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The Human Theory

by Anonymous99


The Human Theory
What have we become? Disgusting beings of flesh and blood. We care nothing for the world around us. A world that was once free, and innocent, new life sprouting everywhere. If one were take a photo from a mile above the ground, he would see green, lush pastures, or a pack of zebras roaming across the dry plains of North Africa like a child running into a playground. Happiness, Beautiful , call it what you will. The world was once a shining beacon of light.
Not anymore.
The humans came, supposedly created by God himself for the 'greater good'. Well just look at us now. We have riddled the world with the chains of mankind, forced it to work for our needs, slashing and cutting life everywhere. Animals are driven to the brink of extinction, terror flooding their eyes as a human corners them, bloody knife in one hand.
Slowly, we are learning. Learning about our world, and how to care for it. There are those few who care, and strive to make the world a better place, to preserve it for the future generations of life. The world will never be the same, humans have destroyed with their bitterness and carelessness. No amount of technology can ever replicate the oasis that the world once was.
Maybe one day, a Divine Being might strike a blow at the mighty human race, the race who destroys and destructs.
Maybe one day...
- J

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Sat Oct 27, 2012 6:11 pm
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goldenrebel wrote a review...

I agree with your writing man, the human race is not the best of species. We have caused death and destruction and it seems like we'll never stop, almost like its a part of human nature. But, I liked how you pointed out that there are a few who do try to preserve this world for future generations, which is very true. I read one of your other stories called "Voices" and it seems that your pretty good at writing about this concept. I suggest you keep on writing and each time try to make it longer and more detailed and you will notice your ability to write improve; I always do that and each time I feel like I'm getting better at writing.

Anonymous99 says...

Thanks so mic for this comment. Yes and there are the brilliant few who care about our world. I really appreciate the advice an I will try and make my stories longer :)

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Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:14 am
MynameisMud wrote a review...

Right on, we suck! I don't have anything to critique here, so I'll just say I agree completely with what you're saying, and your writing has made that message very clear. Actually just one thing:

"Animals are even to the brink of extinction, terror flooding their eyes as a human corners them, blood knife in one hand." - Doesn't read very well. Read it out loud to yourself, then rewrite it to figure out what flows better or whatever floats your boat.

Otherwise, well done!

Anonymous99 says...

Thanks a lot :) I do my best to correct it!

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