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Sunshower Over Hogsmeade

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Mon Jun 15, 2020 3:12 am
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SirenCymbaline says...

It’s spring, 2005. The Battle of Hogwarts was seven years ago. The world has been saved, and the community is rebuilding. Hogsmeade is bustling once again, and this time, you’re not a visiting student, you’re a part of it. Exams and Death Eaters are problems of the past. Now, you have bills.

On top of this, thanks to the fact that the entire UK has one magic school, everyone roughly in your generation sort of knows you, and might remember your embarrassing teenage phases. Now’s a great time to get to know people who were in the other houses.

How has this world grown, after the evil of the century was destroyed, and the corruptions of the old wizarding government laid bare? That’s up to you.


This is a Harry Potter SB with a focus on adult characters and the slice of life genre, the tone is the cosy day-to-day life parts of Harry Potter with a touch of Ghibli.
Your character can work any sort of job in any canon or original shop or establishment. They can work at the Hog’s Head, a wacky hotel you made up, a magical vet clinic, whatever suits your character.

Please hop into the DT for info and plotting! I’d like to start off with a few links between characters so its easier to get them all talking to each other early on. It’s not necessary but it’d be cool if some of them shared workplaces.

Character sheet-

Code: Select all
[b]Age:[/b] Early to mid 20s or up, please.
[b]Sexuality/up for love:[/b]
[b]Hogwarts house:[/b]


[b][i] - Strengths:[/i][/b]
[b][i] - Weaknesses:[/i][/b]

[b]History:[/b] Was your character at the Battle of Hogwarts? Did they go back to finish school afterward? What did they do next?

[b]Where are they found?:[/b]tell us their workplace and/or favourite hangouts

[b]Magical Specialty:[/b]


1-TheMultiColouredCyr- Nes Lu Loset

2-SirenCymbaline- Robert Griffiths

3-ScarlettFire - Aristaeus Devereux

4-EditorAndPerks - Hablex Yurav

6-JustJasper - Rain Quint

6-winterwolf0100 - Abela Jordan

7-AstralHunter - Raphael Todd-Lockwood

8-Carina - Emmaline Longiflorum

9- Nike - Godric Percival Rolland Lovegood
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Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:21 am
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SirenCymbaline says...

Robert Griffiths

Pale yellow light had barely peeked its head over the cold, unholy spring morning when Robert unlocked the door of Dogweed and Deathcap. It wouldn’t be opening time for hours and hours. Typically he showed up only as early as was required, but today, the choice was not his. Today he had been possessed by the vengeful spirit of spring cleaning.

Robert had woken up, and without even seeing it, felt a sudden jolt of productive hatred at the thought of all the outdated catalogs and records of orders stuffing the nooks and crannies to suffocation, uselessly clogging up the back room as though they had a right to continue existing in this world (even though he had willfully ignored them for years up to this point.) No more. It was time for them to meet their end.

He hung up his scarf, threw on a mixtape, and let loose.

Spoiler! :
phpBB [media]

...Alright, so the back room wasn’t quite as abandoned as Robert remembered it being.
Abela had recently pushed back the worst offenders among the clutter, leaving the stragglers to flee into the deeper recesses of storage. They would not escape his discerning eye.

Instead, they ended up in sorting piles on the floor. Temporarily.

Robert's productive spirit had left his body at this point. When he heard Abela calling him from out front a few hours later, he was only grateful for the save.

“Ughhh. Rob, the thing,” Abela called from out front.

Robert jumped out and closed the Staff Only door behind him.

“Hi Abela, what’s up?” he said, with the nonchalance of someone who did not care if Abela were to see behind that door.

Thankfully, Abela was too incensed to pick up on anything. She was covered in various pollens of violent vibrancy, and sneezing with equal violence.

“The stupid- HECHOO!...f*ck... Heffytreckles, sprayed pollen all over the damn place, I just breathed vaguely near it, but it- HECHOO...f*ck! and it got all over the- it got the ‘effin Treppernacker sapling all worked up, and now it’s spraying… something… how do I make the bastard stop?”

Robert adjusted his glasses pompously.

“Oh yes, the Heffinitis Trekaleneceres typically blooms in early spring, and the Treperinafericus, a distant cross-species cousin, becomes confused by the genetic similarity, and-”

“I don’t care why,” interrupted Abela, “Just tell me how to make the bloody thing stop.”

