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Dear Beautiful

by Bball41

Dear Beautiful,

You are beautiful.

I have seen the way you look at yourself. All you see when you look in the mirror is a fat ugly girl. When you talk to me you say that you will never be as skinny as the runway models, or never have curves like models on magazine covers.

 If you could see yourself in my eye's perspective, you would never see someone more beautiful than you. Because, to me, beauty is not defined by a thigh gap, but by a woman's personality and character.  Love cannot be decided over how much one weighs or how many carbs one intakes. Everyone has a definition of perfect, and my definition is you.

I don't want you to look in the mirror and see fat and ugly, because I see no flaw in you, not one ugly blemish. I want you to see a strong beautiful woman I know you are. Until the day you die I will never fail to tell you of your pure beauty. Because, at the end of the day, you are my definition of perfection. 


The One Who Loves You 

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Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:02 am
Augustus wrote a review...

Augustus here for the review.
Well, Its a good piece of work. But, I must say the concept was slightly weak. And, you could add more imaginary to your work. Remember, you are painter but you have to paint with words. Don't take this comment as negative, because you have a lot potential. Its just that I felt this particular piece of work, a bit jagged.
Good luck for your future writings.

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Sun May 31, 2015 12:45 pm
ashtheawesome12401 wrote a review...

Hi I am here to review your work :)

Dear Beautiful,
Thank you for writing this.I don't know if you wrote this for someone specifically. But hey I read it as if someone wrote this to me. I love it.And it was really cute. I love the whole letter idea. This makes me smile. This really does. I could hear a voice in my head saying this to me. And like wow. Thank you for writing this. I love your creative approach to it. I love this. Please write more of these okay? Great job! And you brought a smile to my face c: Thanks.

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Sun May 31, 2015 12:08 am
Willard wrote a review...

Hey,yo, Bball41! Strange here and I have a review for you on this review day! Pardon me if I'm a little bit rusty, I havemnt reviewed in a long time. Let's get going, shall we?

The idea and theme in this letter is lacking quite a bit. It's a theme used so often, the praise of the person "you love". I would probably be rich if I had a dime every time I have seen something like this. Of course, there are a few that manage to stand out and be magnificent. This, sadly, did not do that due to its risky thinking. That mostly concerns the second paragraph.

You talk about how you don't judge a person by thigh gaps, but just about how they are perfect and that you love them. That makes no sense. Why do you love them? Why/how are they perfect? You can walk up to a stranger and say "Hey, I know nothing bad about you, that makes you perfect, I love you." And it would apply to this work. You know what I'm getting at? I am a very literal person, so I look to see how works manage to use thinking to develop deeper themes and make it a complex work.

In the third paragraph, you talk about how she's beautiful. You, right there, cancelled out your WHOLE second paragraph. So, in that case, the wording in here could be fixed. It is a sweet sweet story, yes, but the textual elements are lacking. I've read some of your poems, so an idea is to make this more poetic to hit the heart strings inside of me.

Good luck and keep writing!

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Sat May 30, 2015 3:34 pm
Konijn says...

This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I have been trying so hard to show the one I love that she is beautiful, and so I could really relate to this. She says that she is fat and ugly, but to me, shes the most beautiful girl on the earth. Shes perfect. Thank you for writing this. Its a lovely piece, and I would love to read more of your works. :)

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Sat May 30, 2015 7:53 am
tanny070395 wrote a review...

Beautiful letter for a beautiful girl. I guess when she will read it she will be the happiest person on this earth. She will gain her self confidence and can face this selfish blind world who only runs for mortal happiness. I believe every one is beautiful in her own ways. I have a physical problem. I know people laugh and taunt behind my back but that doesn't hurt anymore as i know i am beautiful and brave enough to face this world alone. All you need sometimes is just faith and it will get you going all the way to success.

But i guess you should enlarge the letter. I want more and so does she. You made her day.

Apart from the length of the writing this poem affords to be a successful poem with lots of dignity for the one who thinks that physique is everything in this world. Body grows old and weak, faces get wrinkles but life goes on. So have faith and do not fear death. Pure souls stay alive forever. It is immortal and blessed with happiness and peace.

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto (I am a man, I don't consider anything human foreign to me)
— Terence