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by 4revgreen

(A/N I'm not sure how many of you will be familiar with the SCP Foundation and the stories that come under it. It took me a while to come up with and is not polished, obviously! It would be great if any of you who are familiar with SCPs to give me some advice :-))

Item # : SCP-5001

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5001 poses no direct threat to anyone in its immediate vicinity unless it is handled without any protection and makes contact with the skin. Because of this, SCP-5001 is contained in a simple steel box with dimensions of 0.15m x 0.23m x 0.088 mm with a lock and padlock on the right hand side. To open the padlock, it has been found that any key can fit in the lock, despite the hole clearly being too small before the key is inserted. This box is the one in which it was found. Though it does not cause any direct harm to whomever it may come into contact with, it is required that at least one (1) Level 4 personnel should approve the removal or usage of SCP-5001. It is recommended that SCP-5001 never be used again for the extent of its full effects are still unknown.


SCP-5001 is a 0.45359237kg block of soap which is a rectangular shape and cream in colour. SCP-5001 is 0.825m long x 0.5461m wide x 0.28cm thick. The weight of the object does not decrease with use, and no matter what is done to the object it will always remain the same shape and weight. It will not melt or freeze under any temperature. The object will keep whomever touches it at the age and appearance they were when they first came into contact with it, providing they keep using it. It does not seem to hinder their emotional or mental age, only their outwards appearance and bodily organs.

Addendum #1:

The names and places of those involved in the history of SCP-5001 have either been redacted or expunged in order to ensure the safety of such people.

SCP-5001 dates back to 1940 during the Blitz in London. Though the exact date of its arrive in London is unknown, it was found in the wreckage of a house on Boswell Street by a young mother named [DATA EXPUNGED] who was scavenging for remains with her two children, 3-year-old [DATA REDACTED] and 6-year-old [DATA EXPUNGED]. The mother was subsequently forced to evacuate her two children to the English countryside in a southern region of the country known as [DATA REDACTED] and she packed the object among other toiletries in the box it still remains in today and gave it to the 6-year-old whom used it to wash herself twice a week over the course of the time she lived with the [DATA EXPUNGED] family in the countryside.

The mother died of an unknown illness during the time her children were evacuated in [DATA REDACTED] and the children continued to live with the family who took them in. Twenty years later in 1960, the mother's sister, [DATA REDACTED] tracked down the children with the help of The Salvation Army and documented her visit to their house in her journal which she later handed over to SCP Agent [DATA REDACTED]. The data entry that concerns SCP-5001 was written on Saturday 23rd January, 1960:

"After a week of travelling down from Scotland, I arrived at the [DATA REDACTED] household in a state of extreme fatigue, and an excruciating headache. The house was like [DATA EXPUNGED] had described to me in her letters; a simple redbrick cottage covered from head to toe with ivy and climbing roses. The thatched roof was in a state of disrepair, and the knocker on the front door was missing. I knocked twice in a quick succession, and was quickly welcomed into the house by an elderly woman, whom I assumed was Mrs. [DATA REDACTED]. She beckoned me into the kitchen where I immediately recognised the younger of my nieces, who is now a beautiful 23 year old young woman. Beside her was a child – a little girl dressed in a frilly white dress not unlike one I had bought for my sister to give to my nieces when they grew up. It was when I studied it closer that I realised it was the exact dress I had bought. I asked [DATA REDACTED] whether this was her child or my other niece's child, which was when the girls exchanged a look and started to giggle. [DATA REDACTED] said to me: “Auntie, this is [DATA EXPUNGED]” Of course, I did not believe what she was saying at first, and fumbled in my handbag to remove the only image of my nieces I had ever been sent by my sister, snapped on a Purma camera our father had gifted to her. I held it up to the young girl and gasped audibly when I studied the extreme likeness of the girl in the photograph and the girl sat at the table before me. No, it wasn't even an extreme likeness- they were exactly alike. It was the same girl.

After a brief moment to compose myself after the shock, I of course asked how she was still a 6-year-old girl. [DATA EXPUNGED] then explained to me about the soap her mother had given her. She showed it to me – a rectangular bar of soap that looked like any other bar of soap. She told me it had remained the same size since 1940 when her mother found it, and that using it kept you young. I didn't know what to think of it and still do not, but that girl was definitely my niece. She talked and behaved like you would expect a 26-year-old woman to talk and behave, but dressed and looked like a 6-year-old-girl. I didn't think to ask why she had not let her sister also use this strange bar of soap. I didn't care to touch it – frankly, the whole situation scared me. I left after a polite cup of tea and slice of cake. I reported it to the police – I don't know why, I don't know what I thought they could do, but I just had an extremely uneasy feeling about the whole thing."

