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16+ Language Violence

Star Wars Into Darkness - A dramatized audio production: Chapter One (warning, very, very long)

by CarryOnMrCaulfield

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and violence.

NOTE: This is the pilot episode for a Star Wars themed audio drama that I am currently writing along with a few others, meaning that we will have voice actors and sound effects. The story itself takes place roughly four thousand years before "A New Hope", and the Jedi are recovering from a war against the Sith, who nearly wiped them out. Now, the galaxy is ready to begin the healing process. This is an exceptionally long read, so if you plan on taking a look, prepare to strap in and buckle down.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Into Darkness

Chapter One

It is a dark time for the Republic. Though the Sith have been defeated, conflict continues to rage across the galaxy.

Despite Republic victory at TELOS IV, pockets of resistance left over from the regime of Darth Malak still remain, challenging the fragile Republic. All that stands between peace and annihilation is the fledging REPUBLIC RESTORATION FLEET.

Returning from the Malachor System, a small, battered freighter approaches the orbital station above Telos, its passengers the key to the very survival of the Republic itself….


Ship noises heard, pushing of buttons is heard.

Atton: We are beginning our approach to Telos Citadel Station. Looks like its still undergoing some repairs.

Mira: Well, what would you expect, Atton? The battle was only three days ago.

Atton: I know, but. It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve last been here.

Tariga: And now we are back where our journey began. Ironic. The Force truly does work in mysterious ways.

Atton: Only last time they impounded the ship. Won’t be happening this time, they should recognize our frequencies. Tariga, make contact with the Port Authority and secure us a hangar.

Tariga: I’m already on it. (button noise) This is Ebon Hawk to Telos Citadel Station requesting permission to dock. Do you copy?

Comm Voice: This is TCS Docking Authority. We read you loud and clear, Ebon Hawk. I am checking hangar availability. Please stand by.

Atton: Standby? Huh. Great…

Mira: Atton. Why are you so anxious to get back here anyway? Why don’t you just enjoy the beauty of space?

Atton: Oh, I dunno. Maybe because I was nearly killed by a kriffing Sith Lord! I could use some R&R. Besides, the Hawk’s shields are down. One hit from a turbolaser and we’re all dead.

Mira: Atton, this is a safe system. We’ll be fine.

Atton: I hope you’re right.

Communication Officer: Registry accepted. Everything checks out, Ebon Hawk. You are cleared to land in Docking module 051. Your docking permit will be active in fifty-six minutes.

Tariga: Confirmed, thank you. Hawk out.

Atton: Tariga, don’t you dare turn that comm off *pause* ! Hey! Communication drones. We’ve been flying a damaged ship blind and shieldless throughout the outer rim for over a day. Onboard is the man responsible for destroying the Ravager and ensuring YOUR victory three days ago! We have priority.

Communication Officer: I apologize, sir, but we’re all tied up right now. Allowing you to dock immediately would be a breach of protocol here at air traffic control. Our job’s are on the line as it is. Now, there are more ships requesting permission to land. I’m cutting transmission. TSC out.

Atton: Great. Looks like we’re sitting ducks for the next hour. Hey Tariga, you up for a game of pazaak?

Tariga: Fine. Senate rules.

Drek: I’m afraid that we have no time for that, gents.

Atton: Well, look who’s up and walking! You feeling better, Drek?

Drek: Not really, no. The lightsaber wound is still burning in my thigh. If Meetra weren’t present, Darth Traya would’ve killed me. Luckily, while I was dueling Kreia, Meetra was observing in the shadows of the Core. I was able to sever the sith’s good hand, but she began wielding three lightsabers using nothing but the force. It was too much for me in my fatigue.

Mira: I’m only sorry we couldn’t have killed her when we confronted her ourselves. The battle with that Wookie left me weak.

Drek: It seems that he repaid his life debt after all when he tossed you up onto the Hawk as we escaped the planet. Perhaps Hanharr had some honor left within him, Mira.

Mira: He did, I suppose. But it seems Kreia ordered him to Hunt us the whole time. Must’ve found him back on Nar Shaddaa around the same time you guys picked me up.

Atton: So, you weren’t the one who defeated Kreia?

Drek: Well, not exactly. Meetra actually defeated Darth Traya. As it turns out, it was her who was destined to heal that wound in the force left behind from Malachor.

Atton: But you were that wound, weren’t you?

Drek: Indeed. I was. We were both exiled from the order…cut off from the Force after the battle of Malachor V ten years ago. We were wounds in the Force, if you will. I was only destined to restore order and destroy the wound that took shape as Darth Nihilus. Meetra was to restore order. Both of us were tasked with bringing balance to the Force.

Atton: Huh, so I take it that it was sheer coincidence that you were both at Peragus at the same time?

Drek: Not coincidence. The Force, my friend!

Mira: And how’s the rest of the crew holding up?

Drek: Pretty well, for the most part. Canderous is out cold in his bunk. He and Edrick are both exhausted. Edrick is with Visas in the main cabin. Brianna is sparring with Kyra in the hold.

Atton: What about Meetra? What’s she doing?

Drek: Meditating in the back cabin. She and Mical.

Atton: Oh boy. She’s with…that guy?

Tariga: Master Lars!

Drek: What is it, Tariga?

Tariga: We’ve just been cleared to land.

Mira: Well, that was the quickest one hour ever. Whatever happened to the traffic and us being put on standby?

Atton: Well, I’m not going to question it. I’m taking us in.


Ship flying noise and landing, boarding ramp noise, footsteps

Lieutenant Dol Grenn: Ah, if it isn’t the Jedi and the other heroes of Telos. Welcome back to Citadel Station.

Drek: Thank you, Lieutenant Grenn, it is good to see you again as well. How are you all recovering from the battle?

Grenn: Thankfully, station damage was minimal, but there was some fuel leakage of course. If it weren’t for the generosity of our new supplier, Vogga the Hutt, the station would most likely fall out of orbit within a week’s time. I owe that to you as well, seeing as you blew up the whole Peragus System.

Atton: Hey, you’re not still holding that against us right.

Grenn: Not unless you still make a habit of blowing up planets.

Drek: Well, we did just nearly obliterate Malachor.

Grenn: Hopefully Telos isn’t next.

Drek: Of course not.

Lieutenant Yima: Sir, I have just been informed that Admiral Onasi and Ambassador Shan are on their way here.

Grenn: Very well, Lieutenant Yima. I know that the esteemed admiral has already made the acquaintance of Master Drek Lars here, but I think it is about time that he meets the whole crew as well. There was another one with you too though, wasn’t there? An older woman.

Drek: Indeed. I am afraid that…Kreia is no longer with us. She was…killed…killed by a dark jedi named Darth Traya.

Grenn: I am truly sorry, but I trust that the Jedi general here, Master Lars, took care of them.

Drek: Actually, I attempted too, but it was Metra Surik here who really saved the day. I’ll…spare you the details. *pause* Ah, there she is now.

Meetra: Lieutenant Grenn. Good to see you again.

Grenn: You as well, General Surik. Drek was just telling me of your heroics at the Sith temple on Malachor.

Meetra: I’m no savior of Telos, but I suppose I did alright.

Drek: More than alright.

Meetra: Please.

Grenn: I see that your ship is rather beat up. I’ll be sure to have it repaired immediately. No charge, seeing as you’ve served us in more ways than we can count.

Drek: But Kreia. She was not the only one we lost. Back during the battle, Bao-dur fell whilst fighting down on the surface with my HK unit. His remote and the HK both told me that his sacrifice ensured our victory on both Malachor and Telos. Without the HK-51’s activated on the Telosian surface, the droid G0-T0 would have let the powers of Malachor persist.

Carth: Trust me, your friend’s sacrifice won’t be forgotten. I will arrange for a proper memorial and for him to receive a posthumous Cross of Glory.

Gren: Ah, Carth. Ya’ made it.

Carth: General Lars. Glad to hear you made it back in one piece

Drek: How’ve the past few days treated you?

Carth: They’ve been exhausting. *pause* How goes the search for…you know.

Drek: Alas. I am afraid that I had other pressing matters to attend to in the Malachor System. But I promise you that your frie…our friend, will be found.

Bastila: He…he’s been missing for over three years. I know he found something out there. He must have. If he hadn’t…hadn’t failed, he would be here. Here witnessing the life of his son.

Carth: Drek, Meetra, allow me to introduce Bastila Shan, Republic ambassador to Telos.

Metra: I’ve heard you and what you did during the war. It is an honor to meet you.

Bastila: I admit that my introduction was not the most professional. For that, I apologize. I just needed to see if the rumors were true. The Ebon Hawk has indeed returned to known space, and without its captain.

(steps coming down boarding ramp)

Mandalore: Ah, well if it isn’t everyone’s favorite prissy Jedi princess.

Bastila: I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that, Mandalorian. What do you think gives you the right to intrude upon this meeting?

Drek: Relax, Ambassador Shan, he’s with us.

Carth: So this is the Mandalorian who aided us in the battle. Without your help, the station would have surely been destroyed. Thank you, my friend.

Bastila: You wear Mandalore’s mask, warrior. I…I thought it was lost after the war.

Mandalore: Lost no more, Ambassador. I am Mandalore the Preserver, to put in the language of your people. The clans follow me now, and together I will unite them once more!

Carth: Although I give you my thanks for helping us in our time of lead, Mandalore, there are still many who both fear and scorn your people, but hopefully, in time, we can mend that.

Mandalore: Perhaps we will prove our worth in time, Carth Onasi. You and Bastila are just as I remember.

Bastila: Do I know you, Mandalorian?

Mandalore: Hahaha! Surely you must remember me! (silence) No? I shall remove my mask, and perhaps your memories will return…now do you recognize me?

Carth: I don’t believe it. Canderous!

Atton: And you know him how, Admiral?

Carth: I…we fought together during the Jedi Civil War.

Canderous: We were aboard this very ship, you and I, Carth. And old Basty too if you still remember. Heh, heh.

Bastila: You know, Canderous, you have SOME nerve showing your face here!

Canderous: Do I now? Remember, I am the one with an army to back me up. You can’t say the same about your Jedi.

HK-47: Clarification – I would like to remind you both that I possess the capacity to dispatch the both of you with a substantial amount of ease.

Bastila: Ooohh, nooo. Not him.

HK-47: Correction – Oh yes! It is good to be back in the company of my old companions.

Carth: Oh boy. Here it goes.

Bastila: You are both responsible for his disappearance! HK, you completely ruined previous attempts to locate him when you just ran off without any warning.

HK-47: Defensive Response – I was simply following my programming. It is my job to serve my Master in times of trouble. I am but a humble protocol droid with semi-homicidal tendencies.

Bastila: My point entirely, droid.

