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E - Everyone


by BailorAsh

"Come to my party!"

"Come to the school dance!"

"I heard you don't like people but surely you'll like me."

But parties are exhausting, and dances make me tired, and I like people but only in small quantities.

"Why won't you talk to people?"

"Why're you hiding in the corner?"

"Come on, it's rude to stay away from the rest of the party."

But I'm awkward with people and I quite like this corner, and no one taught me how to act in society.

"You're always home on holidays."

"You're always free on weekends."

"How can you stand a schedule that is always empty?"

I like to read on holidays and enjoy me-time on weekends, and I love some time all alone, you see?

"But why-?

"But how-?

"But... no, that just can't be-"

Interactions are draining. Please leave me be.

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Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:37 pm
silvermoon17 wrote a review...

This is beautifuuuuul! As an introvert and extravert, I can say you explored both sides pretty well. But there’s just one thing that makes me tick..
first thing, introverts are not generally sHy. They just do not show how they feel, prefer more quiet activities and think before they speak. In here, you make it as of introverts are shy and never have fun or friends or anything. But that isn’t true. Introverts are not all the same, and I say that purely from knowledge. Now for the extrovert part.
As before, we can be shy. We just will improvise as we speak and can open up (easily)
I mean, I appreciate the whole message behind it.. or the beautiful rhyming scheme.. but why make introverts look like heroes and extroverts as stupid party people.
Both types have feelings you know..

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Sat May 18, 2019 9:41 pm
FabihaNeera wrote a review...


I really like this poem! I think it's really well written... I like the two characters voices that you convey in this. It gives readers more perspective to the two sides. I would definitely say that I'm also on the introverted side so I can relate to those italicized words you have here. Its overall nicely written and I'm glad you shared this. I hope to read more of your work!

Keep Writing. :)

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Sat May 18, 2019 1:12 pm
SuraikheySuraj wrote a review...

Two voices speaking! Tough part is managing their different tones when they are representing different ideas or different types of people. But I am very glad to see that you handled this challenge very well.
What I liked most is how accurately you reflected those different school of thoughts. I must say, you are very professional at the age of 15. But wait! Here is one more challenge is waiting in your path. You will need to keep your graph growing constantly. Keep continuity in your work, which comes easily if you keep writing.So, keep writing.
Yours Sincerely,
Suraikhey Suraj

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
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