On Monday 23th January 1960, local police officers (Known as PO1 and PO2) arrived at the house under the guise of a welfare call. The aunt of the girls had reported a 6-year-old girl living at the house who was not being cared for correctly. It is assumed she reported this because she did not know what else to say. No one was home, so the officers forced their way into the home and searched every room until PO1 came across the steel box in which SCP-5001 was contained in. He opened it with a key found nearby and handled the soap with his bare hands. What happened next has not been confirmed, but here is a transcript of what PO2, who did not touch the object said to SCP Agent [DATA REDACTED]:

SCP Agent: What happened after PO1 handled the object found in this steel box?

PO2: There was this noise, from the room next to the bathroom in which we found the box. A loud 'thud' onto the floorboards. I ran to the room – it was a bedroom – and a large wooden wardrobe that was stood across the room had both doors open. We'd previously looked around the room but not as extensively as we should have, but the doors had been shut when we looked. I could see someone lying on the floor, as though they had just fallen out of the wardrobe – as though they'd been hiding in it. To begin with, I thought it was a child – it must have been a child. A little girl. But when I got closer she began to change... (PO2 trails off, visibly nervous and on edge)

SCP Agent: Began to change how?

PO2: She... she began to grow. No, age. She was laying on her back, looking up at me, her face changing right there in front of my own eyes. Her limbs were growing too, she was changing from a little girl into an older child, and then an – no, her bones were growing to look – she looked – her skin wasn't growing with her, not fast enough at least.. Oh God, her bones started to protrude from the skin, started to... (PO2 trails off again, his head in his hands)

SCP Agent: PO2?

PO2: Sorry, it was just so, so... disgusting. Her skeleton was continuing to grow or age, and.. and her skin stayed the same size. Blood and muscle and organs were showing through the sk- skin as it split. I don't even know how to describe it. Oh God, Oh God, (PO2 begins to sob into his hands)


SCP Agent [DATA REDEACTED] later saw the crime scene photographs, and described the image as “The skeleton of an adult woman surrounded by the internal organ systems and muscles of a child, in a pool of blood.”

SCP-5001 was taken into the custody of the SCP Foundation along with PO1, who had touched the object. After further analysis of the situation, it was determined that it would keep whoever had last used it the age they were when they first used it, but if someone else was to use it, the original person would be quickly aged to how old they should be. The skeleton would age much faster than the rest of the body, leaving the person to die in agony as their skin was forced from their body by their bones.

It is unknown how many people have previously used the soap, but PO1 was the last person to touch it before SCP-5001 was secured and contained. He was kept under observation in SCP Facility [DATA REDACTED] until he was deemed to be under no threat or harm, and was allowed to leave. He did not seem to experience any effects that were visible, but it is assumed this is because he only touched the object once. He died in 2005 of the same illness the mother of [DATA EXPUNGED] did back in the 1940's. It is currently unknown if this illness is a consequence of coming into contact with SCP-5001, or simply a coincidence.

The younger sister and adoptive parents of [DATA EXPUNGED] were found safe and unharmed hiding in the attic of the house. They were later relocated to another undisclosed location and given new identities, and PO1 and PO2 were relieved of their duties as Police Officers.

Addendum #2:

After further research by SCP Agent [DATA REDACTED] a letter from a German pilot to his girlfriend during the second world war was found, which details a gift which was given to him and four other German pilots during their time as pilots. The gift came in a red steel box described exactly like the one SCP-5001 was found and remains in, but didn't just contain an object which either is or is a copy of SCP-5001. It also contained a glass perfume bottle which seemingly never ran out despite how much it was used, and a pack of shaving razors that never became blunt. The German pilot, who died shortly after sending the letter, said the gift was given to him by the general, who received the five steel boxes in the mail with instructions on who to give them to and what they were. There is no record of such parcels ever having been sent to this general, but many records were destroyed during the war. An excerpt of the letter is included below, translated from German to English by SCP Agent [DATA REDACTED]:

During my time at the airbase in [DATA REDACTED] I used the items included in the box several times. What I found to be most amazing was the razor blades. I shaved any place on my body where I had an injury, as instructed, and the injury disappeared as though I had shaved it off like hair. There was no scar! No blood! It just went.”

