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Runaway Time Machine

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:55 am
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Chaser says...

Runaway Time Machine

In the year 20XX, Professor Telamon Cross has invented time travel. Well, not exactly. His machine, Heavy Moment, generates enough stable gravity to bend space-time and pull artifacts from the past, which Cross uses to teach. The machine is his pride and joy, and his best-kept secret.

But Heavy Moment is growing stronger. When Professor Cross accidentally leaves it on, he returns to find his laboratory full of his favorite historical figures! But it's not quite so innocent as that.

See, Heavy Moment works by creating temporal "mass", and the mass it creates has been starting to put a strain on time, like stretching a rubber band. Heavy Moment is about to disappear from Cross's laboratory, hurtling back in time like a wrecking ball to shatter the very moment time began.

This is where you come in. You are a historical figure, in some manner of speaking. And whether the accounts of your life are true or not, you possess the skills needed to chase down Heavy Moment through the past and stop it from destroying time itself. But time has been pretty crazy lately.

The Mongols fight cowboys! Napoleon dunks on the Chicago Bulls! Edgar Allen Poe makes true friends! Anything is possible when you're messing with time.

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The hardest part of writing science fiction is knowing actual science. The same applies for me and realistic fiction.

You cannot understand and disagree.
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