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E - Everyone

The Alphabet of our Love

by Charizard821

"A" is for awkward.

From the day we first met, you were always slightly awkward. You only got more awkward as time went on. But that was okay. I've always been just as awkward. It's just part of who we are.

"B" is for beauty.

I remember a time when you told me all your insecurities. Those little things that you hated about yourself. I remember how over time, I dulled the importance of those things to the point where insecure simply didn't apply to you.

"C" is for cute.

Does a day ever go by when you don't tell me I'm cute or adorable? I certainly know the answer, and it's a firm no. And although I don't see the cuteness in myself, I find myself smiling knowing that you do.

"D" is for distance.

The biggest obstacle in our lives. We are so close to each other's hearts, and yet so very from one another. But this is an obstacle we will overcome, no matter the cost. Love will prevail, as you once said to me.

"E" is for enjoyment.

It's safe to say that I enjoy your company. It doesn't matter what we're doing, everything seems better with you, and the days you're away, darling, I feel like part of myself is gone.

"F" is for friendship.

I know this one sounds corny, but regardless, you're my best friend. Honestly, there's nobody who I trust more than you, nobody I feel more comfortable around, nobody who gets me quite like you do.

"G" is for goals.

Everybody has goals. Here are some of mine: to make you happy, to make you feel loved, to make you laugh, smile, to put a twinkle in your eye, to touch you, to hold you, to calm you, to comfort you, to live my whole life with you.

"H" is for happiness.

I was happy before we fell in love. Now that we are in love though, I've found more happiness in myself and the world around me than I've thought possible. And that's all thanks to you.

"I" is for indescribable.

This is the word I would use to describe my feelings towards you. Ironic, isn't it? But the only real reason this is the word I would pick is that there are no others to describe it. And you can rest assured, when I say my feelings for you are indescribable, I mean that in the absolute best way.

"J" is for June.

The month we first started dating. I remember it well. How you absolutely refused to tell me you liked me, how it embarrassed you, how I had to pry the words out of you, how you finally told me after three days and how you learned I'd felt the exact same way the whole time.

"K" is for kiss.

Something we cannot share. But also, something we wish to share. Desperately. And we will share it, if we are patient enough. It will be quite simply, amazing.

"L" is for love.

I once thought I'd found love in someone else. I was wrong. But our love is different. After all, today is the exact amount of days into my last relationship that I ended it. It just didn't work. But with you, it does. It always will.

"M" is for money.

"Money makes the world go 'round". Haven't we all heard that? But you don't care about money. I'm sure I could be dirt poor or loaded with cash, it would all be the same to you. You'd still love me no matter what.

"N" is for nuzzling.

Cuddling up to you and nuzzling in your arms has to be one of my favourite things to imagine. Especially if the scene is in the dark, by a fireplace, as rain pours or snow falls outside. No matter how dark or cold it may get, you always keep me warm.

"O" is for optimism.

Being an optimist is great. Falling in love with one is greater. There are days when one of us loses our optimism, and our hope. But every time, the other is there to encourage, and keep each other going. This is how I know we'll stand the test of time as a couple.

"P" is for patience.

A great deal of this will be required for all the years of waiting before we finally meet in person. But we can do it. I know we can. I wouldn't quit, even if I had to wait the longest time. It's worth it to see you in the end.

"Q" is for quiet.

I find it odd how you feel so comfortable and open around me, and then I remember that you're actually a shy, quiet person. It truly goes to show how I've unlocked the door to your heart. I intend to never close that door as long as I live.

"R" is for resilience.

Everybody fights. The human nature to have an opinion makes it inevitable. And yes, we've fought pretty badly before. Yet, we've stuck through it, realized our mistakes, said our apologies, and never once even considered ending our relationship over a conflict. It gives me comfort to know that no matter how hard we may fight sometimes, we both realize that we would be lost without each other, and that no fight will ever come between our love.

"S" is for soul mate.

No, I'm not jumping the gun. No, I'm not a fool. They say there's no real way to know if somebody is your soul mate, except you just do. You just know. Darling, if there is one thing I know, you're mine. And when you tell me I'm yours, I just love you all the more.

"T" is for trials.

We have lots of challenges ahead of us. We've already been through some, but there will be many more. Am I worried about them? Not one bit. As individuals, we can be broken, but together, we are strong, darling. Stronger than the mind can fathom. And we will hold.

"U" is for understanding.

I've said this once already, but nobody understands me like you do. It's like you're in my head sometimes, knowing what I'm going to say before I even say it. Understanding exactly how I feel, even if I'm not all that sure myself. I feel like I could say anything to you, no matter how complicated, or weird, and you'd still get it.

