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A typical Apocalypse

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Mon Jul 17, 2023 4:45 am
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Spearmint says...


It's a typical alien-invasion apocalyptic scenario. Stormy portals have opened in the skies of Earth, spitting out otherworldly beings and monsters. These alien creatures are running amok through city streets, terrorizing humans and unleashing devastating powers. Governments are in disarray, daily life has become something from a distant daydream, and it is clear that nothing will be the same.
Most people are in a panic. But there are rumors of a special international taskforce being assembled to deal with this unprecedented threat. They will be called UHE - United Humans of Earth.

The only problem is... you are not a human.

Let's try this again.
It is not a typical apocalyptic scenario. Stormy portals have opened across the lands of your world, Umaria, absorbing regular people and animals and spitting them out on an alien planet. Confronted by this strange place, people and animals alike are wreaking havoc on the other world. Back home, everything is in chaos, with leaders attempting to figure out why portals are appearing and how to return things to normal.
Most people are in a panic. But you are a part of the EHU - Extra Helpful Unit. Not much is known about you, except that you work for the government on matters on the scale of planets. Perhaps you and your crew will be the ones to fix the apocalypse...

@Spearmint - Kylana Trin
@WeepingWisteria -
@foxmaster -
@LadyMysterio - Vallah Munroe
@LuminescentAnt - Byrin Rill
@winterwolf0100 -


Magic and sci-fi technology are both allowed! I haven't done much worldbuilding yet, but Umaria is definitely more advanced than Earth. So feel free to give your character powers and cool tech, though nothing OP (overpowered), please (i.e., they should have some weaknesses along with strengths). <3 Abilities can go in the "Other" section of the character profile.
As for age, give an approximation in Earth years. Your character should preferably be 18 or older, as they do have a job for the government! PM me if you have an idea for an exception, though. =P

Character profile template:

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