HK-47: Query – I was a very significant player in the events that unfolded within the past few days. Isn’t it time that I got a little recognition? Is that too much to ask?

Bastila: What exactly do you want, assassin?

HK-47: Declaration - HK-47 is ready to be served.

Bastila: I’ve never heard you say that before.

HK-47: Mockery – What is that unpleasant sound? It is hurting my audio receptors.

Bastila: Murderer!

HK-47: Grandiose organic!

Bastila: Arrogant Machine!

HK-47: Slut!

Bastila: Garbage!

HK-47: Master Stealer!

Bastila: Betrayer!

HK-47: Meatbag!

Drek: Calm down! Both of you. I think we are starting to forget our reasons for being here.

Bastila: Yes, I am truly sorry. I do not know what came over me.

Canderous: I do. You were about to blame me for his disappearance.

Bastila: Because you’re the one who is at fault!

Drek: Could someone please explain to me what is going on exactly?

Bastila: Almost five years ago, my husband let Canderous here convince him to embark upon a quest to find glory and riches. With them, they took T3 and the ship, and they NEVER returned…never. Then I hear a rumour that the Ebon Hawk and her crew has returned to known space and I come here to see such for myself. Sure enough, Canderous is here, but not the one whom he left with.

Canderous: Bastila, that’s not how it actually happened. Let me explain.

Bastila: No, Canderous! You had five years to contact me. For five years I have been living in anxiety and despair, hoping that you both would one day return. Now I learn that you found what you two went to search for and have been living as Mandalore for all these years? For all I know, you killed him once you claimed your prize.

Canderous: I would never…

Bastila: Oh, shut up, will you!

Canderous: Do you think I don’t feel responsible for his disappearance, Bastila? I wanted to go with him!

Drek: Ambassador, maybe you should let him speak. You are letting your emotions overcome you.

Bastila: But I.. You’re right. Look, Canderous. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let my emotions get the better of me. It’s just been hard.

Canderous: It’s been hard for me too, sister. That adventure was hell. Even had to kill my own wife. It was he who helped me come to terms with my grief on Rekkiad all those years ago.

Bastila: He was always able to lift people’s spirits. My husband could find humour in absolutely everything. It was quite infuriating, actually.

Canderous: I agree. He literally used to pseudonym “Avner” amongst my people.

Bastila (laughing): That’s quite idiotic, actually.

Atton: (whisper) This is some reunion. Reminds me of a HoloOpera.

Mira (whisper): You’re tellin’ me. This is some interesting stuff.

Bastila: But what exactly did you two do out there. I remember him telling me about some planet covered in darkness, filled with eternal storms and thunder. He had dreams of the world ever since his redemption. Before he left, he began telling me of another world shrouded in ice and snow. A world he visited shortly after the Mandalorian Wars came to a close.

Canderous: When I returned to Malachor, I thought that, perhaps, it was the world which he spoke of. I thought that…perhaps I would find him again.

Bastila: Tis’ better to carry on than to dream of a hypothetical past.

Carth: But Canderous, what exactly happened with you and Revan out there?

Canderous: Revan had a vision, Carth. A vision of a planet covered in ice and snow. A world he visited after the Mandalorian War against my people. The two of us, and that little droid as well, flew the Ebon Hawk to the planet Rekkiad. The Mandalorian clans had gathered there to search for Mandalore’s mask because some believed that it could have been hidden by Revan there.

Carth: But Rekkiad is such an obscure world. Nothing but an iceball. Nothing of note happened there, historically.

Canderous: That’s where you’re wrong, Admiral. Amongst the Mandalorians, we found the remnants of clan Ordo, including my now dead wife. Edrick was there as well. He was the first to recognize me.

Edrick: Yes, I was. We were all surprised to see him return.

Canderous: Revan, who posed as a mercenary, said he knew where the mask was hidden and led us to a pair of twin spires of ice. After briefly engaging another clan present in that territory, we ascended the spire and found the entrance to a tomb.

Bastila: A tomb? What kind of tomb?

Canderous: A Sith tomb. Exactly thousand years old, according to Revan.

Bastila: And it was there that you found the mask. Hmm. So…these Sith who built this tomb. Are you sure they weren’t just ordinary dark Jedi?

Canderous: No. The Sith he is referring too were a red-skinned species of humanoids originating from the planet Korriban.

HK-47: Statement – My databanks inform me that these Sith of which you speak have been extinct for nearly a millennia. All wiped out during the Sith War against Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh.

Carth: Do any of you think it’s possible that maybe these Sith aren’t all dead as previously believed?

Bastila: It’s possible, yes. But not likely. A pureblooded Sith has not been seen in Republic space for many years.

Canderous: *sigh* I do not know if that is entirely true. Mandalore the Ultimate had dealings with a delegation of red-skinned humanoids shortly before he attacked the republic. All I remember is that they claimed to be children of Dromund Kaas. I don’t know what that means, exactly.

Bastila: There is not enough evidence to suggest that these were Sith. This galaxy is home to many red-skinned sentients.

Canderous: You are right. And these ones weren’t from Korriban, naturally.

Bastila: So, I suppose we owe our victory here on Telos to Revan. If it weren’t for him, the clans wouldn’t have rallied to aid us.

Canderous: Actually, we owe our victory to Drek here. He was the hero of the battle.

Drek: Please, it was my responsibility.

Carth: Well, you may not see it as a big deal, but I do. You deserve a damn medal.

Drek: Thank you, Admiral, but that won’t be necessary. I don’t plan to stick around for much longer anyway.

Carth: Please, if you find him…

Drek: I don’t know if I plan on going to the Unknown Regions anymore. The last few days have left me…scarred.

Carth: No, you can’t say that. You promised me tha-

Drek: Admiral, is there some place more private where I can speak with you and Bastila?

Carth: We can go to my apartments. I’ll arrange living arrangements for your companions too. Dol, you show them to their lodgings.

Grenn: Right away, Sir.

Drek: Meetra, you come too. This involves you as well.

Metra: I’m right behind you.


Grenn: The rest of you, follow me. We’ve reserved an entire living unit for the lot of you. Welcome back to Telos IV.

Atton: Well, at least we’re not going to prison this time. And oh, keep an eye out for Genoharadan assassins disguised as TSF. They can be a reaaal nuisance here.

Grenn: If you’re referring to the Batu Rem incident, I assure you that nothing of the sort will happen again. We’ve vamped up security. Customs is very thorough. Don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe.

Atton: I’m keeping my blaster…just in case.


Carth: Okay. Here we can be free from any interruption.

Drek: Admiral, I-

Carth: Please, just call me Carth.

Drek: Very well, Carth. I am aware that at our last meeting, I told you that it was my plan to leave and search for Revan, but the events of the past few days have told me to do otherwise.

Bastila: What do you mean?

Drek: On Malachor, I thought it was I who would be destined to defeat the Sith Triumvirate. I thought that I understood Darth Traya enough to defeat her. It was she, after all, who trained Revan and shaped his full potential. I am strong in the Force, yes, but I did not understand it enough to attain victory. I faced the Dark Lord with too much confidence. Meetra here, however, was the one who defeated Traya. In my unconscious state, I heard the Dark Lord’s words as she spoke to Meetra. She predicted that it would be Meetra who would find Revan.

Carth: So…she’s going?

Meetra: Or so the dark lord said. She had a gift for foresight. I am still rather skeptical. Drek has been our fearless leader. If I do go, I would like him to go with me.

Drek: As much as I would like that, I cannot.

Carth: So you plan on rebuilding the order? Your companions, I hear they are the next generation of Jedi.

Drek: Indeed. I intend to help rebuild. Meetra will take the ship and search for Revan when she is ready.

Meetra: But the Ebon Hawk is yours!

Drek: Ours. Besides, I have reason to believe that the Hawk’s navicomputer has astrogation records of Revan’s last known destination. I believe that T3 has the means to access it, but he is unable to do so without Bastila’s approval. That’s how Revan programmed the system before his disappearance.

Bastila: So Revan wanted to be found.

Drek: As a contingency, in case he were to fail in his mission.

Bastila (shocked and sad): So he…he failed?

Meetra: I don’t know…

Bastila (sad, on the brink of sobbing): Oh…

Meetra: Bastila, once I am ready, I plan to meet with you to discuss the details of my journey. I do not believe I will depart for some time though. Give me a month or two at least.

Bastila: I trust your judgment. But we cannot waste too much time.

Carth: Please, don’t leave to soon. Enjoy the peace that has been restored to this broken system for just a while.

Bastila: I will take advantage of our present circumstances. With the Sith defeated, it is now safe for the remaining jedi to come out of hiding. I imagine that there has to be some Jedi who survived the Purge.

Meetra: So you plan on rebuilding the Order immediately?

Bastila: I plan to try, but I will do so discretely. I don’t intend to return to Coruscant. There’s an impromptu Jedi sanctuary on the surface below that would do nicely.

Meetra: Some of our companions. They are “lost jedi.” They are the future of the order.

Bastila: And they shall be the first to join. They’ll help me in my quest to seek out other force sensitives and exiles.

Drek: By the way, are they all settled in?

Carth: Yes, we arranged living quarters for your companions. They should all be there now.

Drek: Hopefully, they are getting the sleep that they need. They’ve had a long couple of days. They should rest easy.


Atton: I can’t sleep. Have the either of you ever been so tired that you can’t sleep?

Tariga: I can’t say that I have, Atton.

Mical: Try meditating Atton. Calm your mind and you shall find both rest and inner peace.

Atton: Why? Why am I stuck in the same room as you, Mical?

Mical: Well, You could always bunk with Edrick and the Mandalore.

Atton: No thank you. They’re too loud. Maybe Mira will let me bunk with her. At least her pretty face will be the first thing I wake up to. *mumbles* her figure’s not too bad either.

Tariga: You’d know better than anyone. *laughs*

Atton: I thought we both told you never to bring that up again! It was a mistake. A foolish, awkward, disgusting mistake!

Tariga: Then why are you creeping on her?

Atton: I can still enjoy the view of women can’t I?

Tariga: It’s awkward if you’re in a platonic relationship.

Atton: Then if we’re just friends it wouldn’t be awkward bunking together now, would it?

Mical: This is the men’s room, Atton.

Atton: Which is exactly why I am wondering why you’re here.

Tariga: Ha ha ha ha.

Atton: Shut up Tariga. *sigh* I can’t handle the stimulus.

Tariga: Mmmm. Poor little Atton can’t handle any stimulus.

Atton: Hey, I told you to shut up!

Mical: Tariga, maybe we should all just be quiet.

Atton: For once, I agree with him. Best idea I’ve heard all kriffin day.

