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The Number One, Elephants, and Magic

by AuthenticallyAngie



My name is One.

Let’s talk,

Though I don’t promise fun.

There aren’t many numbers,

In my phone.

Do you know what it’s like,

To be alone?

Everybody else,

Is five, seven, or twenty-three,

And then there’s just me.

Do you know how much fun,

It is to be one?


The Elephant in the Room

You say there’s an elephant in the room?

That’s very rude to assume.

All I see are two ears

Reminding me of my fears.

Four ginormous feet,

Just things I’ve yet to complete.

Grey, sandy skin,

The ice is growing thin.

One humongous head,

All the things I’ve come to dread.

A long, strong trunk-

Oh! Who would’ve thunk?

I guess you didn’t assume,

There is an elephant in the room.


Have you ever wondered,

Where all the magic’s at?

Take a stroll through the woods

Meet a talking cat?

See a soaring carpet

Maybe ask for a ride?

Meet a friendly dragon

He’ll help bring your family pride

Race to undo a curse

Before the last petal falls

Talk with witches and wizards

Inside your school’s halls

Escape from your tower

And meet a charming thief

Meet with other mermaids

Among the coral reef

Go to the prince’s ball

In a pumpkin-turned carriage

Meet a striking royal

Who will ask your hand in marriage

I’ve searched and searched and searched

As much as one can bet

But I guess I have to wait

‘Cause magic hasn’t found me yet

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Sun Jun 04, 2023 3:51 am
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loveissourgrapes wrote a review...

Hello there! This is Ina aka loveissourgrapes and I am here to give your poem a little review/comment. Anyways, let's get into it.

I was excepting this to be a little fantasy-like but it feels more dreamy. I love how the poem had sections too (One, The Elephant In the Room, and Yet). I also love how each line got to rhyme with each other. Overall, it is a really beautiful poem. I see you just joined this site late last month. So, late welcome to you too c: Oh, don't I follow you?

I would love to read more about you. You are a good writer! Keep it up and have a beautiful day/night ^^

AuthenticallyAngie says...

Thank you! ^^ Have a good day/night! :)

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Fri Jun 02, 2023 12:41 am
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OrabellaAvenue wrote a review...

Hello! This is a random weirdo here to review.

Wow. These are so good! The rhymes are perfectly placed... these are beautiful. There's so much meaning behind each of them. Things that make you ponder... perfect for poetry!

And honestly I can relate to all of these...

Yet again you have written a masterpiece!

AuthenticallyAngie says...

Thank you! ^^ :)

"And what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland