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Before the Dragon - Chapter 23 (LMS IV)

by ShadowVyper

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for violence and mature content.

Trigger warning for a rape scene. 

Jerica panted, still leaning over the puddle she’d created on the ground, sides heaving. She glanced up as she saw a rag dangling just in front of her face, then took it and wiped her mouth. She pushed herself to her feet and turned to face Aerik, hesitating as he offered her a canteen of water.


“Come now, Princess,” Aerik said as she took the canteen. “Nausea is hardly a unique side-effect of being transported. And your hesitation at the thought was a pretty easy give away.”

Jerica grunted, rinsing her mouth several times before she returned the canteen. Aerik fastened the canteen back on his belt and pulled a small chunk of bread out of a bag. He smirked as she eyed the bread hungrily. “Thought you might be hungry after that.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered, gratefully taking the bread. “Thank… you.”

“Manners are hard, eh?”

She frowned at him.

“Kidding. You’re welcome.”


He had a point. Manners were something that had been actively trained out of her. A general didn’t need to ask her subordinates to please obey her. A princess didn’t have to thank her servants. And she’d found that her equals were more likely to do what she wanted if she had the edge of intimidation on her side, which was lost if she padded her request with niceties.

“Where did you take us?”

“We are about a mile outside of Elmirana.” Aerik shrugged, gesturing for Jerica to come with him as he started walking. “I figured it would be good for both of us to have a minute to compose ourselves before we launch into the battle.”

Jerica nodded, taking a bite from the roll. “What’s the plan?”

“Kill as few men as possible and take prisoners.”

“That’s ironic,” Jerica muttered. “Are they coming back to the mountain with us as well?”

“No,” Aerik smirked. “You are the only prisoner I am taking. Kaidren will deliver the others to the main city for Derik to take care of.”


“That’s not any of your business.”

“Why are you helping Atraya by defeating the Nykerians now and taking prisoners, while helping Nykeras by keeping me out of the battle?”

“Again, squarely in the camp of none of your business.”

“It’s my business now that you’ve involved me.”

“And yet, here I am, not explaining myself to my prisoner.”

Jerica sighed, rolling her eyes as she continued to eat the bread, walking next to Aerik. “If my men are still alive, I can put them in charge of organizing the prisoners for transfer.”

“Excellent,” Aerik answered. “And if they’re not?”

“Well… I’ve got the intimidation of my public image on my side.”

“True enough,” Aerik agreed. “But you can’t take on entire squadron of soldiers by yourself.”


“No,” Aerik cut her off. “Even if you can, we are not taking that risk. We can begin working through the city from opposite ends.”

“Alright.” Jerica shrugged. “Meet in the middle and all that?”

“Yes,” Aerik agreed. “I will tell Kaidren to wait in the field off to the west of the city. If you can get the soldiers there, he can keep them subdued until we have time to come tie them up.”

“Alright.” Jerica finished off the bread and then drew her sword, swinging it several times through the air to loosen up her shoulder. She continued walking next to Aerik at a brisk pace, stretching her arms and chest and shoulders and back as they made their way to the city. Before long, it came into sight.

“I can start on this end,” Jerica said.

“Alright,” Aerik agreed. “I’ll circle around and start from the other end. Remember, the least amount of bloodshed possible.”

Jerica nodded, and veered away from Aerik to approach the small village at an angle. Her men were nowhere in sight. She grunted, trying to figure out where they were. If they weren’t watching the edge of the city, then surely their bodies should be there. And yet, the only corpses in sight were a few villagers. She could hear the clattering and shrieks that always accompanied military raids.

She cut into the barn to the right, slowly walking through it as she scanned for any enemy soldiers. The tools inside were jostled and tables were overturned, but there were no people. Jerica continued through the side-door and walked into a nearby house.

Her eyes flicked around the little one-room farmhouse quickly, focusing in on the two Nykerian soldiers who were jeering at a young woman and two small children who were huddled in the corner. Their house was just as disheveled as the barn had been, torn apart during the Nykerian pillaging.


Both soldiers whirled around at the sound of her voice.

“You’re supposed to be dead!”

“I don’t usually do what I’m supposed to,” she spat back.

“It’s a ghost.”

“You sure about that?” Jerica started towards them threateningly.

“No!” The soldier nearest her threw his sword to the ground. “I surrender!”

“Good idea,” she sneered, then strode forward, looking at the other soldier. “How about you?”

“I also surrender,” he said, nervously eying his friend.

Jerica looked back at the first soldier just as he made a lunge for his sword. She leapt towards him, slicing her blade straight through his throat even as he bent for his own weapon. He fell to the ground with a groan and a gurgle as blood splashed from the gash on his neck.

Jerica turned her sword back towards the other soldier. He threw his sword on the ground and raised his hands in the air. “Aye! I surrender! Really!”

“Then move,” she snarled, gesturing towards the door. She walked after him as he obeyed, moving towards the door. She walked him behind the barn, finding where Kaidren was waiting a few hundred meters across the field. She gestured towards him. “Go wait there.”

“The dragon is real?” the soldier gaped, suddenly snapping his attention back to Jerica as he realized what she’d ordered. “That’s suicide!”

“And you think staying here isn’t?” Jerica asked threateningly, raising an eyebrow.

The soldier hesitated a moment, then groaned and reluctantly started across the field towards Kaidren. Jerica turned back towards the city and began clearing each of the houses and businesses she came to, killing the soldiers who refused to cooperate, sending the cowards to the field to wait with the dragon.

Jerica’s head shot up as she heard a shriek coming from the bar just to her right. There were few things that could produce such an anguished cry as she’d just heard. She hurried inside, eyes scanning around the area. There were a handful of soldiers lounging around the barroom, some picking through the alcohol, others enjoying pints at the tables.

In the corner, almost out of sight, her eyes landed on a girl lying on the ground with a soldier on top of her, pants lowered. The girl screamed with each movement the solider made. Jerica’s blood ran cold as she realized what was happening.

“Sir!” The soldiers nearest the door leapt to their feet as they saw Jerica.

The soldier on top of the girl looked up.

“Eloonta!” Jerica bellowed, seething with an instant anger as she saw his face.

“Kill her!” Eloonta bellowed.

The soldier nearest her lunged forward. Jerica knocked his blade aside easily, and sank her own through his throat, still focused on Eloonta. She hadn’t thought it was possible to hate him any more than she already did for his treatment of her – and yet, as she looked at him now, she realized the hatred could get much deeper.

Jerica turned the next soldier to approach her, blocking his blade with her own and then throwing him into the table to the right. She sank the tip of her sword through the next soldier’s neck before he could even bring his attack down over her head, then she turned back the soldier as he was gathering himself up. She sliced next to his knee brace, making him cry out and sink to the ground. She drove her sword downwards past his collarbone.

She turned back towards the two remaining soldiers, leaping forward before the one closest to her decided which move he wanted to make. She grabbed his shoulder, blocking his sword, and sank her own blade into his side, where his breastplate met the plate on his back.

She blocked the sword of the final soldier as he brought an overhanded blow down over her head, then turned her sword to slice his throat as she brought her blade away. She turned her gaze back towards Eloonta as the soldier crumpled to the ground in front of her.

Eloonta had composed himself and was now on his feet, sword drawn. “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”

“Yes, you should have,” Jerica agreed, starting forward as her eyes flicked back towards the girl. “Now I’m going to settle her score with you as well as my own.”

“Oh, I’ll finish with her in a second,” Eloonta sneered, gesturing lazily at the terrified girl on the ground who was scuttling backward into the corner. “I’m just going to make sure you’re actually dead this time, first.”

Jerica didn’t bother to respond. Rather, she swiftly crossed the distance that separated them, and took a swing at Eloonta’s head. He blocked her attack, stumbling backward under the intensity of the blow. He returned with a thrust towards her abdomen.

Jerica dodged to the side, grabbing the wrist of his sword arm and yanking him forward. She brought her sword down towards his shoulder. He turned at the last moment, throwing his own sword between hers and his flesh.

She blocked as he made a pass towards her chest, punching him in the face as he allowed his sword to pull him off balance. He stumbled backward. She attacked with a combination attack – first a blow towards his side, another towards his shoulders, a third towards his knees. Her final strike locked with his and yanked his sword from his hands.

“Don’t!” Eloonta shouted, throwing his hands up as he saw his case was hopeless.

Without hesitation, Jerica meted out the death blow, blade slicing most of the way through his neck as she spun around in a circle. She watched as his body crumpled to the ground in front of her, panting for a moment as her brain processed that he was finally dead.