Room console beeping noise

Atton: Right when everybody shuts up and I get silence, the room console starts beeping. All I want is silence. Is that too much to ask?

Atton walks over and presses button

Atton: Whaaatt?

Kordo: This is Officer Kordo Bliss, TSF. I was sent to inspect your room security systems.

Atton: Thank you, but there’s no need.

Kordo: I insist, Mr. Rand.

Atton: We reaaally don’t want you here, to put it frankly. No offense, but we’re trying to rest. Besides, we don’t need security.

Kordo: It’s just a precaution. I insist.

Atton: Ugh, fine. Hey Mical, why don’t you be useful for once and open the door?

Mical: Of course, Atton.

Door slides open

Kordo: This will take a moment.

Atton (sarcastically): By all means…take your time.

Tariga (whisper): Mical, don’t you find it suspicious that the technician officer has a blaster pistol with him?

Mical (whisper): That is quite strange. Maybe all TSF officers are armed.

Tariga (whisper): Even if that were the case, his weapon isn’t regulation. All TSF officers carry light blaster rifles, not pistols.

Mical (whisper): Perhaps it’s specific to his department.

Tariga (whisper): I don’t see why a technician would even need a weapon on-station anyway. Unless, of course, Lieutenant Grenn has become paranoid.

Kordo: All right, gentlemen, I’m almost done. Your systems appear to check out.

Atton: So, Officer Bliss, what’s your position on the state of the station?

Kordo: Oh, everything is going well. That jedi sure saved us during the battle the other day. Heh. I’m also pretty glad we got that new supply after the Peragus incident. I think Vogga was behind the destruction just because he wanted to be the supplier.

Atton: That’s not what I heard. It was an accident that occurred after assassins tried to capture some Jedi.

Kordo: I heard it was Vogga. I’ve been up on the latest news.

Atton: Hmm, so have I. How long did you say you’ve been working on-station?

Kordo: Four years. Why?

Atton: That can’t be right. The inspections department of TSF wasn’t established until two years ago.

Kordo: Well…I…uh. I mean *nervous laugh* that’s just when I came here. Ya know. Lookin’ for a new life. I didn’t work for inspections until its formation.

Atton: Uh-huh. So, what did you think of the hostile takeover. Surely if your with the TSF, you’d know the details.

Kordo: Everyone on station knows the details. Czerka started hiring mercs, and they went rogue!

Atton: I’m talking about the incident with the Bimini Exchange Corp. Is that mess all sorted out?

Kordo: I don’t remember anything with Bimini. What happened?

Atton: Don’t play dumb. We were involved too. You don’t have to pull this classified bullshit on me.

Kordo: Well- he he. I am about done with the security systems. I just had to make some minor modifications.

Atton: What kind of “modifications?”

Kordo: Nothing much. Watch what happens when I press this button.

Button noise

Mical: You just locked the door.

Atton: Ya know, I’m starting to wonder if you’re really a technician.

Holster sound

Tariga: Look out, he has a gun!

Gun shots

Mical: An assassin!

Kordo: For the Empire!

More gunshots

Mical: Atton, look out!

Sound of shot hitting flesh

Atton: Oh, you’re dead, techie!

Un-holstering noise, gunshots

Kordo: Ugh! I can’t feel my legs.

Tariga: Nice shot, Atton!

Mical: Well *cough* Well done, Atton.

Atton: Your bleeding! Wait, Mical. You took a gunshot for me?

Mical: I…I wasn’t going to just let you go down that *cough* easy. Besides *slight painful laugh* you’re a better marksman than I.

Atton: You took a bullet for me? I won’t let you die in vain. I promise.

Mical: You *cough* really are a fool, Atton, if you think this wound is fatal.

Tariga: Go interrogate our assailant. I’ll look after Mical.

Atton: So, what do you have to say for yourself, assassin?

Kordo (whisper): Just following orders. Kill the exile.

Atton: The bounty on Jedi is outdated and the sith are dead along with Malachor. What’s your motivation?!

Kordo (whisper): Following my orders. Ha *cough* and you lie about the Sith. They are everywhere.

Atton: Oh yeah? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Kordo (whisper): *cough* Be sure of it. Haha *cough*

Atton: Who do you work for? *pause* Answer me!

Kordo (whisper): Aghhhhh…

Atton: He’s dead.

Tariga: So much for our safety.

Atton: I’m really going to have to talk to Gren about this. It’s getting old. Everywhere we go, people try to kill us. *pause* Now who the hell was this guy?

Mical (still in pain): Ughh, maybe you…you should see if he has anything with him.

Atton: Alright, I’ll check his corpse. *pause* Nothing but a couple of cigarettes and a datapad.

Mical: Check the datapad.

Atton: Looking at it now. *pause*. Huh, this guy was a real idiot.

Tariga: Why?

Atton: He doesn’t delete his messages. He received one fifteen minutes ago from someone called “Watcher Nine” of…Imperial Intelligence.

Tariga: What does it say?

Atton: Nothing much. Just to “carry on with the plan”.

Tariga: Was his name actually Kordo?

Atton: I think so. He wasn’t lying there. No need for a pseudonym with such a common name.

Knocking on door

Atton: Who is it?

Brianna: It’s Brianna. Is everything okay in there? I heard gunshots.

Atton: Hold on, lemme try to get the door open. *beat* I just need to reroute the security system. *pause* There we go.

Brianna: Mical! Is- Is he alright?

Atton: He’ll be fine. Some lunatic disguised as TSF came in and started shooting up the place.

Brianna: Bounty hunter, probably.

Atton: Doubtful.

Brianna: Why?

Atton: Because he was stupid enough to forget and erase the information on his datapad. It says he is with a group known as “Imperial Intelligence.”

Brianna: Imperial? I don’t know of any empires around here. Maybe he’s referring to the Revanchist Remnant.

Atton: I thought so too. Then I remembered that Revan’s Empire never had an official intelligence agency. They relied on the military to gather espionage.

Brianna: Are you sure?

Atton: Yes, as a Jedi hunter I was in the same department as the elite espionage operatives.

Brianna: It could just be code for something else. Or some idealistic terrorist cell.

Atton: I hope so. He shouted “For the Empire” right as he was about to kill us. Probably an imbecile trying to resurrect a faction from a bygone era.

Tariga: But what Empire?

Atton: There’s more. It appears that the sender of the last message, Watcher Nine, is a servant of “Dromund Kaas”, whatever that means.

Brianna: Canderous mentioned “Dromund Kaas” earlier. What is it? A person?

Atton: I don’t know, but I think Meetra and Drek will want to hear about this.


Carth: So far, the Republic is making some progress. We estimate that Telos will be completely restored in less than two years time.

Drek: That is good news indeed. What do you plan to do next, Carth.

Carth: Although Telos is thriving, there are dozens of worlds that have been left to ruin. We have Malak to thank for that.

Drek: Hopefully the Ithorians are up to the task of mounting more restoration projects.

Carth: They are, but they demand increased funding. The Republic does not have enough money to rely solely on the Ithorians to cleanup and provide relief.

Meetra: What other options are there?

Carth: I don’t know. The Senate is actually considering contracting Czerka to do some work.

Meetra: Has it really come that far? They must be desparate.

Drek: Especially because of how much trouble they caused on Citadel Station.

Carth: While the Ithorians will clean up the planetary atmospheres, the Republic will be providing relief for the people of those planets and will continuously deliver payloads to numerous underprivileged worlds. Aside from that, it will also work on transporting plant and wildlife back to their respected planets. Reserves will be set up by the government to protect the ecosystem. The Republic is planning to become much more involved in the restoration efforts. I have already formed a fleet of merchant marines to carry out this delicate work. I call it “The Republic Restoration Fleet.” Since the Republic does not have enough forces to spare, the fleet will operate primarily due to the efforts of volunteers and unemployed soldiers.

Drek: You are doing a very good thing Carth. Best of luck to you.


Bastila: What’s that beeping noise?

Drek: It’s my holocomunicator. Atton’s calling me.

Meetra: You’d think he’d be asleep.

Drek: Plus, Atton’s not one to interrupt important functions. *pause* Hello? Atton?

Atton: Drek, I don’t know how to explain this, but uh, well, there’s been a slight incident.

Drek: What happened?

Atton: An assassin posing as TSF tried to kill us.

Drek: What?

Atton: Yup. Just came in here and started shooting. It was like the Batu Rem thing all over again!

Drek: Who was he?

Atton: I dunno. He had a datapad with him. Included a briefing from some organization called “Imperial Intelligence”.

Drek: Imperial Intelligence? Never heard of it. I didn’t think the Sith had an entire intelligence branch.

Atton: They didn’t. They relied on the military.

Drek: Perhaps it is a terrorist group? He sounds like just a regular bounty hunter.

Atton: Nope. No bounty hunter. Trust me.

Drek: Is everyone alright? Anyone hurt?

Atton: Well, Mical took a blast or two, but other that, we’re fine.

Drek: Wait, Mical?! Is he alright?

Atton: Oh he’s fine. Visas is taking him to the infirmary. Frankly, I’m more worried about you and Meetra. Who knows how many Batu Rem’s and Kordo Blisses there are on-station.

Drek: Atton, I have some business to finish up here. Get Tariga and Visas and meet me in the cantina in twenty minutes. We’ll talk more there.

Atton: Alright Drek. Just be careful, alright?

Drek: Will do, Atton. (beeping noise of comm. turning off)

Carth: Is everything okay?

Drek: Well, not really. Someone disguised as TSF infiltrated my companions’ room and started shooting. He lost the fight, but sent one of my boys to the infirmary in the process.

Carth: Impossible. Ever since the Batu Rem incident, we’ve increased station security. Even established a customs committee. Not even the GenoHaradan could get past our security.

Drek: Apparently he was trained. He works for an organization called “Imperial Intelligence.”

Carth: Imperial Intelligence? I’m not familiar with that particular group.

Drek: Neither am I.

Carth: Rest assured I will have my men get to the bottom of this.

Drek: If I may, I would like to investigate as well, separately from the official operation of course. I believe that I may be able to find some leads. I’m meeting with three of my companions in the cantina in a few minutes.

Carth: I think that’ll be fine. Just be careful.

Meetra: Drek, stay safe. I don’t want you or Atton getting into any more trouble?

Drek: Relax, Meetra. Trouble usually gets into our way.

Meetra: Uh huh.

Drek: It’s true!

Meetra: Stay safe.

Drek: Don’t worry. Everything will be allll right…


Cantina music in the background

Atton: Damn. Where is he? He said to meet him in the cantina in twenty minutes. It’s been almost forty!

Visas: Calm yourself, Atton. He’ll be here in due time. He’s probably just running late.

Atton: He never made clear which cantina, though. I assumed he meant this one, in the Entertainment Module. I wonder if he meant the small one in the Ithorian compound.