"V" is for vision.

I have a vision. It involves a future with you, as my wife. With you as the mother to my children. With you as the largest piece of my life's puzzle. This is a vision I hold close to my heart, and one I aim to make a reality.

"W" is for writing.

Something I love to do. Why is it in our alphabet of love, though? Well, it's not only because "W" is a tough letter, but also because you love my writing. It doesn't matter how bad it may be, you're always supportive, always telling me about how great a job I do. And that's just one of the many reasons I love you.

"X" is for....?

What is "X" for? It's quite the unfair letter, in my opinion. I mean, how many words start with "X"? More importantly, how many of them apply to us? I suppose I'll just have to skip this one. Darn "X".

"Y" is for you.

Perhaps you've noticed how many times I've said "you" in this piece. That's because you are the whole reason I'm writing this in the first place. You inspire me. You drive me. You make me feel like I'm the only guy in the world. Without you, I would only have "I love". Just another reason why I need you.

"Z" is for zest.

Zest is something you've added to my life. Before you, my life was as bland as a Greek salad with no dressing. I don't even think you can have a Greek salad with no dressing! But the point is, you are the dressing to my Greek salad. You make me who I am, and I thank you for being such a big part of my life.

That is the alphabet of our love, and though our love may still be young, it is the strongest love I'll ever feel. You are the only one for me. You complete me. And I will never stop appreciating everything you do. Here's to all the years to come. I love you.

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Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:49 pm
Aley wrote a review...

Hello Charizard!

We don't talk much so I'm going to basically explain why I keep popping up on your poems. I'm reviewing most of them because I'm trying to get to 50 reviews and I need 20 odd more to go, so you're going to be my next person I review a bunch of poems for thanks to a helpful suggestion from a friend of yours -points at AstralHunter-

This was actually really quite cute and a good way to handle an acrostic poem of the alphabet. I actually really liked how you handled it because you went into detail after going into the letter. That really gives the poem a nice overall flavor and balance between what's going on in reality, and what's going on in the poem. I'm not saying the poem has to be real, or that the speaker has to be real, just that it creates a balance between "this is an acrostic poem of the alphabet" and "this is a poem." Most people would just do a single sentence for each letter, but that doesn't really work You have it right.

If you want to improve upon this it's going to be tricky. First, I'd suggest trying to make a sentence that starts with the letter and take out the part where you announce what letter it is. It seems a bit like a child's book with "[letter] is for..." which sort of undercuts the tone initially in the poem. You don't have to, you can just change it from "is for" to something like A+wkward =



or just label the parts Awkward to Zest.

If you don't want to do any of that, I really can't blame you, just a suggestion. My other suggestion is more about it being a poem and critiquing the way you wrote some of the sections.

Most of the sections have really nice detail about what's going on and you can really see the relationship that's happening in the poem. I think what's missing is some of the details in some of the sections where you decide to get a bit more forward thinking and obscure. I really like it when you're being detailed because it gives us that good healthy feel for what's going on but when you say things like "the other is there to encourage, and keep each other going" we sort of lose that depth of character you created writing this poem. Instead of writing something obscure like that, don't be afraid to make the stanzas for the letters longer and give us a quick example, something that's personal to your story. Make it a memory and make it something we can smile about and say "Oh yeah, my SO/friend did something like that for me once" and engage us in conversation with our memories through the memories you give in the poem. That's going to make it easier to get into, quicker to read, and provide us with a lot fewer times when we're wondering what you're talking about.

I hope this helps!

See you on the next one,

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Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:56 am
steampowered wrote a review...

Hello, steampowered here for a review this fine Review Day! I really enjoyed reading this, and I’m probably going to find this hard to critique, but I’m going to try hard to leave you with some decent quality feedback.

This was a really interesting idea. I feel like, with a little bit of tweaking here and there, and playing around with the format a bit, that this could be a really good short story or poem. And you wrote it with someone special in mind – heh heh, I really wish I was in that position myself, but sadly I’m not. :P

You only got more awkward as time went on.

So, the subject of the poem becomes more awkward as time goes by? I’d suggest rephrasing this, because it makes it look like the relationship has caused her to become less confident.

"B" is for beauty.
I remember a time when you told me all your insecurities. Those little things that you hated about yourself. I remember how over time, I dulled the importance of those things to the point where insecure simply didn't apply to you.

When I saw this I thought you would go on about how physically beautiful the girl was, so can I just say how great it is to see you’ve been a little more original than that.

"X" is for....?
What is "X" for? It's quite the unfair letter, in my opinion. I mean, how many words start with "X"? More importantly, how many of them apply to us? I suppose I'll just have to skip this one. Darn "X".

