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Final Fantasy once again continued

by AngelBaby88

With that she excused them and began to gather papers. Squall stood to leave,

"Oh and Squall I need to talk to you."

Now what he thought and headed up to her where a line of students had already formed, hed never get through this. Wrong again as he got up there the students parted and left. Quistis then turned to him.

"Have you been to the Fire Caverns yet?"

Squall began to mumble, "No, I was going to but." Quistis stopped him.

"Is this a good excuse?"

He shook his head, he had been on his way when Siefer stopped him. She smiled and said

"I didnt think so. You know that its required if you want to attend the Seed Exams this afternoon."

He nodded and asked if he still had the time to go.

"As a matter of a fact you do, and since im free I can go with you and be the Instructer in charge of you. Can you meet me in ten minutes by the front gate?"


"All right see ya then."

When he left the class he kept thinking about what this afternoons Seed exam had in store for him when all of sudden a girl rounded the corner and smashed right into him.

"Are you okay?" he asked helping her up from the ground. She smiled but the evidence of how she was all over her face. She laughed and dusted her hands on her skirt to remove the dirt.

"Im fine. Just a little embaressed."

She looked around him and her smile disappered. "Did you just come from that classroom?"


"Is class over?"

He nodded and huge frown replaced her smile. "Crap, this school is so much bigger than my last one. Im from Trabia and I still keep getting lost. Can you show me around?"

"No im sorry but I have to meet someone in." He glanced at his clock. "In like five minutes."

"Oh thats okay, well I guess Ill see ya later." She waved and left. Quistis was probally going to be at the gate already.

Quistis was already at the gate and waiting for Squall, she finally saw him coming from the double doors that led to the gateway. He didnt look to happy she thought and waited for him to get to her.

"Trouble?" she asked with a humor. He just rolled his eyes and stood there not replying, what was with him, for as long as she could remember he had always been grumpy and never spoke unless spoken to and sometimes he didnt even reply to that. She sighed and thought perhaps it had something to do with his past.

"You ready to go?"

He nodded, "And are your GF's ready to go into combat?" Another nod. GF which was short for Guardian Force were good monsters that you would call apon if needed, such as in battles with really big bad monsters. She knew for a fact he had two, Quezquotal the lighting god and Shiva the Ice god.

"All right if your ready then lets get a move on."

It only took about twenty minutes to get to the Cavern and once they arrived they were met by two Garden officals.

"This is my student Squall Leonhart and we need to complete this task before he can continue. Ill be the Instructer in charge."

One of them nodded and asked how long was required to complete their mission. Quistis only figured about thirty.

They inputed the time into a handheld computer and stepped aside so they could enter.

Inside of the Fire Cavern was well how you could imagine, full of fire and extremally hot. They had only gone a little ways before they began to sweat.

"You seem preety calm." she told him. He didnt answer only wiped sweat from his face.

"You know most boys choke when I come with them. Must be my looks or I must intimadate them."

She laughed at herself and Squall turned to her.

"Im not sure why your talkative but Id really like to concentrate on my mission and not how you look. So sorry if I cant join your laughter."

Taken aback she stopped and just looked at him, luckily their awkard silence was broken by an earsplitting crack and ground opened up in front of them. She knew this would happen and was more ready for it then Squall. Squall unsure of what was unfolding unsheated his Gunblade and prepared for anything. In front of them a voice was heard before seen,

"Who dare interferes with my slumber?!"

"I do!"

He was soon met with Ifrit the god of fire and chaos. Ifrit didnt look to happy either.

"You will pay you puny human.'' and charged Squall with such force he almost didnt have time to brace himself. He tasted a putrid taste of copper as he bit his tongue, a look of pain came onto Squalls face as he pushed back and attacked with Ice not letting his pain bother him.

Thats all i have time for but this is the end of chapter one (Yay)

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