Tariga: Here you go, a tarisian ale for me, two jumas for Atton, and a water for Visas.

Visas: Thank you, Tariga.

Atton: Hey Visas, ever tried a reactor core before?

Visas: No, I haven’t. And don’t think that you can trick me into drinking that filth. Alcohol rots the mind.

Atton: It’s worth the risk. *takes a sip* Ahh. That hits the spot.

Tariga: Hey Atton, ever tried Port in a Storm?

Atton: No? What’s that?

Tariga: It’s this great drink from Pamarth- oh, look, there’s Drek. Sure took you a while!

Drek: Hello, gang.

Atton: And where the hell were you? You’re late.

Drek: A Jedi is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Atton: Uh huh, sure.

Visas: So, why are we here, master?

Drek: I wish to know more about this assassin. Tell me everything you learned from him and what happened.

Atton: Okay, so me and Tariga and Mical are all resting in our suite, when suddenly… (fades out)


Atton: …And that’s exactly how it happened.

Drek: A very shocking turn of events, Atton. I am glad that you told me. I am still confused by this “Imperial Intelligence,” though.

Visas: I do not believe that any of us know exactly what it is. I know for a fact that this assailant did not work with my old master. Darth Nihilus did not have a spy network. He relied on his assassins to get the job done.

Atton: Well, I’ve always been told that you can learn a lot about a man by the type of ship he flies.

Drek: But the question is: do we have any leads as to how he got on station?

Tariga: I do. *pause* He flew.

Atton (sarcastically): Nooo, really?

Visas: We need to discern as to when he arrived as well.

Atton: And if there are more of him crawling around.

Patron: Excuse me, my friends. I need help with something?

Drek: Oh, hello, sir. As much as I would like to assist, I am afraid that my companions and I do not have the time nor the energy to do so.

Patron: I wasn’t asking.

Unholstering noise of gun

Visas (whisper): He has a gun.

Patron: The four of you, get up and start walking. Don’t stop till’ I say. Make one sound, and you’re all dead.

Atton: Hah! Is this some sort of joke? We outnumber you.

Patron: Do you really think it’s just me? *laugh* Do you see those two men over there at the bar? Well, they’re with me. Same goes for the man over there betting on the swoop race. We’re armed to the teeth, too, so don’t even think about trying to start something!

Drek: Do as he says. We’ll go peacefully.

Patron: Get up, and start walking!

Walking noises

Drek: Why are you doing this?

Patron: You’ll see soon enough. There’s a big price on your heads!

Tariga: The Exchange bounty on Jedi is outdated. It was nullified over a month ago!

Patron: I’m not with the Exchange. They are freelancers and criminals who value chaos. My…organization…is one that favors order and structure.

Drek: Imperial Intelligence.

Patron: Precisely. Seems that that idiot Kordo Bliss didn’t wipe his datapad again. Well no matter, you won’t be able to tell anyone else about our little secret.

Drek: I am on to you, assassin. We all are. You wish to kill us. Your organization is one that is dedicated to purging the remaining Jedi.

Visas (whisper): Atton, more of them are closing in from behind.

Atton (whisper): I see. It looks like this guy is leading us outside of the Cantina.

Patron: You are a fool, Master Lars. We do not have orders to harm you or your companions unless you pose a threat. We are under orders to escort you directly to our superior, Darth Nyriss.

Drek: Darth Nihilus is dead. I killed him!

Patron: I said Darth Nyriss, a true Sith Lord of immense power. You and the woman who travels with you, Surik, are to come with us to Korriban. There you will board the ship that will take you to her.

Drek: And our companions?

Patron: They will come with us too, in time.

Drek: My companions are Jedi too.

Patron: Jedi? These wretches are Jedi? *laugh*

Atton: Watch it buddy, unless you want a bullet in your back.

Drek: Cool it, Atton. We don’t want any trouble.

Patron: Hurry up; we are almost to the docking module. When you’re restrained we’ll go fetch your lady friend.


Patron: Here we are. This spare hangar is no longer in use. Escape is futile. And don’t even think about trying to escape. I have men guarding the entrance too. No one will find you here.

Drek: I beg to differ.

Patron: What do you mean?


Canderous: I’m what he means. Drop your weapons!

Atton: Mandalore!

Patron: What? You’re supposed to be dead!

Canderous: Well, I’m not. At least, last time I checked I wasn’t. What do you think Edrick?

Edrick: You look alive and well to me, Canderous.

Patron: Men, kill the Jedi. Kill the Mandalorians. Kill them all!

Gunshots, igniting of multiple lightsabers

Canderous: Edrick, use the plasteel cylinder as cover!

Firing shots

Atton: I’ll take the one on the left, closest to the boarding ramp. Tariga, you take the other!

Tariga: I’m on it!

Atton: *battlecry*

Attacker: Ugh

Atton: More where that came from!

Gunshots, lightsaber deflecting

Drek: Looks like those two are trying to make a run for the ship!

Running noises

Drek: After them!

Attacker: Up the boarding ramp, there’s too many of them! We need to get away. Captain, come on!

Patron: No, I got a clear shot of the Mandalorian!

Canderous: Edrick, look out!

Edrick: I got em’.


Patron: Ugh! No. I…I…aoughh-ooooh

Attacker: Sir!


Attacker: The boss is dead, men. You two follow me and get to the boarding ramp. We need to clear this system ASAP!


Atton: Visas, Tariga, follow them onboard. Make sure they don’t lift off.

Tariga: On it, Atton!


Inside the shuttle

Attacker: The boss is dead and our cover’s been blown. Damn, this is all Kordo’s fault. *sigh* Close the ramp and liftoff. We need to get back to Korriban and report to the crew of the Vaiken.


Attacker: Damn. I wish Kordo was still alive so I could-

Visas: Not so fast! Lay down your arms and no one gets hurt.

Attacker: Do as she says, men. Lay down your arms. Stick to the plan.

Dropping weapons

Visas: Plan, what plan? The three of you are coming with us. And you, lose the pistol

Attacker: Very well…

Drops pistol

Attacker: But we won’t come with you.

Pill noises in container, swallowing

Attacker: *heavy breathing* Now…we’ll never…talk. *dies*

Tariga: Damn. Cyanide pills.

Visas: Blast. If only we could’ve gotten one alive.

Tariga: Let’s go tell Drek and the others.


Drek: Ah, Tariga, Visas. That did not take as long as I thought it would. I take it they didn’t put up much of a fight?

Tariga: Actually, no fight at all.

Drek: What do you mean?

Visas: They dropped their weapons when we asked then swallowed poison capsules. They failed their mission anyway, so why let us interrogate them.

Drek: Mere criminals wouldn’t do such a thing. They have to be trained.

Atton: Yeah, but by whom?

Drek: Imperial Intelligence. This little ordeal has confirmed that it.

Atton: But still, we didn’t learn anything else about it.

Drek: We learned that it exists. That’s the most important thing at this point.

Atton: But how do we find out where it’s located?

Drek: Their leader mention Korriban earlier.

Tariga: The other assassin onboard mentioned departing for Korriban as well. I think that’s as good a place as any to search.

Atton: Whoa, whoa. Who said anything about searching for this place? We should be trying to get away from these psychos!

Drek: We’ve done too much running already. Besides, this organization could be a threat to the very stability of the Republic and the Jedi. We’ve only just found peace, and it’s our job to preserve such.

Atton: Haven’t we done enough? Within the past week alone we’ve reunited the Jedi council, rebuilt the Dantooine enclave, saved a planet, and killed three Sith Lords! Our adventuring days are over.

Drek: I’m afraid, Atton, that they’re just beginning. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to Korriban, alone, if I have to. You can come too if you like, but if you wish to stay, fine. I have a feeling that there is a much larger threat out there: bigger than any one of us can imagine. I’m going to find it.

Tariga: Count me in, Drek. I haven’t come this far just to abandon you.


Kyra: This little remote droid and I will be thrilled to come along too, stranger.

Drek: *chuckles* Kyra! Glad to see you joined the party.

Kyra: Mandalore and Edrick told me to get over here as fast as I could. Looks like I missed the fun though. TSF is already on its way.

Remote: Beep boop boop beep.

Drek: Well, I’m glad that you and Bao-Dur’s old droid will be coming along too. What about you, Visas?

Visas: Alas, I believe it is not written in my stars to accompany you. My duty is here, on Telos, to help rebuild the Jedi order.

Canderous: Edrick and I would be thrilled to come along too, but our duty is to the Mandalore people.

Drek: You’ve all proved to be useful allies, and even better friends. I can’t ask for anything more from you…except you of course, Atton *chuckles*…possibly.

Atton: Hmphh.

Drek: So what do you say, Atton? There’s still room for one more.

Atton: Uggh, fine. Besides, we’ve been through too much together. I’m not ready to get rid of you just yet. *sigh*

Drek: Glad to see that you’re still with us.

Atton (whisper): *sigh* I’m going to regret this.


Gren: It appears that my men and I are late to the party.

Drek: We were able to handle things ourselves, Lieutenant.

Gren: So it seems, Drek. This is still, however, a very shocking turn of events. Along with the assassination attempt earlier, which we deemed as a more insignificant event, it seems that there is trouble brewing on this station. Trouble that needs to be looked into by security personnel.

Drek: Actually, I believe that everything’s been sorted out. I do know for a fact that this little ordeal and the attempt earlier are linked, but the threat of this organization called “Imperial Intelligence” has since been neutralized from this station…for the time being.

Gren: Although I trust your expertise, Jedi, I am still going to have the other vacant modules searched for security reasons. Now, before I can do such, I need to know exactly what happened here.

Drek: Alright, I’ll give you the abridged version, Lieutenant…


Drek: And that’s why we need to go to Korriban. It is imperative that we learn more about this so-called “Imperial Intelligence” in order to discern how much of a threat it poses to the restoration of the Republic.

Gren: Do we even know anything about it or its motives?

Drek: Nothing but what we’ve already found out today, I’m afraid.

Gren: Are you even sure that they’re based on Korriban?

Drek: No, but it’s the only lead we have.

Gren: So, what are you gonna do, Drek?

Drek: I’m going to take some of my crew, and we’re going to go to Korriban, blind, to see if we can find anything else out.

Gren: I would advise against that.

Drek: Under normal circumstances, I would too.

Gren: I’m assuming that these aren’t normal circumstances.

Drek: Well, technically you’re the one in charge of sorting out this whole mess. Why don’t you tell me?

Kyra: When we return to Korriban, though, we must be very careful. We’ve been there once before and barely came out alive.

Drek: But either way, we still came out alive, Kyra. If we did it once we can sure as hell do it again.

