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I'm that one guy who always cackles maniacally at the wrong things.

About Chaser (Micah K.)

[Once upon a time, I was plopped to Earth. Fast forward a few embarrassing and/or cute years, and you'll find me at age 11. Heart completely broken(how it actually happened is really lame). Anyway, I got into writing to "express myself." Now I just use it to escape the idiocy of reality. So...yeah. Hi. I'm Chaser.]

The above text was written when I was 14. Not to say I'm any more mature at this point, but it's helpful to know. The only difference, I'd say, is that I'm published now.


[Writing, video games, anime, acting. I disregard everything else.] I like fighting games and cooking and any games of throwing things at other things.


[I'm a student. That's it.] I work as a tour guide at a college.


Go in fear of abstractions.
— Ezra Pound