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by ArielThorn01


Everything, to me, is confusingly uncomfortable.

How does one find quiet amidst all the worlds noise?

How do they find peace in the middle of the chaos?

What do you do when every light in your house is too bright, no matter how small, 

but the darkness of your bedroom is suffocatingly dark.

What about when the open window lets in the insufferable noise of traffic,

but the stillness of your closet brings with it such a silence that makes the air poison.

Are you cold? Too hot? Exhausted but unable to rest.

Does sinking into your couch feel like you’re sinking slowly but surely to the depths

of the Earth where the worms and carcasses of past lives now live?

It’s uncanny, and frankly, it’s uncomfortable.

Ariel Thorn A

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Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:17 pm
Serrurie wrote a review...

This is the most honest piece of poetry I've ever read.

Hi! It's Serrurie, here to review. Let's get into it:

The world is full of everyday things that with a slight alternation in perspective, can still be studied and confusing. You perfectly captured that. And even though this piece is in first-person perspective, it doesn't give off the feeling that oit was made by someone inexperienced, but rather someone who knows how to be incredibly insightful whilst capturing it in a simple way that others understand. That's very applaudable. I also like how the ethos of this slowly goes from one emotion to another. It's subtle and beautiful.

But I tend to disagree with the whole 'couch sinking' thing. I simply find it cozy.

Happy writing, and be blessed!


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Sun Nov 19, 2023 10:13 am
WordWeaver1357 wrote a review...

Wow. I felt your words on such a level that I felt deeply uncomfortable. It's like nothing's right; the contradiction in every line offered a very interesting voice.

My favourite lines were probably these:
"What do you do when every light in your house is too bright, no matter how small,

but the darkness of your bedroom is suffocatingly dark."

I felt every word of this poem, and I shifted on my seat every few seconds at the mere THOUGHT of being uncomfortable.


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Fri Nov 17, 2023 11:40 pm
LadyTano says...

Goodness. I felt that. I can't wait to see what you write next.

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ArielThorn01 says...

Thank you so much!

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Fri Nov 17, 2023 12:19 pm
noone wrote a review...

I love the constant opposition. It gives it contrast whilst also concentrating on the feeling of uneasyness. The metaphors accentuate the idea of being doomed to live this way constantly. Not being able to really express the source of the problem but knowing that something is terribly wrong. I would love to read more about your take on this issue, I think you can get closer to the subject.

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ArielThorn01 says...

I really appreciate your input and writing support!! I%u2019d love for you to read my next works

— Carina