Take that Noot-Noot man, she thought, suddenly finding her brain incapable of maturity as she faced the corpse of a man that she hated with every fiber of her being. She wasn’t sure if it would even be more gratifying if this was Lesaf instead of the arrogant young officer. This kill was one of the few she doubted she would regret.

Her eyes flicked towards the girl as she whimpered.

Jerica took a step towards her. The girl whimpered again, sliding even further away from her, eyes wide with fear and panic. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Jerica said, laying her sword on the ground and raising her hands in front of her chest to prove they were empty as she knelt next to the girl.

“But… we still can’t pay,” the girl sniffled, tears streaming freely down her face as she attempted to cross her arms in front of her chest. Her dress was ripped, revealing a large section of her chest. The floor was marred with her blood from Eloonta’s abuse.

“What are you talking about?” Jerica asked gently, unbuttoning her own shirt.

“The king withdrew the soldiers here to protect us because we couldn’t pay the extra tax,” she said hurriedly, stumbling over her words. “We still can’t pay. Please.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Jerica repeated, even more anger bubbling up inside her. She would need to have a talk with the war council, if she ever got back to Atraya, about leaving their own villages unprotected amid a war. For now, she focused on making her voice gentle. “My uncle didn’t send me. I am here to be sure the Nykerians don’t hurt you anymore.”

The girl sniffled, nodding.

“Here, put this on.” Jerica shrugged off her shirt and held it out to the girl. “There are a bunch of men around. You shouldn’t be exposed.”

“But… then you’ll be…” the girl trailed off, gesturing at Jerica’s bared shoulders. Her undershirt was thin and revealing, but it was adequate for the remainder of the day.

“They won’t dare lay a hand on me,” Jerica assured her, urging her to take the shirt. She carefully helped the girl into it, brushing the arm as she noticed the blood that had soaked through the right sleeve. She offered an apologetic smile. “It’s better than nothing?”

Suddenly the girl threw herself forward and wrapped Jerica in a tight hug. Jerica froze as the girl clung to her, unsure of how to respond to the sudden outburst of emotion. Few people had the courage to lay a hand on the King’s Assassin, and Jerica certainly hadn’t been expecting a hug after the girl watched her kill so many Nykerian soldiers mere moments before.

Finally, Jerica wrapped her arms around the girl, returning the embrace. She looked up, surveying the room as the girl snuggled into her chest, and started as she noticed Aerik standing in the doorway. He surveyed the carnage left in Jerica’s wake, then locked his eyes on her, lifting his eyebrows inquisitively. “Was all this really necessary?”

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:04 pm
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JabberHut wrote a review...

YAY! Gosh, I don't know if I've mentioned this [enough], but I just love that you referred to her weak stomach again during transportation. It makes me so happy.

I don't think Aerik needs to explain that he has food and water because of her weak stomach. Well, maybe the food. But having a rag and water seems rather normal to me for a soldier of any kind to have.

Actually, she must not have had much in her stomach if she skipped breakfast. Did she just throw up stomach acid and water? XD (This doesn't need to be answered btw, just wondering out loud.)

I like this idea that she doesn't use manners because of her position in the military or on the court. However, it's chapter 23 now, so I would feel like we've have known this bit of information by now. Just another reason why maybe starting the story a bit earlier would provide context into the kind of person she is before being kidnapped and such, to better relate to her journey through the novel.

Bahahahaha Aerik's stubbornness to not share this important bit of info. His snark here is just admirable. I love it. "Squarely in the camp of none of your business." XD

JERICA. JERICA WAIT. Aerik would see right through this, Jerica. ;_; he's not gonna let you just start commanding your soldiers. ATRAYA WOULD KNOW YOU'RE ALIVE. AERIK WON'T LET YOU.

Oh, there, see? He found a way to say no. Can't take a squadron by yourself.


omg the Nykerians literally just bowed to her presence. I don't think I saw that even in the battle in chapter 1. And during her imprisonment, the Nykerians were brave enough to talk smack at her and stuff, so I expected at least SOME fight. That was unexpected.

OH OKAY. At least he made a lunge for her. What a bad plan though omg. He's so foolish.

bahahahaha, it's only the first soldier, and she's already had to kill him. XD

Huh. He's just gonna walk to the dragon and that's it? He's not gonna try to run? Also, does no one know about the dragon just sitting there in plain sight? I would figure some newfound shrieks and shouts about "DRAGOOOON!" would be sounding at his appearance.