There is no mention as to what the 'perfume' does, but the SCP Foundation are currently undergoing an operation to try and recover any more of the items included in these 'gift' boxes. It is unknown how many items were included or where they originated from.

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Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:29 pm
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Panikos wrote a review...

Hi 4revgreen! Happy Review Day!

I'm a huge fan of the SCP wiki so I was delighted to find this in the Green Room. For the most part, I think you do a pretty solid job of conveying the right atmosphere and tone of an SCP article, though there are a few areas that you could improve, particularly in the second half. I'm going to split this review in half, addressing the containment procedures and the description first, then the addendum. Here we go!

Containment Procedures and Item Description

The whole concept of this SCP is neat. I often think that the 'safe' SCPs make for the most interesting reads, because of how innocuous but oddly dangerous they can be. This little bar of soap definitely fits into this category nicely. A bar of soap that stops you from aging - simple concept, not trying too hard to be overly weird or edgy.

My only real critiques about the opening sections were issues with tone and specificity. The organisation of the containment procedures section felt a little clumsy in places. Let's take a look at it:

SCP-5001 poses no direct threat to anyone in its immediate vicinity unless it is handled without any protection and makes contact with the skin. Because of this, SCP-5001 is contained in a simple steel box with dimensions of 0.15m x 0.23m x 0.088 mm with a lock and padlock on the right hand side. To open the padlock, it has been found that any key can fit in the lock, despite the hole clearly being too small before the key is inserted. This box is the one in which it was found. Though it does not cause any direct harm to whomever it may come into contact with, it is required that at least one (1) Level 4 personnel should approve the removal or usage of SCP-5001. It is recommended that SCP-5001 never be used again for the extent of its full effects are still unknown.

The part in bold was the most confusing part of the section. I think you need to establish first that it is contained within the box it was initially found in, then establish the abnormalities of the box. I'll give you an example rewrite below:

SCP-5001 poses no direct threat unless it comes into direct contact with human skin. The item is contained in the receptacle it was initially found in: an unmarked steel box with dimensions of 0.15m x 0.23m x 0.088 mm. The receptacle is fitted with a padlock on the right hand side, which can be opened by seemingly any key, irrespective of its size and cut. SCP-5001 should not be removed from its receptacle without authorisation from at least one (1) Level 4 personnel, and should only be handled by persons in full protective clothing.

This is just an example, but I think you should dwell slightly less on the properties of the box and avoid providing too much information about the nature of the SCP. The containment procedures don't usually mention anything about what the object does.

There were also some moments in the description section which didn't feel...scientific enough, I suppose. I think you could make the passage more convincing by going into a little more detail at times. Here, for example:

The weight of the object does not decrease with use, and no matter what is done to the object it will always remain the same shape and weight. It will not melt or freeze under any temperature.

I'd like you to be a bit more specific regarding 'what is done to the object', because it sounds like you couldn't think of another example of how it might be used. Maybe you could say that SCP-5001 cannot be cut up, crushed, or damaged by any known tool or utensil. I also think that saying that it won't melt or freeze under any temperature is maybe a little too conclusive for a scientific report, especially as there is technically no upper limit on temperature, and simulating absolute zero is impossible. You could probably instead say that 'SCP-5001 has no known melting or freezing point'. That's a more accurate statement, as there's always the possibility that it melts at a temperature higher than they can expose it to.

You also mention 'emotional and mental age' at the end of the description section, which could be quantified slightly better. Perhaps you could say that the object doesn't appear to hinder cognitive development or emotional maturity, even though it preserves internal organs as they were at the first point of contact with SCP-5001.

Overall, though, these sections are pretty solid. I think you could just fine-tune the language slightly and be a bit more rigorous and specific.

Addendum #1

This section is the area that needs the most work, in my opinion. One minor point, but I think you overuse the [DATA REDACTED] phrase, especially as a lot of the redacted words are just names that probably could've been written around anyway. While it does make sense for addresses and locations to be removed, try to use the [DATA REDACTED] phrase in places where it actually aids the mystery of the report. I kind of felt like you were flinging them in there just to make it seem like an SCP article.

Moreover, I think the addendum is a little too long for its own good, particularly the auntie's diary entry. You can't scrap it entirely, because she has to be the one to deliver the revelation that the six-year-old girl has remained unchanged throughout all those years. However, I think you could strip it down considerably. Seeing as we already know what the soap does, we don't need to read another explanation about its functions from the auntie's perspective. It would probably be more effective if she didn't understand why her niece hadn't aged.

