconds I could think of:


And whether or not any of those are right, they're all valid answers based on what evidence you provide. I don't think that's how a riddle is supposed to be.

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Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:32 am
Iggy wrote a review...

Hello there, Cosmo. :3

Very nice riddle here! :D There isn't very much to say about it, obviously, since it isn't an actual literary work. I can't say anything about imagery, or rhyme scheme. There are no spelling/grammar errors, so congratulations on that. It's a nicely-worded riddle, and it really makes you think. :-)

Also, I'm terrible at riddles, so I really have no idea what it is. Possibly PM with the answer? I recommend you never post the answer in either your work up there or in the comments, so the reader will stay in suspense and try to figure it out on their own. :D

Please PM me! I must know. *-*

Cheers. ~ Ariel.

See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask for no guarantees, ask for no security.
— Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451