Omg that whole bar scene was just the best.

It was so satisfying in every way. Jerica fueled by Eloonta's actions, taking out the entire squadron with ease, bloodlust in her eyes, all reason escaping her and driven simply by her own morals. It was so beautifully done. And she won. This was the most warriory princessy thing she's done all novel. It actually fit everything she is about, everything this character is meant to become. I dare to say, without knowing the ending, that this is a foreshadowing to what's in store for her later. It's a sweet taste of victory for the character we expect to see by the end of her journey through the novel.

Why would the girl think Jerica's going to hurt her? Jerica literally just killed the man that WAS hurting her.

Wait why is this the right time to apologize for not paying tax. Her mind should be elsewhere here. She was literally just raped. Tax is the last thing on her mind right now. Jerica should probably be getting this info from someone else.

The king withdrew the soldiers because they couldn't pay the extra tax to keep them there. This king... is mad ?? Like.. to put an extra tax on national security?! I'm starting to think I was right, and the king just had no use for this village. He used some sort of tax as an excuse to pull his troops out and just allowed the Nykerians to take the land. And this just gives more reason for these villagers to hate the king. It IS cool that we can confirm the villagers hate the king. Why wouldn't they if the king's taxing them unfairly?

Like... what is Levin's goal in this whole war? I just don't get it. I thought... this war was started over a refusal for an arranged marriage. So logically, the king would want to defend his people from the Nykerians. He'd want to put as much distance as possible between him/his palace and the Nykerians, right? But then, Levin might have other plans? Maybe he has other motives that we don't know yet? Man, I forgot the details of how this war started and why it's ongoing as it is.

Okay, it was in Chapter 4. So Femola of the Nykerians attempted an arranged marriage with an Algnesian (renamed to something else, right?) girl. Then they insisted on a marriage with one of Jerica's cousins of Atraya (right?), which was also refused. Nykerians got mad for being refused AGAIN and waged war on Atraya. Or perhaps waged war on BOTH countries? Though they wouldn't go that far unless they believed they had the military and economic advantage 'cause that's a lot of enemies to make overnight.

Whatever the case, the explanation of the war doesn't say if Levin refused the Nykerians, though I'm going to assume he did. If Levin refused the Nykerians, and the Nykerians declared war as a result of it, Levin... would want to defend his country to some extent. Even if it were of selfish means, he'd want to keep as much distance between him and the Nykerians. Now maybe he pulled out his troops from the village for a greater battle later, and the villagers don't know about that? And Levin doesn't care for the village anyway, so he's like okay whatever good luck im a survivaaahh

Then again, I don't know if Levin is very military to begin with, so maybe he's not thinking about that at all and really is just a greedy fool looking for money to fund his next banquet despite the Nykerians on his doorstep. Perhaps military leaders of Atraya are angry with the king as much as Jerica is and have no power to do their jobs as national security when the king is selfishly overriding their oaths to protect the nation. Meanwhile, the king is trying to ignore the Nykerian situation with parties and frivolous spending.

I guess I just don't know Levin well enough to be able to deduce what is going on. I only know he abused Jerica, had no care for her but allowed her to be experimented on for military purposes against the Nykerians... Wait, okay, so he is thinking about the defense against Nykerians. So then... perhaps he's using those troops he pulled out of the village for the greater battle and is willing to give up a useless village for it. Maybe this will be the first batch of super soldiers since Jerica. That would be an interesting twist!

Okay, I just realized I babbled an awful lot trying to figure out Levin's plans. XD I'm sure I'll find out more later.

I like how this ends with Aerik walking in and being all "really? really princess?" Though didn't he start at the other side of town? He had to walk all the way around and start opposite Jerica. Maybe this village is smaller than I thought, but I feel like there'd be more time before they met up. Then again, Aerik probably heard the commotion and is like GOD CAN'T SHE JUST LISTEN THIS ONE TIME and rushed over to see what's going on.

Oh, there was a passage of time, but it was so brief, I had forgotten about it for a split second.

I would love to have felt a little more emotion toward Eloonta. We can see Jerica being angry, but we didn't really get to dwell on that emotion too much. It just kinda swept right into the fighting sequence. He totally deserved his end, though. Again, I just loved the bloodlust we saw out of Jerica.

