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Who is the Enemy?

by Bambii

It started. Small. Insignificant. Completely irrelevant to my world. As long as it was out of reach, I would be fine. My world would not shatter.

Then it spread. Quick. Faster than anyone expected. From China to Asia, Asia to Europe, Europe to Africa and the Middle East. Then in New York, and finally at my doorstep.

It completely enveloped us. Each continent had been touched and conquered. Like a child who was scared of trying a new dish and then realizing it was the most delicious thing they ever tasted, we had been devoured. I bet Hitler’s jealous.

Of course, we were not worried. We all continued about our day like nothing was wrong. Like as if there was not something lurking. And soon it crept into our lives and destroyed us.

We had our first death. Then, our first hundred dead. Then, our first thousand. Mayhem ensued.

I knew the people here were stupid, but this event really showed how low our nationwide IQ is. People microwaved their dollar bills. Y’know, to “burn off” the bacteria.

I was scared. Of course I feared the virus, but this event has made me acutely aware of human behavior.

In all honesty I am more scared of humans than of the virus. If you think about it, then you will, too.

How did it start? A human decided to mess with nature without taking the necessary sanitary procedures.

How did it spread? Multiple humans caught it and traveled to other countries.

Why is it still here? Because *many* humans are either too dense, delusional, stubborn, or downright insane when it comes to the virus, when it comes to many things actually.

Those first two convictions I don’t put too much blame on. We were fine without the precautions and who would’ve known that all of this would happen to us?

But that last one is what makes me want to off all of humanity.

It is unbelievable how many people care more about wiping their asses than having their family die.

It is also funny in a way. This virus plagues us, but we plague the Earth. We are here for improvement, but look at what we have done. We have annihilated entire species, negatively shape-shifted our planet to the point of finding ways to run to Mars, and we have even backstabbed each other for the sake of superiority and success.

Homo sapiens. That is us. That is what we have labeled ourselves. Biologically speaking we are intelligent, but the name completely ignores our morality and behavior.

Our planet is fighting fire with fire, or in this case, a virus with a virus.

We are a virus, not just to the planet but to ourselves as well.

We would not be here if we were intelligent. We would not be here if we were civil. We would not be here if we had compassion and the smallest ounce of common sense.

So I leave you, the individual, with this question:

Who is the Enemy?

Are you sure?

Is this a review?



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Fri Sep 18, 2020 4:23 am
s1l2 says...

I agree with you, often the enemy of the good human will be a bad human, the person who tries to fix things will fight another person who wants to make things worse, unfortunately there are those who want to benefit from the tragedies that happen in this world, I wish the best for you, and for our world.

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Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:04 pm
Valkyria wrote a review...

Hello, Bambii!

First, welcome to YWS! I hope you have a lot of fun here. Second, this is your first work posted, and on the same day too! Congrats! It took me months to post my first story.

Let's get right into this review, shall we?

When I started reading this, I thought the 'enemy' was an alien. Something out of The Fifth Wave. It didn't cross my mind that you were writing about Covid-19 until I continued reading.

I bet Hitler's jealous.

That made me laugh!

Of course, we were not worried. We all continued about our day like nothing was wrong. Like as if there was not something lurking.

That is true. I never thought Covid-19 would hit the U.S. until it finally did.

Who is the Enemy?

That's a really good question. And I like how enemy is capitalized.

I thought the question was the last line, so I was really confused as to why there was so much space until the real last line hit me.

And it hit me.

Are you sure?

My mind is freaking out! It's such a good interpretation. Either the virus or humans are the enemy, but now that might not be the case. Should we blame the virus, or should we blame ourselves?

I would like to see more about Covid-19. The reader gets so much information about humanity's wrongdoings that almost everyone will decide that humans are the enemies. Covid-19 is vague, so I would like a little more about that.

Overall, this is amazing!

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Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:49 pm
Atticus wrote a review...

Hey there Bambii, and welcome to YWS! Tuck here with a review for you today to sharpen up my reviewing skills for RevMo.

You did a great job of building suspense in your first few paragraphs. Your title was intriguing and didn't give away much about the story, and so I was very drawn in by your first few paragraphs. I felt that your segue into discussing the virus was very natural and fluid, which can be difficult to strike when you spend a lot of time building suspense. Let's get into some areas where I think you could have improved!

First, some examples, statistics, and other factual information always improves essays. You're attempting to change someone's mind, but personally, I am not very persuaded that someone is stupid when someone else tells me that they're stupid. Rather than saying, "People are stupid and handling this virus terribly," cite statistics that show that this virus could have been contained if people wore masks at a higher rate, or show examples of times there were outbreaks because of reckless mass gatherings. Similarly, some examples of other ways that humans destroy the planet (climate change and the destruction of large portions of the Amazon come to mind) would solidify that point as well.

Second, I felt the large blank space you left was ineffective in communicating your point. The intent behind it, which I'm assuming was giving the reader some time and space to let your words sink in, and then questioning their conclusion, is solid, and yet the execution seemed flawed. It's possible that this would translate better on a printed page, but on YWS I felt confusion and annoyance as I scrolled down to finish reading the work. I think this would be just as effective if you placed the two lines next to each other.

That about wraps things up! Overall, this was a strong essay that was made compelling through some well-executed rhetorical devices and short, punchy sentences. I agreed with your overall points and felt that you had a good, basic argument, but incorporating some more factual evidence would make it even stronger and increase its persuasiveness. If you have any questions about this review or the site in general, please feel free to reach out! I hope you enjoy your time on YWS :)


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