Robert took the hint, in theory, but showed no sign of internalisation.

“Move them, for starters. But we have to keep the Heffytreckle away from the Leaping Toadstools, as well, or-” Robert stopped, and frowned. He noticed the trickle of snot that trailed from Abela’s nose. More importantly, he noticed there were seeds in it.

“Actually, I’ll take care of it.” Robert rushed. “You go take some pyrethrum quickly, before you start blooming.” He opened the Staff Only door behind him, and pushed her in, her curls bouncing furiously behind her.

“Blooming- If I start blooming I’m flushing that feckin’ plant down the- hey, did you mess up the- HECHOO!”

Robert closed the door. She knew where the pyrethrum was. She’d be fine.
Spoiler! :
phpBB [media]

“Do you have any Lethean Waterlilies?” asked the first customer of the day. A middle aged witch, vaguely visible under a hat, thick glasses, and a thicker pile of scarves.

Robert adjusted his glasses as though had been waiting all week for somebody to ask him that question. Not because he had, of course.

“I'd love to stock them, but they've been hard to find since they were banned in the 1870s when it was discovered that the extracts-”

“Oh yes, I know.” said the witch. “The extract can cause long-term memory loss.”

“It gets better.” said Robert, cheerfully. “A poisoned victim not only loses their own memories, but their touch has a similar affect on those around them, for so long as it remains in their bloodstream. It caused a catastrophic incident in national security when-”

"Shut up, recommend her something else," Abela droned from the counter, not looking up from the labels she was cutting.

“But we do have Mnemosyne Waterlilies," said Robert, returning to Earth. "Similarly beautiful, but, you know, legal.”

(Technically, Lethean Waterlilies were also legal, as the ban had expired several governments ago and never been revisited, but he spared her this fact as well.)

“The yellow sheen is pretty,” admitted the witch. “...But is the Lethean Waterlily really still illegal, three centuries later?”

Robert’s eyes sparkled. His voice remained casually professional.

“The ban expired several governments ago and the matter was never revisited, so as long as you don’t take it back in time anywhere, and don’t start any petitions to get it banned again, you could get away with it. Not that we at Dogwood and Deathcap promote loopholes or the usage of plants for evil purposes.

But we don’t have it here, so how do you like that Mnemosyne?”

The witch looked again at the waterlily. The gold lustre reflected loftily in the thick lenses of her horn-rimmed glasses.

“I’ll take it.” she said. “Maybe I can cross-breed from it…”

“I wouldn't recommend that,” said Robert cheerfully, “Enjoy!”

Then he got to go over all the needy specificities of this fastidiously fussy specimen, and that alone had a good chance at being the highlight of his day. Until Nes showed up later.

Robert liked Nes. Nes had questions.


Alas, they made it only maybe half an hour into the 'how's your family' and 'wait I think I was supposed to ask you something' Classic Detective Nes Routine before Abela stormed out of the Staff Only door.

She stomped up to Robert, stopped, relaxed only for a brief "Hey how are ya" to Nes, and then hissed "Wehaveaf*ckingsituationintheback," in Robert's ear.

"What," he said blankly.

"There's a Venemous Tentacula in the wall behind the goddamn rubbish piles you left on the floor." Abela punctuated furiously.

"Oh." said Robert. "Haha. Okay. I'll deal with it. Hang on. Yeah, I'll deal with it, you take care of the shop." He looked back to Nes.

"Hey, sorry I couldn't help, but we'll see if I remember something later- what was your question again-?"

"Move." Abela shoved him in the direction of the Staff Only door.

"Yep. Going." said Robert.

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Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:42 pm
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ScarlettFire says...

Aristaeus Devereux

There was just so much clutter in his storeroom. It really needed to be sorted through, which was how Ari had ended up elbow-deep in boxes of junk and whatnot in his home's attic, where most of his junk was stored. Including overflow from the clinic, which was all sorts of expired. Hence the cleaning out.

He was just about to pull out yet another box to join his growing collection when he felt his wards flare and there was a whoosh and a thumping noise downstairs. Ari's head jerked up, right into the slanted wooden beam of his attic. He muttered a curse and shuffled towards the ladder that led downstairs, rubbing his aching head. That had hurt, and whoever it was that had decided to drop in on him via floo unannounced was going to get a scolding.

But Merlin, he missed his friends and his missed school. You know, before it all went Dark Lord and whatnot. And damnit, he missed Robert. What was his best friend doing lately? He should probably stop by and check... He sighed and finally made it downstairs to his sitting room only to stop short. Ari was not expecting his sister to be standing in his sitting room by the fireplace with two full bags and muggle mobilephone. Nor was he expecting her to show up in his home, seven months pregnant.

What. The. Hell.

"Sammy?" he asked, confused and wary. She glanced up and smiled. "Sammy, what're you doing here? that...?"

"Oh, hi, Ari!" She cleared her throat and tucked the phone away into one of the many pockets in her dress. "Uh...sorry to drop in unannounced--"

He just sighed and cut her off. "What did you do this time?"?"

Oh, you mean this?" she asked and patted her belly. "Or this?" And she pulled the phone out of her pocket again, waggling it about. "Or that I'm here, in your house?"

Ari spluttered for a moment, eyes widening. "A-all three?"

Samy quirked a grin at him. "Well, then, that's a long story..."

He stood frozen as she strode over to him and pulled him into a quick hug, still muttering away in his ear, but he was having trouble focusing. His breathing was picking up and he was struggling to focus past the sudden roaring in his ears. Shit, he was having a panic attack! Ugh, why did it have to be now? Of all times? When he finally saw his sister again after her trial?!

Finally, she pulled away and frowned at him. "Oh, shit, sorry!"

Sam guided him into the nearest seat and had him lean forward to put his head between his knees. Merlin's beard, he was a mess! It must have something to do with her damned Death Eater tattoo. It was magical, sure, but still a tattoo and he knew she'd been living in the muggle world for a while...

"Easy, bro, easy," Same murmured, crouching in front of him, one hand resting on his shoulder. "Just slow, deep breaths... Yeah, like that."

She guided him through some breathing exercises and though it took a few minutes, he was finally calm enough to have a proper conversation with her. He did have to wonder why she was there, and why she came to him if she'd been so content in the muggle world. He squinted at her as she straightened up with a soft oof, one hand on her lower back.

"Did you...floo here?" he asked, frowning at her. "At...wait, how far along are you?"

"Seven months," she said, grinning. "And yes."

"You should not be travelling like that!" he exclaimed, concerned and surprised. "Not that far along! Are you insane?"

"No!" Sam pouted and walked off a few paces, sighing. She crossed her arms defensively and glanced back at him. "It's not like I had a choice, Ari. I had no where else to go."

He sent her a disapproving look and leaned back in his seat, rubbing a hand over his face. Merlin, he didn't have a room ready! And he certainly didn't have enough food in the kitchen and he refused to hire a house elf. He'd grown up with one and it had been a sour-faced little thing that kept putting needles in his bed. He'd never figured out why, but he'd certainly not appreciated that. Besides, wizards and witches relied far too heavily on magic and magical creatures. Sometimes, one had to do things for himself--which is why he'd taught himself how to cook. Sort of. Either way, he didn't have enough for himself, let alone three!

"I have to go out," he muttered, more to himself than to his sister.


Ari heaved a sigh and looked up. "I need to go shopping," he explained and pushed himself onto his feet. "My pantry's a little bare at the moment... Is there anything in particular you'd like?"

"Oh, uh...pickles? And gravy?" She flushed, ducking her head in apparent embarassment. "And cream cheese?"

He blinked at her, sighed deeply and then went to find his wallet. "Alright, then."

~ ~ ~

The main street of Hogsmeade was surprisingly quiet as Ari wandered down it, lost in thought. He really ought to catch up with Robert at some point and have drinks or something. Anything as an excuse to be near him. Ari sighed and turned a corner, colliding with someone and stumbling into the wall.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"Ow-I mean, pfft, don't worry about it." came the friendly, laidback voice. A too-familiar voice.

It was Robert, customarily unflappable, but peppered with plasters across his wrists, neck, and face. More plasters were implied underneath his coat sleeves. If anything, his calmness was making it look more obvious.

He flashed a smile, and pulled Ari into a quick hug. "Ari, it's been forever, how're you doing?"

