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Final Fantasy (chapter one continued)

by AngelBaby88

Thanks for all your crits, this is based from the playstation game final fantasy 8 those who have played will understand stuff better...those who havent ill try to drop hints into the story to give you some idea of what stuff is.

Chapter one continued.

When Squall woke next he could feel the gentle sea breeze, he was in the Infirmary he realized by a quick glance at the room. The storm must have passed he thought to himself as he raised his hand to shied his eyes from the harsh sun coming in thourgh the thin curtains above him. He looked at the clock on the back wall "10:30." was what he thought he was seeing.

"Hey. Your awake finally." came Dr. Kadowskis voice. Sighing he tried to sit up, a little to fast and was met with a unwelcomed feeling of nausea.

"Whoa there, not so fast." He felt hands on his back helping him.

"How long have I have been here?" He grumbled.

"Oh just an hour or two. You let Siefer intimadate you again didnt you?"

Squall said nothing only looked at his image in the mirror at the side of his bed. A long cut ran from his forehead to his right eye and down the side of his nose, more than likely he would carry this scar for the rest of his life.

"I suppose I had better call Quistis to come and get you. Siefer was in here and out of here before I could call her."

She left to go call Quistis. What had he done to Siefer, all he could remember was a pain and then blackness. Then another thought passed through his mind, What would Quistis say.

Know Quistis wasnt known for a mean attitude but she could be quick with her mouth and words when she wanted, she a year older Squall was his Instucter. He would worry about her later.

Quistis had just gotten off the phone with Cid, the Headmaster when Dr. Kadowski called.

"Quistis. I have your student down here, Squall Leonhart."

Then suddenly it all made sence, earlier Seifer had come in with nasty cut and was in a nastier mood than his usal cocky mannner she was so used to. Probally had to do with Squall if she had to guess.

"You do huh?"


Quistis smiled, "Give me ten minutes and ill come get him."

Both women laughed and hung up the phone, Quistis then took off her glasses as a student walked in.

"Um Instructer Treppe? Where did you need me to meet you this afternoon?" It was Zell Dincht, somehow she wasnt surprized he had returned to class to ask her about her instrctions of earlier.

She smiled and shook her head, "By the front at entrance at 12:30. Think you can remember that?"

He smiled a half smile and said sure,

"Well if youll excuse me i have some buisness to attend to." He nodded and turned to leave as she gathered her paperwork up into a neat pile.

"Quistis is on her way." Dr. Kadowski said making Squall jump.

She laughed. "Why do you let Siefer get to you?"

"You know how he is, he cant take no for an answer. Its not like I can just back down."

"Why not?" she asked.

"You just dont understand." Squall said and rested against the headboard of the bed.

The swishing of the automatic doors brought their attention from the conservation.

"Ahh Quistis there you are. I was just talking to Squall about his little confrentation with Siefer this morning."

Quistis smiled, "Well im sorry to interupt but me and Squall have to get back to the classroom before the next class starts."

"Very well, I think I need to go and check on Headmaster Cid, he seems a bit distracted today."

They both said bye to her and then Quistis turned her attention on Squall.

"We need to be getting back too. Can you manage?"

He nodded and stood up.

"Good because I dont think you could use my shoulder to support yourself."

Squall rolled his eyes and Quistis just smiled, "Come on."

In the classroom Quistis went straight to her desk and told Squall to take his seat. On his way to his seat he noticed Siefer staring at him with smug grin on his face, to Squalls advantage he wasnt the one who noticed. Quistis jumped to Squalls rescue with.

"Oh and by the way, Siefer from now please be more carefull when training with others."

Siefer gave a look that could outdone any face of a child scorned and then muttered something incohertally. Trust Quistis to make him look like a wimp, he thought as he sat down.

"As most of you know or have heard, this evening is the Seed finals for some of you." A few whispers and words of surprize were heard around the room and Squall couldnt hide his surprize either, there had been no mention of it being this afternoon.

"Quiet class. All I able to say is those who have passed the exams will need to leave now and meet at the front entranceway in ten minutes. So im excusing class early for those who need to prepare."

Im sorry you guys but Im going to have to wrap it at school and im out of time. till next time...cya later.

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