Tariga: But we don’t even know what it is we’re looking for!

Drek: We have the force, Tariga. It will be our guide.

Kyra: Are there even any safe ports on Korriban? I don’t want us to land in the Valley of the Dark Lords again.

Tariga: Although the Academy’s abandoned, Dreshdae would be a fine place to land…provided we have enough credits.

Drek: Dreshdae?

Tariga: A large trading post, mining colony, and spaceport. It’s the only city on Korriban, relatively new, built only about fifty years ago. It’s a little over a hundred kilometers north of the Valley of the Dark Lords. Our ship should be safe there.

Kyra: And how do you know so much about this place, Tariga?

Tariga: Oh, I was a student at the Sith Academy for almost two years.

Kyra: Umm…I see.

Gren: As much as I would like to help you, as your mission objective is to the benefit of us all, I am unable to offer any assistance to you on your quest.

Drek: So, neither you nor Carth can send a contingent of the Republic Navy to assist?

Gren: Even if the fleet wasn’t in shambles, giving such an order would require Senatorial legislation, which would probably take several months, which I assume is too long a time for you, of all people, to wait. Besides, once convened, the chances of the Senate actually ruling in favor of such would be very low.

Drek: Could you send some TSF?

Gren: That’s an even worse idea. If I sent Telosian military forces to another planet, even if I justify doing so by saying it’s for the good of the station, the authorities would see it as an invasion and declare war, which is the last thing Telos needs right now.

Tariga: You wouldn’t have to worry about that. With the Sith gone, Korriban no longer has a planetary government. Dreshdae itself is now solely administered by Czerka representatives.

Gren: Again, that worsens the situation. If Czerka declares war due to an unauthorized mobilization of forces on our part, it would completely withdraw all ties to Telos, which means that their offices on-station would be abandoned, our contract would be annulled, and they’d let their mercs wreak havoc.

Drek: So is there really nothing you can do, Lieutenant?

Gren: *sigh* I could arrange your method of transportation from here to Korriban.

Drek: Could you?

Gren: It’s the least I could do. You’ve done so much for us anyway. It would seem as if we’re unappreciative of your efforts if we don’t support you somehow. Besides, this mission that you’re about to embark on is within our interests as well.

Kyra: Wait, Drek, are we not taking the Hawk?

Drek: I’m leaving it in Meetra’s care. Besides, someone on Korriban might recognize it. That could lead to trouble.

Gren: How about this shuttle here? It’s not currently active and it does possess hyperdrive capabilities.

Atton: Nuh uh, I’m not flying THAT thing all the way to Korriban. No, sir!

Kyra: Atton!

Drek: I do have to agree with Atton. I think we need something sleeker and better equipped for combat.

Gren: I suppose I can find something more suited to that. I’ll begin looking through our ship archives as soon as I order a clean sweep of the station.

Drek: *yawn* I’m rather tired. I think I’m going to turn in. Be sure to be here bright and early tomorrow morning. We need to leave as soon as possible.

Kyra: Great! I should probably say goodbye to the rest of the cr-

Drek: No! They cannot know of our mission until after we leave. They’ll all beg to come with us. They need to stay here to help rebuild the order. It’s for their own good.

Kyra: I suppose you’re right. I’ll see you all in the morning.

Tariga: I’m going back to the Cantina…in case somebody needs me…which no one will…which is why I am going to the cantina…

Drek: And where are you off to, Atton?

Atton: To say goodbye…to a friend of mine.

Drek: *laughs* Have fun. You two deserve one final night together.


Metra: *heavy breathing*

Metra: It feels strange to finally be off that ship and away from danger.

Meetra: *sigh* I need rest. I should really just calm myself and prepare my mind for whatever trials remain in my future. *sigh* There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is seren-

Knocking at door

Meetra (grumpily): Ugh. Who could it be at this hour? And right as I was finally calming myself down.

Meetra (yelling): Who is it?!

Atton: It’s me.

Meetra (playfully): Who’s me?

Atton: Uhh, room service.

Meetra: That’s funny. I don’t remember ordering anything. Why don’t you come inside so we can sort this out.

Sliding door, footsteps

Atton: I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?

Meetra: Nothing that takes priority over you, Atton.

Atton: Gee, I’m flattered.

Meetra: *giggle* So, what’s up Mr. Rand?

Atton: Just visiting the galaxy’s biggest badass.

Meetra: Oh, should I be jealous?

Atton: I dunno. Maybe a little.

Meetra: *giggle*


Atton: That was a nice change for once. I never have time for these little intimate moments. I’m just so used to being attacked by mangled Sith Lords and being manipulated by wrinkly old women that I forgot what love tastes life.

Meetra: The day in the life of a Jedi knight.

Atton: Well, not the kissing part. Remember “There is no passion, there is-“

Meetra: “There is serenity.” I know. I know. *sigh* As a matter of fact, I was on that very line of the Jedi code as you interrupted my meditation.

Atton: I can honestly say that I feel far more passionate than I do serene right now, Meetra.

Meetra: *giggle* As do I, Atton. As do I.

Atton: So, how’s everything going for you?

Meetra: Atton, you’re talking like we haven’t seen each other in weeks.

Atton: Well, I never actually got a chance to really talk to you since Malachor. I’m just concerned is all.

Meetra: Well, I do appreciate it, Atton.

Atton: So how are we doing?

Meetra: Same as always.

Atton: That bad, huh?

Meetra: *sigh* Just about.


Atton: Mind if I turn off the shade?

Meetra: No, as long as you don’t turn on the lights. I like the dimness.

Atton: Reminds me of being onboard the Hawk.

Meetra: That’s the point. I’m so used to it that I can’t stand bright lights.

Shades roll open

Atton: There, what a beautiful night.

Meetra: *giggle* Atton, you do know that it’s always night up here. We’re in space.

Atton: So literal, aren’t you?

Meetra: *giggle* And how are you doing, Atton?

Atton: Well, aside from nearly getting myself killed twice today, I’m doing pretty damn well.

Meetra: I heard about the assassin and how Mical took the shot meant for you. Very brave of him.

Atton: I never liked him much, but I’ve learned to appreciate him because of that. He…he’s a good guy.

Meetra: You were always a little jealous of him though.

Atton: I admit that I was a little at first. Now I know that I have nothing to fear. At least, I hope not.

Meetra: You don’t, at least, not at the moment. *pause* Did you say you were almost killed twice today? What happened the second time?

Atton: Oh, after the initial incident, Drek met Tariga, Visas, and me at the cantina to discuss an investigation of the incident. As it turns out, not much investigating was necessary. There were several other assassins who overheard our conversations and escorted us out of the bar to their hangar. They said they were planning on taking you and Drek to Korriban. Luckily, Mandalore and Edrick were there to lend some support.

Meetra: Oh my gosh! Is everyone alright?

Atton: Yeah, for the most part. But that’s not all. We learned that these assassins were working with the one from earlier. They are all part of the same organization that Drek theorizes might be centered on Korriban.

Meetra: So he plans on going back?

Atton: Drek thinks that it is in his (and by his I mean the Republic’s) best interest to find “Imperial Intelligence” and put a stop to its plans. He plans to search Korriban for clues. And guess which sorry sap is going with him.

Meetra: You?

Atton: Yup. He says that it is his duty and responsibility to get to the bottom of this.

Meetra: Somehow I knew these turn of events would lead him onto another path.

Atton: I thought he was planning on going to find Revan? That’s what he led me on to believe at first.

Meetra: There’s been a change of plans, Atton. I’m afraid that it now falls upon me to find him, not Drek.

Atton: Then let me go with you. You told me that I could go with you wherever you went.

Meetra: I said that rashly, Atton. Where I go, you cannot follow.

Atton: Please Meetra! I love you. We’ve just found peace. I want to be with you!

Meetra: I want to be with you too, Atton. I am afraid that this peace, however, may not last for long. We may soon be fighting a new war on multiple fronts.

Atton: Meetra, I’m going with you, whether you like it or not.

Meetra: *sigh* I can’t do that to you, Atton. I don’t know what I’ll find out there. I can’t put you, or anyone else for that matter, into harm’s way.

Atton: I don’t care. We’ll have each other!

Meetra: Sometimes, duty comes before love. In life, we must make sacrifices. These sacrifices usually turn out to be for the good. I love you, Atton, but where I am going, I cannot take love with me. Our fates were linked, ever since you and Drek found me on Peragus all those months ago, but our time together has served its purpose. We saved the galaxy. We defeated the Sith. Now, our fates, which were once linked, are slowly beginning to diverge again.

Atton: Perhaps it’s true.

Meetra: Your duty is to Drek. It was I who made that known to him, earlier.

Atton: I-I suppose you’re right, Meetra. Thank you. For everything.

Meetra: And thank you, Atton, for everything you’ve done for me. Teaching me to love.

Atton: Just thought I’d let you know, we’re leaving in the morning. Aside from Gren, the only people who know we’re leaving are Visas and the Mandalorians. Well, and you, of course. The others can’t know until after we depart or else they’ll all beg to come too. They are needed to rebuild the order. I just figured that I’d come, well, to say goodbye.

Meetra: I’ll be sure to come and see you off tomorrow. I wish to give my regards to Drek.

Atton: I’m talking of true goodbyes. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to display true emotion out in public.

Meetra: That is understandable. But, such thinking comes from ignorance.

Atton: But there is no ignorance, there is only knowledge…well, and the lack thereof.

Meetra: Stoicism isn’t real, Atton. Not truly. It is impossible to be completely devoid of emotion. Jedi do not lack emotion, they simply hide it.

Atton: But Jedi are compassionate. That’s an emotion.

Meetra: Well, yes. You are right. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. No matter what they say, Jedi have always acted upon the impulses of their emotions. They say they have no emotion, but they do. They just try to hide it. The Jedi should try to channel their emotions rather than hide them.

Atton: I thought that channeling emotions through the force unleashes the dark side.

Meetra: Sith channel emotion by use of pain and hate. A Jedi should channel the force by use of pleasure and love. Displaying emotion is not a weakness, Atton. Trying to hide emotion is. A Jedi who represses emotion only becomes filled with more pain and fear, which leads to the dark side. The masters have always said that emotion leads to the dark side. That is true, to an extent. Only, they interpret their own words wrongly. Emotion can lead to the dark side, but only if it is repressed. If harnessed positively, emotion is a useful tool.

Atton: You are without a doubt the smartest person I’ve ever met. Your wisdom exceeds mine by far.

Meetra: Well, I still couldn’t beat you at Pazaak.

Atton: You mean like that one time back on the Hawk?

Meetra: That…was an interesting night.

Atton: Well, that’s strip pazaak for ya.

Meetra: And…do you remember what happened after?

Atton: *laugh* How could I?

*they kiss*

Meetra: We could…relieve it, you know. After all, we do have one night left together. One whole night to say our goodbyes.

Atton: We could. I’ll deal the cards.


The next morning, in the hangar…

Drek: Ugh, where the blazes are they?

Visas: Do not worry. They’ll come.

Drek: It’s really good of you to see us off Visas. I just hope the others won’t take it too hard that we left before saying goodbye. You’ll tell them why, right?

Visas: I shall.


Kyra (breathing heavily) Phew…Oh, sorry I’m late, Drek. I overslept. I was careful not to wake Brianna up. I got down here as fast as I could. Where’s Tariga and Atton?

Snoring sound

Drek: Tariga?

Tariga: *snort* Huh? Yah- yeah?

Drek: What are you doing leaned up against that pile of crates? Have you been there all night?

Tariga: Yeshh -hick- yeshiirr! He he -hick-

Kyra: Tariga, are you drunk?

Tariga: Yesh I am, Ole sport, ole boy. Do, do you wanna me to hang the tinsel on the damn life day tree for ya?

Kyra: Yes, Tariga, but it’s almost time to go.

Tariga: Go? Go where? Ah, yesh, yeah. Korrikriffingban, haha. Yeah -hick- I wash just shellebrating my last day of freedom before I goff ta save the galaxy yet again!

Kyra: Alright *growls as she tries to help him up* Let’s get you up and ready. Time to go.

Tariga: *laughs* Hey, hey! There’s toove you, Kyra, Kyra, Kyra darling girl.

Drek: Now everyone’s here but Atton.

Visas: Which is not a surprise.


Atton (coming from a distance): Nah, I’m right here!

Drek: We were almost worried you wouldn’t come at all.

Atton: (Sarcastically) Who, me? I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Visas: It looks like he’s not alone

Meetra: I came to see you all off as well.

Drek: That is very kind of you, Meetra. I am afraid that we do not have too long for goodbye’s, though. We need to depart before everyone else wakes up and comes down to the hangar to beg us not to leave.

Remote: Beep-boop-beep-boop

Drek: Ah, you’re right, Remote, Lieutenant Gren isn’t here yet. He said he’d be here to show us our method of transportation.

Carth: I am afraid that the lieutenant couldn’t make it. He’s currently at a promotion ceremony.

Drek: Carth!

Carth: It’s high time that he be made a Major. His efforts have surely earned him such. He’s been quite busy these past few months and done so much for this station and the Republic.

Drek: It’s good to see you, and Bastila as well. I was rather hoping I’d see you again before I left. Congratulations to Gren too, he deserves it. Is he still planning on heading the TSF on-station?

Carth: He’ll no longer be in charge of security on Citadel Station; he’s actually been made Deputy-Chief of the entire Telosian Security Force, which functions as both police, and militia for our planet.

Bastila: At this rate, he might as well be made governor of Telos.

Carth: In time, perhaps, Bastila. But at the moment, we have no need for a governor. Our political system has yet to be reestablished. Besides, the Ithorians are doing a good job at running the show for the time being.

Lieutenant Yima: Admiral, sir! The ship has been prepared, just as you requested.

Carth: Very good, Lieutenant Yima. Lead the way to the hangar.

Lieutenant Yima: Yes Sir!


Lieutenant Yima: Here we are, Sir.

Blast door opens

Carth: There it is: your method of transportation. She’s a G-type Heavy Shuttle. Capable of fitting up to six people and surviving longer jumps into hyperspace. Unlike the light G-wings, she has a hyperdrive, a navicomp, an escape pod, and minimal weapon systems. I hope it’s enough.

Kyra: She’s real nice.

Atton: Yeah, and real small. Do we really have to fly on that job all the way to Korriban?

Kyra (scolding): Atton!

Carth: If you want something else, just say it.

Drek: No, she’ll do fine, Admiral. It’s just a jump to Korriban. What could happen?

Atton (mumbling): I can think of at least ten things that could.

Carth: Are you sure, I’d be more than happy to-

Drek: Its fine, Carth. She’ll serve us well.

Atton: Yeah, as long as we’re not shot down.

Kyra: So, shall we get underway now? The sooner the better.

Drek: Indeed, but I wish to say my goodbyes first.

Kyra: Right. I’ll go prep the ship for launch. Goodbye Visas, Meetra. Take care!

Visas: Take care, Kyra.

Meetra: And may the Force be with you.

Kyra (quietly): Alright, come on, Darth Alcoholic. Let’s take you onboard and get you all settled in.

Tariga: -hic- Where we going?

Kyra: We’re going on a spaceship, Tariga. Now, come on, let’s get you aboard.

She struggles to get him onboard

Drek: We don’t have much time for goodbyes, I’m afraid. We should really get going.

Visas: This won’t be goodbye, though. We’ll all see each other again.

Drek: I hope so, Visas. I truly hope so.

Visas: I should head back to the apartments before the others wake up and wonder where I went. Goodbye, Drek. Goodbye Atton.

Drek: May the Force be with you, Visas.

Atton: Yeah, what he said.

Bastila: On that note, Carth and I must take our leave as well. I trust you can handle getting off-station yourselves?

Drek: Indeed, Ambassador. Thank you for your hospitality. Good luck with rebuilding the Jedi Order.

Drek: And Carth, you’ve been great. Thank you for all you’ve done for both me and the Republic. I hope you find success with the Restoration Fleet.

Carth: Thank you Drek. Good hunting. *beat* Come on, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Yima: Right behind you, Sir!

Comm. Officer: G-Type Heavy Shuttle, you are cleared for departure. We are expecting you to do so immediately.

Clanking noise is heard

Drek: Sounds like it’s time to go. Huh? What’s that clanking noise?

Meetra: It sounds like it’s coming from the blast door on the opposite side of the hangar.

Canderous: Waaaiiiiittttt!

Atton: Well, if it isn’t the Mandalore and Edrick. Come to join the party?

Canderous: No, I wish to see you off.

Drek: You’re acting like you won’t ever see the likes of me again, Canderous.

Canderous: It is Mandalorian tradition to offer words of hope and honor to friends and warriors before battle.

Atton: Is this suddenly a battle now?

Canderous: Knowing you two, I’m sure it will be.

Atton: I appreciate the gesture, guys.

Drek: As do I.

Canderous: Atton. *sigh* When I first laid eyes on you…I did not know what to think of you. I know your type, and have fought them many times. You had something to hide and were held forcefully, constrained by fear and stuck inside its boundaries. I thought you a weakling at first. But weaklings always rise up and do what is right. That is what you did, Atton. You accepted your past and became one with it, and by doing so, were born anew. You proved yourself worthy of Mandalorian status even, which was sealed when you fought on Dxun at the tomb of Freedon Nadd. Atton, you will never stop being a fool. It is who you are. But fools, they do brave things. Brave actions are what saves the universe each and every day and what keeps the evil at bay. You are a fool, Atton. But you are a Brave Fool…and a Jedi…and a Mandalorian.

Atton (comically emotional): That…that means a lot to me Canderous.

Canderous (even more comically emotional): Don’t cry, Atton, or else I’ll take back everything I said.

Meetra: This is too good.

Atton: If anybody ever brings this up again, so help me, I’ll crash the ship!

Drek: That is what you’re best at.

Atton: *mumbling*

Canderous: Now, you Drek. When I fought in the Mandalorian Wars, I heard a rumor that there was a Jedi general who rivaled in strength to Revan himself. I’d never met him and did not even know him by name. I could only listen to these rumors and shrug them off with disbelief. In my boundaries of limited understanding and ignorance, there was no Jedi stronger than Revan, just as there was no Mandalorian stronger than Mandalore! That all changed when I heard that it was not Revan who activated the Mass Shadow Generator, which led to the death of thousands at the Battle of Malachor V. Ironically, I did not hate you when I discovered that it was this Jedi General. Even though you killed many of my brothers by doing so, the act of doing so demonstrated that you possessed the strength to do whatever is necessary to save your people. You did it out of love, not out of hate or a delight in committing genocide. If you taught me one thing then, it was that the end truly does justify the means, even if the end was the defeat of me and my people. My respect for you grew after you found me on Dxun, and our battles continued. I once fought against you, and then I fought alongside you. My respect for you as a worthy adversary was joined by my love for you as a friend and a companion.

Drek: Your words mean a lot to me, Canderous. Thank you.

Canderous: And that was all ad-lib too.

Edrick: Ahem.

Canderous: And now I think Edrick has something to say, Drek.

Edrick: It’s not as elaborate as Canderous’, mind you.

Drek: I’m sure it’s just as sincere, though.

Edrick: Drek, these past few months have taught me a lot about the ways of the Jedi, and that you are not so different from us Mandalorians. I once hated you and your kind, but now, I am filled with an extraordinary amount of respect and brotherly love for you. That sense of comradeship will persist in my soul even after I die and move onto the other side.

Drek: I feel the same way, Edrick.

Atton: Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

Edrick: Atton, need I say anything? Ahaaaa!!!!!!!!

Edrick hugs Atton

Atton (being squished): Urghh…Edrick…you’re squeezing me.

Edrick: Oh, I’m sorry, Atton.

Atton: Thanks, pal.

Drek: So, Meetra. I guess this is goodbye.

Meetra: I suppose so, Drek.

Drek: *laughs* Reminds me of how I left you when the Jedi Council summoned me. We didn’t see each other for about ten years.

Meetra: Nine, to be exact.

Drek: *laughs* Yeah, right.

Meetra: Goodbye, Drek.

Drek: Goodbye, Meetra. It seems that it is here where our paths diverge.

They hug

Drek: May the Force be with you, Meetra.

Drek: Hey, uh, Atton. Don’t take too long.

Meetra: *sigh*Atton.

Atton: I…I don’t want to have a drawn out goodbye. I love you, but…

Metra: I know, Atton. Last night was the time for goodbyes.

Atton: I love you, Metra.

Metra: I love you too, Atton.

Atton: Will I ever see you again?

Meetra: Yes, Atton. I am sure of it. Once upon a time, our paths were connected and intertwined. Now, they begin to drift apart. Although we now work for different purposes, our actions will affect the future of the galaxy from this moment on.

Atton: I know. I just wish-

Metra: Atton, you do not achieve anything by simply wishing. Wishing can only take you so far. You need to take action in order to accomplish your goals.

Ship starts up

Atton: I wish this moment lasted forever. I should get going though.

Metra: Get going, fool. Go save the galaxy yet again. Remember too that I will always be with you.

Atton: I’d tell you the same thing, but you and I both know that it’d be bullshit coming from me.

Metra: *laugh* I love you, Atton.

Atton: Goodbye Meetra.