Haha, I wondered what you’d do when you came to X, but this doesn’t feel like cheating.

But the point is, you are the dressing to my Greek salad.

I hate old, overworked clichés. Thank you for not using them.

I know I’m speaking as someone who’s never really been part of an online romance (well, yes and no, with a few of the people on here, but I guess not really) or really any romance at all (on the whole, I seem to prefer book characters to people in real life) but I thought this was fresh and really interesting. Keep on writing, and long may your happiness continue!

Charizard821 says...

Thank you for the wishes of happiness AND the review. I hope you find someone as well. Y'know, I came up with a theory that sometimes, online relationships might actually be more likely to succeed than non-online ones. For example, in person, it's all the luck of the draw, really. You might run into someone just like you or not like you at all, but most of the time you get that middle area. Online, however, you can be specific about what you're like and what you want, to more accurately pinpoint that one person. Does that make any sense, or am I just rambling?

Anyways, thank you again! ^^

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Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:51 am
Storygirl95 wrote a review...

Hi! Storygirl95 here dropping by for a review! Happy review day! :D
First, let me commend you on this concept. It's so cute and original! I wouldn't have thought about this. It sort of reminds me of that song. The one with L is for the way you look and me, O is for the only one I see.
I think it's in the Parent Trap.
Also, wow. Trying to find something for each letter must have been difficult. You did very well though, I think! :)
Okay, review time!
I don't have a lot to say about it, because it's AWESOME, just a few little things.
When you say, "Those little things that you hated about yourself. I remember how over time, I dulled the importance of those things to the point where insecure simply didn't apply to you." I would change it to "The little things that you hated", and then in the next sentence change it to "dulled the importance of these things." Just a personal opinion, of course. I'm only here to suggest! :D
When you say, " to make you happy, to make you feel loved, to make you laugh, smile, to put a twinkle in your eye, to touch you, to hold you, to calm you, to comfort you, to live my whole life with you." I was thrown off by the lack of a to by smile. I know you meant to laugh, smile. But it interrupted the flow(for me.) I might put "To laugh, to smile" OR "to laugh and smile" OR "to laugh or smile."
I thought when you said meet up in person it said prison lol. Not a mistake obviously, I just thought I'd tell you how stupid I was for a second for your enjoyment haha.
DARN THAT X. XTRAORDINARY. Oh, that's not how you spell that? Darn. :P
I love the way you sometimes add an endearment, and that the letter is addressed specifically to the lover, not just a list of things someone likes about someone else.
I feel like this is something a few of my characters would say to each other, but in so many words! Like, you did such a great job! I don't think I could write so many wonderful feelings like you do.
I love the tone and silliness in the piece, but that it still manages to convey how deep the feelings are.
I'm xtraordinarily(:P) jealous of this couple. I need this kind of love in my life haha.
Thanks so much for putting this up! I wasn't sure what I was in for when I saw this in the Green Room, but I'm immensely grateful I clicked on it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and I think you have a lot of talent.
Anyway, great job!
Have a nice day(morning?), and keep writing! :D

Charizard821 says...

Thank you so much! Yeah, it was pretty tough coming up with a word to match each letter, but don't worry, I have a funny little short story in the works revolving around the letter "X", so be on the lookout for that. Also, don't forget to leave a like since I'm almost sure you liked it. ^^

I told my girlfriend, Cleverfox, that if I got on top of the Literary Spotlight with this piece, I would shout I love her to a bunch of strangers. cx

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Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:47 pm

Hey Char!! This isn't a review, but I just came to say, as a person who is also very much in love right now (our obstacle isn't distance, it's age difference, but still...), I am here to applaud you... This piece truly encompasses the feelings that people like us feel (people in love), especially if all they have ever experienced about love was negative before this person came along....

I wish you and your girlfriend the best of luck, and hope that you two grow closer every day... ;)

Charizard821 says...

Thanks, CC, and to you as well! Life is so much better with someone to love, so don't let the obstacle stop you!

Oh trust me... I won't... But thanks!

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Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:35 am
klennon14 wrote a review...

Wow, this is a very heartfelt and sweet piece. I actually suggest you incorporate the idea of the alphabet of a couple's love in a short story, or even a poem. It's an original idea, and there's so much you can do with it! I can see you put time into each little detail you have written in this piece, and it was a lighthearted, enjoyable read. Job well done :)

Charizard821 says...

Thank you! It was for an amazing girl so I put a lot into it. Hey, if you liked it, mind dropping me a like? Thanks ^^

Cleverfox says...

I know it's so cute, he's a sweetheart ^^

Charizard821 says...

Haha yes, Cleverfox here is the girl in question. ^^

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