Her attention to the girl was adorable and yet very odd for someone who is unfamiliar with that kind of attention. I figured she'd be a little more awkward, and she wouldn't really dwell on it much either. If anything, she'd just awkwardly ask if she's okay (KINDA WEIRD AFTER RAPE XD BUT I DIGRESS, AWKWARD), maybe toss her shirt randomly without question and say "put this on" and just run off without striking a conversation. Jerica seems like she just doesn't have the social skills to show a nurturing side or care for others' wellbeing. (We only ever see her talk smack.) Though like I said before, this woman was just raped and probably wouldn't be in the mood to explain the tax thing. Someone else would mention it. This girl plays enough of a role in Jerica's development as we watch her turn into a glimpse of the hero we've wanted to see out of her and hope she turns into by the end of the novel.

This was such a good chapter with so much to it. I really just enjoyed a lot about this, and it got me thinking real hard about this plot and where things are headed!

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Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:05 am
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Omnom wrote a review...

Hey Shady! So, like you said I totally don’t have time to read all of the chapters before this and review them (yet) so thank you kindly for that summary. Speaking of, let’s talk about that summary a bit before we jump into this chapter because SHE HAS TO GO BEFORE A DRAGON WHICH IS THE STORY TITLE HAHA also I agree that Atraya/Atraia is a better name than Atra. I also think that the other country’s name is a little wonky XD (wasn’t it, like, Nyap? Sounds like a sassy country way of saying nap XDDD) okay okay I’m done, time to get into this chapter.

Okay, so you said that Jerica had thrown up at the end of last scene, which is totally cool and everything. But, my only nitpick is how you describe it XD you say she’s leaning over a puddle she’s created, and I’m over here thinking, like, if you had just thrown up, there’d be so many better ways to describe a pool of vomit. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I just threw up yesterday lol, but I could have a lot more visceral reactions to the pile of vomit that was in front of me instead of just saying it’s a puddle.

Okay, so I know I have just thrown my self into this 20 chapters in, but I’m a bit confused as to the personalities of Aerik and Jerica. They seem similar at the moment. Minor, and it’ll probably change haha. But, I do like the line of Aerik not explaining himself to his prisoner. Sassy gold.

Oof, okay, so I’m not as much a fan of Jerica’s sassy talk to get the soldiers’ attention. Like, I totally get that she’s trying to get their attention and everything, but it’s just awkward to read because of cringey the comebacks are. Like the whole “my ghost blade feels in your stomach” is just soooo cringey to read.

So, this is supposed to be a stealthy mission, right? But, wouldn’t at least some of the soldiers realize that there’s a dragon there? I’m not sure how big dragons are in your world, but even then they’d probably be recognizable, right?

Also, you write action well, but either Jerica is super fast or this action is filled with a lot of soldiers who wait around for Jerica to stab them before they do anything. If you look at all of these fighting scenes after Jerica cuts off their “fun”, only a couple of the soldiers has enough time to react to her entrance with much more than a gasp before she kills them. She offs a total of four soldiers with only so much as needing to block two of their attacks, both once with each of them. Sure, she’s good, and hatred is a big motivator, and a lot of other factors, BUT it’s still a bit unbelievable. Also, remember when I asked if this was a sneaky mission? Because it sure doesn’t sound like it, from how loud Jerica has been from the get-go XD also, she’s super bad at not killing if she can help it. Like, from the get go she has completely failed at any notes Aerik gave before they started this mission.

Maybe I’m a bit sadistic, but I would have like to see Jerica cut off something in Eloonta’s cough groin area cough for what he did in this chapter. Fair’s fair, right?

I agree with Aerik at the end of the chapter XD THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A STEALTH MISSION JERICA I guess you missed the memo. Overall I did like this chapter! And it makes me interested to read more of this story in general. I will say that some of the dialogue here is hard to read, mainly during the fight scenes, which is a shame because the beginning dialogue with Aerik was pretty good. Just from this chapter, I’m having a hard time grasping the personalities of these characters, which doesn’t say much but there are certain characters that can have instant personalities on every single page they’re in. But, this has piqued my interest XD so I guess I have another LMS novel to read… THANKS SHADY

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Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:56 pm
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mellifera wrote a review...