Kyra: Ah, there you are Drek. Where’s Atton?

Drek: Still outside. You should probably find another seat, though; he’ll be flying.

Kyra: Yet another famous flight by Atton Rand. Yippee.

Tariga: Ohhh, whact shill we dooo withee drunken spacer, what shill we doo withee drunken spacer, what shall –hic- arlay in th- morning.

Drek: *sigh* Could you take Tariga back to the refresher and turn him on his side?

Kyra: Why me?

Drek: Because I don’t want to, love.

Kyra: Alright. *struggles lifting Tariga up* Ahhh, come on, buddy.

Tariga: We going to sheee the show?

Kyra: Mhhm, come on.


Drek sits out

Drek: *sits down* Ouahhh. There. *sigh* Blast, where is Atton?

Atton: Right here. Sorry I’m late, Drek.

Drek: We should get underway. You can fly this thing right?

Atton: I can, yes. It’s not as big as the Hawk, nor as comfortable, but it will do. All right then, where are we going again?

Drek: Korriban.

Atton: Ah, that’s right. Damn. But yeah, I can fly this thing.

Drek: It is rather small, isn’t it?

Atton: Yup. A cockpit with four seats. A small foyer in the back with two more seats. A refresher and 4-bed bunkroom to starboard, and a galley and escape pod to port. I can survive a three day jump on this thing.

Drek: Good, I like your enthusiasm, but Kyra did some calculations while prepping the ship and found out that, in this thing, it’s likely to take closer to five days.

Atton: Uhh, great. Whelp, in that case we should leave immediately. Where’s Tariga?

Drek: Kyra’s getting him settled in the refresher. He’ll have an interesting next few hours for sure.

Atton: On that note, I’m taking us out.

Pressing buttons

Atton: Okay, we’re clear.

Ship lifts off and out

Atton: Okay, we should be out of Telosian space in exactly three minutes. We’ll be clear of the system in five. For one with a crappy hyperdrive, this ship really makes up for it in speed.

Door slides open

Kyra: Hey, Tariga’s all settled in. He’s out cold now.

Atton: Strap yourself in, Kyra. I don’t know how safe the grav system is yet. You don’t wanna hit your head.

Drek: Is he alright?

Kyra: Tariga should be fine. He’ll just have a nasty hangover when he wakes up in a few hours.

Atton: And we’ll be a few hours closer to Korriban by then too.

Drek: Have you found a hyperspace route yet?

Atton: Hold on…

Atton: What the? It seems we have a transmition coming in from Citadel Station?

Button pressed

Atton: Hello?

Comm. Officer: G-6421, you are currently leaving Telosian Space. You have not been cleared to leave yet. We need to check your credentials.

Atton: Umm, we’ve already been cleared to take off.

Comm. Officer: But NOT to leave the system! There was an incident last night, and no ship is clear to leave until the crew is inspected and registered to do so.

Atton: Look, we’re on a very tight schedule. Just go about your business and everything will be fine.

Comm. Officer: No! Everything will not be fine. I order you to return to the station!

Atton: No, sorry, I don’t think we can do that. You see, we’re already out of Telosian Space.

Comm. Officer: That’s it! You’ll be lucky to even get a trial at this point. If you don’t return to the station now, we’re going to have to issue force.

Atton: *laugh* And by the time it’s mobilized, we’ll be long gone. I’ve already found a hyperspace route.

Comm. Officer: There will be consequences. Do not make the jump!

Atton: Have a nice day, kriffer.

Comm. Officer: If you cut transm-

Button pushed

Atton: Ahh, don’t worry, Drek. We’ll be fine.

Drek: Did you secure us a hyperspace lane?

Atton: I did.

Drek: Well, what are you waiting for, exactly?

Atton: I mean, I’m not waiting for anything in particular, just your approval. Besides, you should be thrilled that I’m here to do thy bidding and to bail you out of trouble. If I weren’t here just to do that, who knows what could happen? I mean, because last time, we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this sith lord, and-

Drek: Atton, just punch it.

Jump to hyperspace


Meetra: *sigh*

Canderous: Ah it’s okay, Meetra. I’m sure you’ll see him again.

Meetra: No…I won’t. I just have this feeling, a feeling that our paths will never cross again.

Canderous: Don’t say that.

Meetra: If I hadn’t given him a sense of hope that we could be together in the future, he would’ve stayed. That man…that fool…Atton, he’s so stubborn. And now he is working for a greater purpose because of that lie. It gives him hope. It motivates him to do his work to the best of his abilities.

Canderous: But is it really hope if you know that what the hope is for won’t ever come true?

Meetra: Yes, it is. Although what he hopes for will never come to pass, such a hope, false though it may be, will motivate him to do his best and ultimately make the galaxy a better place. If I would’ve let Atton come with me, I would be putting him in serious danger. I do not wish to risk my friends’ safety. Lying to Atton was a mere push out of the door. Besides, there is nothing left for Atton here. His destiny lies elsewhere, as does mine.

Canderous: So you do plan to search for Revan?

Meetra: I do.

Edrick: When do you leave?

Meetra: In a few weeks, probably; right after the start of the New Year.

Canderous: And I shall wish you the best of luck on your search. When you find Revan, be sure to let him know that I am sorry that I let him leave alone.

Meetra: If I find him, I will. But Revan was a smart man. I’m sure he knew what he was getting himself into.

Walking noise

Meetra (walking away): Now, I should probably go and inform the rest of the crew that the others left. I have a lot of explaining to do.

Edrick: So, I guess it’s just you and me now, Canderous.

Canderous: Mhhm.

Edrick: Mandalore, why are you staring out into space? You aren’t one to linger! We’ll see them again.

Canderous: Oh I know that, it’s just *pause* something else.

Edrick: What exactly is it?

Canderous: Too many ears here, Edrick.

Edrick: This is an abandoned hangar, Canderous.

Canderous: Yes, but how do you know that that little mousedroid over there doesn’t have monitoring equipment?

Squeeking noise

Edrick: How about the Cantina?

Canderous: We’ll talk about the details there. They involve a very important…operation that I am eager to execute.

Canderous: We’re reclaiming Mandalore.

Edrick: *laughing* you’re joking, Canderous! *pause* Wait, you’re serious?

Canderous: Does it look like I’m joking?

Edrick: Canderous, that’s crazy! Mandalore is occupied by the Republic!

Canderous: Not anymore, Edrick. I did some snooping around. It was abandoned by their forces during the last war. It was in an attempt to concentrate troops on the Sith fleets in the Mid Rim. With the fleet spread so thinly, they haven’t bothered to reclaim it. As a matter of fact, one faction of Mandalorians has already been spotted scouting the surface. It is ripe for the picking.

Edrick: Are you sure, Canderous?

Canderous: I’ve never been surer in my life, old friend.

Edrick: So, what’s the plan?

Canderous: Don’t know yet. All I know is that we should probably send at least one-third of our forces to reclaim the planet, in case there be any resistance. Once we take Keldabe, our ancient capital city, I plan on bringing forth a majority of our forces stationed on Dxun. I also plan on sending a call for any additional Mandalorian clans that haven’t yet joined the horde.

Edrick: A good plan, Mandalore.

Canderous: Thanks. And it should work too. Now, how many Mandalorian warriors do I have under my command?

Edrick: I estimate nearly six-thousand, Canderous, and that number grows as more clans follow you. Nearly two hundred clans are at your disposal!

Canderous: Excellent. We are to return to Dxun immediately.

Edrick: Sir?

Canderous: We’ll say our goodbyes. It is crucial, however, that we return to the moon. We only have a small window of opportunity before any rogue clans or Mandalore pretenders try and retake the capital city on-world.

Edrick: So, have you devised a plan?

Canderous: I think so. I will send Kelborn with a contingent of several-hundred warriors to take either Concordia or the Airless Moon, one of which we will use as a staging point to launch a ground assault of the planet, which will be done by a reserve force of two-thousand, which I will personally lead.

Edrick: And what would you have me do?

Canderous: I am appointing you Governor of Dxun. Your job will to stay on planet and build up our forces.

Edrick: I want to reclaim our world, sir!

Canderous: I am giving you a huge responsibility, Edrick. Please, do this for me. I’m asking you as a friend. Other than Kelborn, you’re the only one I trust to do this. And besides, Kelborn is a better warrior than he is a leader.

Edrick: Very well, sir. It shall be done.

Canderous: I’m glad! Now, meet me in the cantina in half an hour. We must discuss details. In two week’s time, we shall be holding banquet in the Oyu’baat itself!

Edrick: And the name of Mandalore shall be both feared and respected throughout the galaxy once more.

Canderous: Only this time, we will be an instrument through which the galaxy will rebuild. Through us, the galaxy shall see a new dawn.

Edrick: Yeah, a concord dawn!

Canderous: Shut. Up. Edrick.

Edrick: Sorry, Mandalore.

Canderous: Now, what was I saying?

Edrick: A new dawn, sir.

Canderous: That’s right. The galaxy will see a new dawn!

Narrator: As the speck out in the vacuum space that is Drek’s ship disappears into the black void, Canderous turns his head once more and smiles at his old friend, who warmly returns his friendly gaze. The two of them know that they too have many more battles left in them. Their destinies are set. They will be substantial players in the events to come. As they turn their backs and walk out of the hangar, on their way to the Cantina, Metra slowly walks back to the living module to inform the rest of the crew of their friends’ departure. In the meantime, the G-Wing shuttle, en-route to Korriban, begins its travel through lightspeed, both Atton and Drek remaining utterly quiet in the cockpit. They don’t know what lies ahead of them, and can only anticipate what dangers they will soon face. They still know virtually nothing of this hidden organization, but they intend to search for answers on the ancient Sith homeworld. Little does anybody know, but at this very same moment, on another Sith world, lost to the history books, located on the farthest fringes of the outer rim, what remains of Naga Sadow’s Sith Empire lives in exile. Here, three humanoids, similar in appearance, but different in all aspects of their personalities, who are well aware of the recent happenings on Telos due to the fact that they, themselves orchestrated them, meet to discuss the recent turn of events…


Darth Nyriss: Ugh, where is that man?

Sechel: I don’t know, My Lady. I’m not his keeper.

Darth Nyriss: *laugh* It seems that he’s been your keeper as of late, Sechel.

Sechel: Hey, remember that it was I who served as your median between you and Imperial Intelligence. None of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me.

Darth Nyriss: Do not forget your place, Sechel. You may be my head steward and my most trusted advisor, but remember that I am the Sith Lord. Not to mention the fact that I hold a seat on the Emperor’s Dark Council itself!

Sechel: Of course. My apologies, Darh Nyriss.

Nyriss: Remember too, though, Sechel, you were the one responsible for orchestrating the operation at Telos, and your poor planning is what completely blew it. Kordo Bliss was the one who held it all together. And they found his datapad!