Ari blinked, automatically hugging back. "Rob... I, uh... I'm good, I think?"

Shit. Shit. That was not someone he wanted to see directly after a panic attack and he was decidedly not good. He just hoped that Robert didn't pick up on it. Ari grimaced and then pulled back, making a disgruntled face.

"I have an unannounced visitor," he hedged, glancing around. There was hardly anyone else on the street, so he cleared his throat. "Decided to do some shopping. You?"

Robert frowned for a moment. Like he felt Ari's unease. Mercifully, he must have decided that addressing it wasn't the best way to help him at the moment, because he just smiled again, and said, "Ha, I'm just picking up a couple things on the way home. No rush. But who is it? Who would drop in on you like that, and get away with it?"

Then he spared Ari a vexingly knowing eyebrow tilt, but alas, it was still there in his voice.

Ari swallowed and glanced away. "It'smysister," he said all in a rush. Gods, why did Rob always have this effect on him? He couldn't keep his mouth shut around this man if he wanted to. Well, about everything but his feelings for Rob... "She showed up, and just. I don't know, Robbie, I don't know."

Despite having possibly guessed correctly, Robbie was surprised by the confirmation nonetheless. Did I call him that out loud? Whatever, he'll forget anyway! Hopefully... Maybe... Ari tried to stall the spiralling thoughts and focused on his best friend again.

Robbie replied, "Christ, I haven't seen Sammy since--a while...have you?" He was definitely surprised. He was usually better at saves than this.

"Graduation? The trial?" Ari suggested, frowning. "I forget which one you attended last... But yeah, she's here... And she's pregnant." He makes a face and shifts uncomfortably. "I don't know when or who...but I think she might've shacked up with a muggle? She has a muggle cell phone, Robert. A cell phone! I don't think it out here!"

His best only friend blanked for a moment. Then he nodded slowly."Huh. No, that, that sort of makes sense." He nodded again, almost to himself. "That she'd want to try something... new. I hope she went somewhere nice, like Bath, or Bristol..."

"I dunno, Robbie... She never said," Ari muttered, a little darkly. He was endlessly frustated with his sister, but at least he knew she was safe now. He groaned. "Merlin, my sister is going to give me a heartattack before we're thirty!"

Rob looked at him encouragingly. "I think Sammy can handle anything. And so can you. Just call me over if you need a hand, a'right? Anytime." After a moment, he added, "I'm not doing anything important," in a very casual way.

He frowned at him, head tilting to the side. "Um, thanks...I guess...?" He trailed off into silence and stared blankly at the frankly ridiculous amount of plasters all over Robbie. He gestured at his best friend vaguely, squinting at him. "Uh, what's with...all that?"

Ari suddenly felt like one of their professors from the old days because the sheepish, juvenile look that Robert gave him now was the exact same one he'd given to Snape whenever he'd melted through one of his cauldrons. He sighed.

"Would you believe me if..." Robert began, then apparently thought better of it and sighed. "I forgot about a Chizpurfle infestation, and it turned into a Venemous Tentacula infestation and that's gone now but the good news is, those leaves are worth 10 galleons apiece. Unless inflation's changed that... I need to check..."

He always knew Robert was a rambler and he was definitely trying to distract him now. He couldn't even stay made at him for it, and he definitely didn't mind the distraction. Ari blinked once, twice and then snorted out an awkward laughing noise.

"I'm sorry, there was a what infestation?"

Robert gave up. "Venemous Tentacula. I took a--."

"Rob..." Ari said, trying to interupt. Rob kept talking, so he tried again. "Robert... Robbie! Why didn't you come get me?"

There it was again. The same sheepish grin, but leagues stupider. It vanished quickly.

"Well, that's what I would have done, if I had more sense, and didn't keep an extensive antidote cabinet around, and didn't pass all the same subjects as you, and didn't... Didn't think you were..."

The fire in his protest had run dry. He thought better of saying it, but Ari understood. If I didn't think you'd be busy.]

"I thought I knew what I was doing and I'm not dead, let's leave it at that."

Ari frowned and then sighed, moving to tug Robert into a hug. "I'm sorry," he muttered into Rob's shoulder. "I, uh...keep forgetting that? I'm just glad you're safe, Robbie..."