Shady! I think we've established the drill xD

hesitating as he offered her a canteen of water.

“To rinse your mouth.”


“Come now, Princess,” Aerik said as she took the canteen. “Nausea is hardly a unique side-effect of being transported. And your hesitation at the thought was a pretty easy give away.” wasn't just because he needed water to drink like a normal person? I wouldn't question a canteen of water. (unless you mean the rag in which case do ignore me haha)

A general didn’t need to ask her subordinates to please obey her.

I'm sorry but this line is really funny to me.

Okay, I haven't been too pester-y about this recently just because it was in an environment the characters had already been in for a while, but now that they're in a new place, I'd love some description of the area because I got nothing right now.

“You are the only prisoner I am taking. Kaidren will deliver the others to the main city for Derik to take care of.”

Does? Derik? know? about? Kaidren? o:

What is Aerik up to this is driving me nuts already. I mean, he seemed so reclusive before and now all this is making my Suspicious Senses tingle. Now I'm more curious about Aerik, which I haven't been too much yet. What is his goal?? his agenda??

"And yet, here I am, not explaining myself to my prisoner."

I'm just going to keep pulling lines like this that I love when they're bantering like this.

“If my men are still alive, I can put them in charge of organizing the prisoners for transfer.”

And it's not going to be suspicious at all that you just appear and give them orders? Surely word has gotten around she's been captured? (Although it,, has only been a week,,,) I'm assuming she's not considering the fact she could give them orders and then Aerik would whisk her back to the mountain and the fact she just disappears again after that wouldn't be suspicious because I assume she believes she's not going back?

Okay bear with me this might be a strange thought but I'm kinda wondering if Jerica was meant to end up with Aerik? And I don't mean in the plot sense, I mean like,, Aerik seems pretty familiar with Derik (he's the good uncle, yes?) and how everything works at the castle so... I'm probably just speculating though.

"You're supposed to be dead!"

"I don't usually do what I'm supposed to,"

YES JERICA haha this is great. also "it's a ghost" that's gold.

I'm really happy we're finally getting some action and we get to really see Jerica on the winning side this time! It's incredibly satisfying after she's lost so many times.

"That's suicide!" the solider protested.

(soldier*) Is he not at all surprised that that's a dragon over there? I thought dragons were sort of on the edge about whether people believed they were real or not.

THE NOOT NOOT MAN IS BACK >:( and this time she can fight him in a more even fight YES.
(who shouts "Kill her!" though? I mean, I assume it's Eloonta, but I think it could have been specified)

Eloonta had composed himself and was now on his feet, sword drawn. "I should have killed you when I had the chance."

I bet he's going to wish he had in a few seconds here.

“Don’t!” Eloonta shouted, throwing his hands up as he saw his case was hopeless.

Oh and after all you put her through, you think she's going to listen?

Take that Noot-Noot man,

OH MY GOD SHADY <333333 brb dying

I mean, not to promote violence or killing or anything, but that scene was really satisfying after the whole ordeal in the beginning.

"The king withdrew the soldiers here to protect us because we couldn't pay the extra tax,"

I'm not suggesting how they do it, but they definitely need a new king.

Aerik at the end xD

Okay so I'm completely contradicting myself from earlier about how I liked seeing Jerica's more ruthless side, but I also like seeing this soft side of her that wants to help and protect even despite all she's been trained and gone through that would suggest the contrary. I mean, we did get to see that ruthless side (and like I said, not condoning killing and violence but that was pretty satisfying) with Eloonta, but then we get to see the gentler side of Jerica. Is this something she would do if she was off on a mission somewhere? I mean, I assume she wouldn't do this if her uncles were around, but are there any contradicting rumours about the King's Assassin? Because, y'know, different opinions/experiences with stuff and all that. So far, everyone has had a pretty one track view of Jerica.

I'll just quickly make the comment about the description again because there's almost none of it in the beginning and (understandably) during all the fight sequences (and I'm not suggesting there should be any there because Fight is Happening, but then I'd like to see it before hand, y'know?).

Otherwise! That's all I have for you for now. Yay!! Finally caught up <33 Gosh these last four chapters have been super good. I think I'm standing by 22 as my favourite, but I still think the past several have been stronger. I can't wait for this to come back to find out what happens! :D


Half the work that is done in this world is to make things appear what they are not.
— Elias Root Beadle