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Modern Dark Age: Where's the God?

by 343GuiltySpark

Where is your God-- 
The mighty good lord? 
Where's he? 
The world has fallen 
On its knees. 
Someone has stolen 
Humanity, help me please! 
Send 'im, 
Send the good lord. 
Evil is filled upto the brim. 
Show it to the good God. 
He's everywhere, 
But not here. 
When humanity needs him, 
When the future seems dim, 
He's not there-- 
He doesn't care-- 
Or probably he doesn't exist. 
From west to east 
Rule the beasts. 
The One who crafted the world with such brilliance, 
Couldn't he come to prove his existence?

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Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:04 pm
TiffanyToy wrote a review...

First off, Wow!

So, when you said 'filled upto the brim.' Did you mean up to with a space? If so, that's fine..just a minor mistake. Probably a typo.

I love the ending! It really ties the piece together and makes it all make sense. [Not that it wouldn't without the ending.] It's just that you chose a GREAT choice for the ending in the fact that you used a message. That's great and important! I'm glad you're such a great poem writer!

Nonetheless, the whole poem is short and sweet...I love it!! :)

Keep writing!!,

The most important thing is to preserve the world we live in. Unless people understand and learn about our world, habitats, and animals, they won't understand that if we don't protect those habitats, we'll eventually destroy ourselves.
— Jack Hanna