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Memohirs of a brokenheart Chapter TWO

by AngelBaby88

As soon as class ended I bound from the class as fast as possible to meet Troy, he had said he had another surprize for me. This wasnt like Troy so I was anxious to see what he had for me.

I saw him standing with his arms crossed and he looked like he was in another world, before I reached him Jacob stopped me.

"Hey um Lynn, was it?"


He extended his hand to me and I saw I had forgot my purse when I had quickly rushed out of my class.

"Oh Thanks."

He smiled this real cute half smile and then it quickly turned into a cocky smile as he replied with.

"Just thought Id be a gentlemen for once and return the favor."

"Favor?" I asked.

"The favor im returning is the fact I get to sit next to such a beautiful girl in my Biology class."

For once I couldnt think of something to say and Jacob smiled and left.

"What was that?"

I turned to a very unhappy Troy.

"I forgot my purse and he returned it to me, thats all."

He wasnt paying attention to me though, he was watching Jacob with a look of malice on his face.

"Are you jeloues?" I said with a laugh and put my hand on his cheek, he turned his attention on me and kissed my lips. Once again as always I felt that fleeting motion in my heart and smiled when he pulled away.

"No, im not jeloues."

I smiled and shook my head, "Well I had better get to class."

He let me go from our embrace and kissed my hand, "Ill see ya later."

Already my new school year was off to a great start.

My next 3 classes passed by in a blur and then it was time for lunch, unfortunally Troy had first lunch and I had 2nd so cuddle time at lunch was destroyed. Once me and Nicole had found our table we discoverd Jacob was there with my brother and when he saw me he smiled.

"Well, Well, Well, look what the angels dragged in. God must really love me today."

I felt my cheeks flush and just winked.

"Im surprized you can see the halo behind the horns, turns out god and the devil have something in common."

Jacob smiled, "And whats that?"

"That neither one want me."

Our whole table bust up laughing and I took a bow. My brother just smiled.

"See what I tell ya, shes as crazy as me."

Jacob laughed, "Who said I doubted you?"

I took a bite of my chicken strip when someones hands coverd my eyes and my favorite voice enterd my ears.

"Guess who."

Even though I knew who it was I felt like messing with Troy and said, "My boyfriend Nathan?"

Knowing I was joking he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, I shrieked and struggled to be put down.

"Put me down Troy, I was only kidding."

"Nope." I then began to beat on his butt which was in my face at the moment and he put me back down but didnt release me.

"Your not supposed to be up here."

"I know but I wanted to see you, I have football practice and wont be able to see you till tonight at work." he whined.

I laughed and gave him a kiss, "Well youve seen me, now get back to class." He pulled away and when I turned around he swatted my butt.

"Allright Ill see ya tonight."

I sat back down and noticed jacob staring at me.

"He your boyfriend?"

"Uh huh. Why?"

"No reason, just proves what an asshole iam." I gave him a look and asked what he meant. He just shook his head and got up to leave.

I looked at Nicole, "What I do?"

Nicole gave me smile, "Its obious the guy seriously likes you, and seeing you with another guy means he cant ask you out."

My brother stepped in, "Uh dont tell him I told you this but hes been in love with you since you were in 7th grade."

I almost spit my sprite out, "What?"

My brother sam just laughed and got up to follow Jacob, "Oh nothing."

After seeing the look on Jacobs face and hearing what my brother told me I realized I had lost my appetite and pushed away my food. Now I felt bad, I had never known Jacob yet he knew me somehow. Must be through my brother but why had he never talked to me before?

As soon as school was over I decided to catch a ride with my brother and his friends, I hoped Jacob would be with him so I could talk to him. He was and for a moment I was relieved but then knew I could never talk to him. So I kept my cool and clunked my brother on the back,

"Im sitting in the front." I got in and wondered what Jacob would say.

Thats all for today see ya the next time

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