I do question whether a six-year-old would really keep the same bar of soap for twenty years. Something you don't clarify in your description of the object is exactly how often the soap has to be used in order to maintain the same age. If the girl had stopped using it, would she have started aging again? In that case, why wouldn't she do that? Who wants to be stuck as a six-year-old forever, especially when you feel far older?

On the whole, I think the history of the object just needs some work, because it seems a little convoluted so far. I like the idea of the years catching up to someone once another person touches the soap, and it's grim to think that they're often killed in that process. However, I'm not completely convinced by the backstory, because I can't believe that (a) a kid would keep the soap for so long and (b) would continue to use it if they knew what it did. I could probably believe that an adult would keep using the soap, because they'd have more of an incentive to want to stay young, but being permanently six would be such an inconvenience.

As a final critique, I'd recommend removing Addendum #2 , because I don't think it adds much. With SCP articles, less is more. Don't feel the need to spill the whole history of the soap and everything connected to it, because that takes away the surreal mystery of wondering exactly where the heck the object came from. It's also far more convincing, because it's not that likely that the Foundation would dedicate time and resources to chasing up the history of a safe object. The idea of wound-removing razor blades is an interesting one, but probably better left to a separate article. The focus should remain on SCP-5001.

That's all for this review! I feel like I've been pretty harsh, but rest assured that I absolutely loved reading this. SCP entries are so hard to get right, but I think this one is definitely on the right path. I'd just focus on simplifying the history of the object and leaving room for plausible gaps and uncertainties. I hope to see this up on the wiki someday!

Keep writing! :D



4revgreen says...

Thank you so much! The criticism is honestly so helpful, as this was the first SCP story I have written. I mainly just redacted the names and places because I hadn't come up with them yet but I will take your thoughts into consideration and probably edit this a lot before I ever submit it to the official website lol. Once again, thank you very much :-)

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Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:56 pm
MeherazulAzim16 wrote a review...

Hi Green!

If you don't mind, I'd like to point out some typos first and then dive into the work.

Though the exact date of its arrive in

London is unknown

I think you meant "date of its arrival." Also, I think you added the line break by accident.

Twenty years later in 1960, the mother's sister, [DATA REDACTED] tracked down the children The Salvation Army

Not sure how "The Salvation Army" fits in here. Did you mean to say "by the help of The Salvation Army?" I wonder if I'm missing something here.

She beckoned me into the kitchen were I immediately recognised..

Two typos here. They should be "where" and "recognized."

There is no record of such parcels ever been sent

"Ever being sent."

the injury disappeared a though I had shaved it off like hair

"As though."

Other than these, the writing feels pretty polished. I like how it's formatted.

(I'm not familiar with the SCP Foundation. But what I can gather from this report is that they are a fictional organization that investigate and journal the abnormal. I'm also guessing it's an online phenomenon where individuals can write their own SCP stories—the fan-fictions become canon and in fact, fan-fiction is the origin of the mythology of the SCP Foundation. If I got it right, then kudos to you for managing to convey it. Either way, let's get into it.)

The best thing I like about this work is the atmosphere it creates. It manages to contain the horror throughout. That's important. The formatting definitely helps with that -- makes it feel like a leaked report. The events feel very real—and what can be more unnerving than that in horror? I also like the way you narrated the journal entries. I'm glad SCP-5001 wasn't treated like just another McGuffin. You actually managed to make a bar of soap scary.

What I'm not quite sure about is what this work is meant to be. That may just be because I'm not familiar the concept of SCP. Should I expect a sequel? What about the other soap bars? Not that it doesn't stand on its own as a short story. In fact, it does what a short story is meant to do: leaving the reader with a lot of questions. I do think the characters could've been worked on a little better. With the direction you went, it makes sense to keep it mysterious but maybe the death would've been more impactful had the character been explored further (e.g. exploring her choice to keep using SCP-5001).

Also, when the police officer died of the same unidentified disease it sent chills down my spine. I have said this before but SCP-5001 IS scary.

That's the review. Hope it helps.



4revgreen says...

Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate you correcting all my typos! It really means a lot :-)
If I'm honest, I'm not too sure whether it would continue as a separate story or if I would just add it on as a part 2 but I will find out lol :-)

4revgreen says...

Oh, and I'm English so we spell it "Recognised" with an s :-)

Anytime and thanks for responding to the review!

Do lemme know though if you write a sequel or if you publish anymore SCP stories

*cries into coffee*
— LadyLizz