Sechel: But I assume that they are confused as to what Intelligence is, as they are unaware of the Empire’s very existence!

Nyriss: Yes, but they could find out more. What if the Jedi go to Korriban and discover our other spies on reserve? They could find the ship and track its navicomputer right back here. Also, I’ve heard rumours from Darth Harlag, who occupies the Sphere of Intelligence on the Council, that those thugs you call agents completely disobeyed orders and tried to kill the Jedi and his companions!

Sechel: And how exactly did we learn who these people are?

Nyriss: The prisoner we captured a few years ago, the hero of the Mandalorian Wars. He was once a pawn of the Emperor before going rogue. He was tasked with invading the Republic, which, as you know, I am strongly opposed to. The Empire has been thriving without having to wage war on the Republic. I say we remain hidden. The Empire doesn’t need a war.

Sechel: Then why do you want these other Jedi so badly?

Nyriss: We need an army. The more of them we turn to the Dark Side, the more we have to form an army to overthrow the emperor and bring peace to our great Empire!

Sechel: But what baffles me most is that you claim to be opposed to all-out invasion of the Republic, yet you are clearly trying to orchestrate an all-out war against it!

Nyriss: That is merely a contingency. If the operation with Intelligence fails, which looks rather likely at this point. The ends justify the means, Sechel, I simply want something to divert the emperor’s attention away from me. If he thinks I am doing work to aid him, he will be less likely to suspect that we plot against him. We kill two birds with a single stone.

Sechel: Plus, it doesn’t hurt to weaken the Republic. That is, if we can do so without risking the possibility of open war.

Nyriss: Exactly, Sechel. You are a quick learner.

Door opens, heavy footsteps in

Nyriss: Lord Scourge. We’ve been waiting for your arrival.

Scourge: My apologies for the late arrival, Darth Nyriss. I was with the prisoner in the dungeons.

Nyriss: The one who calls himself Revan?

Scourge: Indeed. He looks forward to my biweekly visits to his cell. He has already told me much of the Republic from which he comes, and his past. It’s a pity he can’t be broken. He would make a useful asset to our Grand Plan.

Nyriss: Perhaps he can’t be broken. Yes. But there are other ways he can still be of use to us.

Scourge: Such as?

Nyriss: Remembering. He can remember the exact details of his last confrontation with the emperor. Such knowledge would assist us greatly when it comes time to stage the coup.

Sechel: But that wouldn’t be for quite a while, My Lady.

Nyriss: Indeed. I am getting ahead of myself. For these are not the reasons for me calling the meeting. Lord Scourge, have you been able to learn of the current state of the Republic?

Scourge: I have. I’ve learned much from both my visits to our prisoner and what is already in our libraries. More up to date news has been delivered to me by informants who have visited Republic space within the past year.

Nyriss: Give me a full report.

Scourge: There is a new supreme chancellor. The Senate is virtually in shambles. Several times within the past two years, the Republic has come close to completely collapsing. The economic crisis is worse than it ever was, especially with the Dark War at an end.

Nyriss: Dark War?

Scourge: Yes. It is the name given to the conflict that has ended very recently, within the past few weeks, actually. It is a sub-conflict in the greater so-called “Jedi Civil War.”

Nyriss: The Jedi fight amongst themselves?

Scourge: *slight maniacal laugh* What Jedi?

Nyriss: Who’d ever imagine? Jedi killing one another until the order reaches extinction.

Scourge: The Civil War came to an end following Revan’s victory, nearly five years ago. While the fighting continued, the several thousand Jedi that remained in the order were all killed due to massive attempts at genocide by Sith Warlords, such as Darth Nihilus. Those who survived went into hiding. I estimate that no more than one hundred Jedi remain.

Nyriss: Tell me more of these Sith Warlords, Lord Scourge.

Scourge: Before Revan fought for the Jedi, he was a Sith Lord himself. Even had himself an apprentice. Darth Malak was his name. Malak betrayed Revan and left him for dead. Following Malak’s defeat, other minor dark jedi squabbled for power, although many are now dead, such as Nihilus and Sion. A handful of them do still remain, however. The truly powerful ones have gone into hiding.

Nyriss: A renewed war against the Republic is just what we need to distract the Republic from uncovering our existence out here on the fringes.

Scourge: A war?! We don’t need war! We’ve been doing fine out here on the fringes, undetected as it is! Why do we need a war? We are more likely to get noticed if we orchestrate a war against the Republic than if we just leave them alone!

Nyriss: I am your superior, Lord Scourge, and you will do what I say. I have been doing this longer than you, and I know what is best for our empire.

Scourge: *sigh* Yes…My Lord.

Nyriss: War is an effective distraction. Besides, a proxy force could easily find us the Jedi we need. It will also provide an excellent cover to launch our insurrection against Emperor Vitiate.

Sechel: She does have a point.

Nyriss: Do you have any specifics on the remaining Sith Warlords? We need to select one. Someone to sponsor.

Scourge: Well, there is Darth Maxus, one of Revan’s most powerful warriors. Known for slaughtering an entire planet all by himself, with nothing but his lightsaber. He commands a small fleet out on the fringes. He also has several planets in his domain.

Nyriss: He sounds very capable. How easy would it be to reach out to him?

Scourge: Easy, if we are careful. However I do not know how easy he will be to convince. He has recently settled for peace with the Republic.

Nyriss: I want a true warlord, Lord Scourge! Not some peacemaker weakling!

Scourge: My apologies, Darth Nyriss. There was a Sith admiral as well who served under Revan. His name is Tarnis. He commands a large battlefleet and-

Nyriss: I don’t want a mere admiral, Scourge, I want a true Sith!

Nyriss: Kaleek Mono may be an ideal choice then. He controls vast armies in the outer rim. Most of them disgruntled Twileks like himself.

Nyriss: I am NOT looking for alien scum to wage my war!

Scourge: Then there is only one man who may suit your tastes.

Nyriss: And who might that be?

Scourge: He calls himself Lord Corsair. He was a member of Revan’s council years ago. A rival of Darth Malak. He’s half-human. An Arkanian mother, I believe.

Nyriss: And he lives still?

Scourge: Yes, but he has not waged war in some time. He has since retreated to his fortress, but his ships are still seen prowling through the Outer Rim.

Nyriss: Where is this fortress of his?

Scourge: I do not know.

Nyriss: I will send my spy network into Republic Space immediately. Perhaps they will have luck.

Sechel: And me?

Nyriss: You, my dear Sechel, are to travel to Korriban. There you will put an end to those wretches who failed the operation.

Sechel: My Lord, are you for certain that it cannot be salvaged?

Nyriss: No. You will kill them. Meet up with them. Befriend them. Poison them. Bring back the Vaiken.

Sechel: I’ll leave right away, My Lord.

Nyriss: That’s a good Sechel.

Scourge: And what of me?

Nyriss: You will remain here and continue working with Captain Murtog and the rest of my security force. The Emperor may be closer than ever to discovering our plans, and I will need extra protection.

Scourge: As you will, my Lord.

Nyriss: Fortunately for the three of us the Republic is in shambles. That will make it easier for Sechel to slip into charted space unknown and the Emperor will be too busy planning his invasion to take notice of the conspiracy.

Scourge: Your coup d’etat?

Nyriss: Precisely.

Sechel: Very good. I will set off to Korriban immediately.

Nyriss: You have your orders. I expect you both not to fail me.

Sechel and Scourge: Yes, Lord Nyriss.

Nyriss: Everything is going according to plan…

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Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:17 pm
Tuckster says...

Hey there,
I'm a little late but I wanted to petition you to split this into parts. Once you do that I will be able to review it. It's just too much to cover in one review. You already have the "splits" marked with the line, so it should be fairly easy to do. If you need points, I would be happy to provide :)

Best wishes,

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Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:57 am
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JosephGeorge wrote a review...


First Impressions: HUGE! Okay, I would seriously consider breaking this up into submissions no longer than 1000 words, if you want anyone to review your pieces on this site. You just dropped 15k, so...slightly over done :D

Positives: I only read the first section, and to be honest, I was pretty worried because I noticed that it's literally just straight voice. No narrator, no interjections, no nothing. There's some narration at the end of some of the sections, but mostly just people talking. I figured it would get old, and I would have no idea what's going on, but that's not what I think after read a little bit.

You, and whoever you're working with, have done a pretty good job of making it feel real and flow fast, which is important for this kind of thing. In the fifteen minutes I spent reading, I never really once felt like I wanted to stop, or that I was confused about what was happening, so good job!

Negatives:I really was hoping to see some more narration in this thing. To be talked at is fine, but sometimes we just want some details about the world and the people and such, and that can only come from one place; you. That's why we read books and listen to audio productions like this, because we're listening to the author. I feel like this piece would improve greatly were you to come in and add more from the narrator.

Overall:So obviously I didn't read the whole thing, I mean, that would have taken me the better part of an hour. (If you break it up, then I'll definitely come back and review some more.) I'm not sure what else to say, as this is something that I'm not versed in at all, so take everything I did say with a grain of salt :D

I give it:


Joseph Henry George

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ExOmelas wrote a review...


Our job’s are on the line as it is.

No apostrophe

Not really, no. The lightsaber wound is still burning in my thigh. If Meetra weren’t present, Darth Traya would’ve killed me. Luckily, while I was dueling Kreia, Meetra was observing in the shadows of the Core. I was able to sever the sith’s good hand, but she began wielding three lightsabers using nothing but the force. It was too much for me in my fatigue.

This is a bit too explain-y. It was fine up until the end of the second sentence I think, then it started getting a little boring to read. Maybe have them ask questions to get this out of him.

But it seems Kreia ordered him to Hunt us the whole time

why the capital H?

Okay so I see you do go on with questions later. It still feels very info-dumpy. This stuff could definitely come out more as the episode goes on.


So I'm going to come back later and do some more, but for now the first scene will do. You're right, this is a long work.

What I have from this beginning:

Character: A lot of them. I don't really know who any of them are. Some stage directions as to what they are wearing or where they're sitting in the ship might really help.

Setting: Lots of detail, good. Slightly too many planets to keep up with, but it gives the impression of the complexity of real civilisations, so it works.

Plot: Interesting so far. I've mentioned that some of it is being explained a bit too directly, but the actual intrigue is definitely there.

Flow: Dammit what was it I was going to say about flow...I think it might just have been the lack of stage directions so never mind.

I will return,

Thou hast not returned.

ExOmelas says...

Yeah actually that's probably not happening. I highly recommend splitting this into parts.

When you cut pieces out of the truth to avoid looking like a fool, you end up looking like a moron instead.
— Robin Hobb