Rob hugged back, tight. "Sorry for what, caring? Don't worry about it." He pulled back, and smiled warmly. There was something distant, nostalgic in those deep brown eyes. "Robbie. That's what my mum calls me."

He blinked, frowning at him. "I, wait... Sorry, what?"

"Nothing," said Rob. "Say hello to your sister for me, okay?"

And like that, he was gone.

Ari stared after him and sighed. "Yeah, okay..."

With that, he turned and headed for the store. Sammy wanted her pickles and gravy and cream cheese, and he intended to get it for her. That, and some more groceries because there was no way she wasn't going to eat him out of house and home.
"I bow to ChildOfNowhere, my one and only master."

"No one screws Yamcha but life!" - Bulma, DBZ Abridged.

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Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:57 pm
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EditorAndPerks says...

Hablex Yurav

Hablex clutched their package close to their stomach, sighing with every step that led them away from their flat.

They made an ill-reasoned bet with their best friend (who was actually them in the mirror because they were rather drunk last night) that in the morning they would donate some of their books to one of the bookstores they spent far too long at.

Today's choice was going to Whizz Hard Books, mostly because they hadn't been there for a week, and wanted to see if there were any other things that caught their eye. To make up for the dozen or so stories that they were giving away.

Hablex wiped away a tear a few feet from the store. With a heavy heart, they opened the door, and heard a quiet greeting from the clerk, whose dark hair had a new blue streak through it.

"Ah, welcome back." Their name-tag read as Percival, but everyone and their grandmother called them Ival for some reason.

Hablex waved their fingers in a sporadic fashion, and decided to finally say the cursed words: "I would like to donate these books."

"What?" Ival gasped at them, their brown eyes widening. "But, you hold the record for the most books being due past date and then having to pay for the copy because it was so overdue!"

They tried to hold back a blush, and pushed up their glasses to break eye contact. Hablex had not known whether to sob or laugh when they received a bill exceeding a thousand pounds at the end of the year. 2003 had not been their proudest moment.

But anyway, that was in the past and they needed a change in their life. Nothing in their mind told them that getting rid of books was a good thing, but they had clicked on a couple dozen advice websites that all discussed spring cleaning and contributing to someone else, so here they were.

"Yes." Hablex could only manage a single word.

Ival blinked some more before reaching for the package. "Alright, I guess."

A better wording would be that they attempted to reach for the package. For some reason, it wouldn't move out of Hablex's arms.

Oh. That was probably because Hablex held a rather tight grip on their belongings and had subconsciously decided to hold on the box forever. They carefully unclenched their fingers, one by one, until it laid flat in Ival's hands.

"Ah, thank you," they said, peeking at Hablex and then peeling back the tape. "Wow, these are some great books to donate!"

Hablex tried for a smile. Judging by the stricken expression Ival wore, it wasn't a grand attempt.

Brilliant. This whole scenario was just brilliant.

In fact, it was so brilliant, Hablex was going to walk out of the store now because they didn't have the strength to watch Ival scan their books in, knowing that someone else would put their grubby, dirty, unworthy little limbs all over them.

Their heart still hurt. Curse their drunk person who decided to involve themself with something they never would have entertained in an earlier time.

Well, at least they could go to their other favorite spot, Magical Menagerie, even if they weren't working today.

Hablex closed their eyes thinking about those rather adorable, little Nifflers, and the fact that they never failed to steal anything they were interested in. One in particular liked to climb into their lap and look at them with his big eyes until they gave him something.

They sniffed once into a random tissue, then walked over to the other storefront, which then announced they were closed. Of course.

Well, they technically still held a key, so their boss wouldn't mind too much, would they?

Hablex was trustworthy after all, and they first started working here years. Plus, meeting the animals was basically their only way to get rid of some of their stress. With that idea in their mind, they pulled out their key and tried to quietly open the front door.

The inside of Magical Menagerie was a lot different than it had been just a few years ago, with many cages that looked to be holding creatures instead of giving them a temporary home like an animal shelter.

Rather, this stood as a careful blend of having creatures ready for adoption, rehabilitating animals that couldn't be adopted, and selling any objects necessary for the care of those mentioned creatures.

Many, many cats crawled over some of the furniture, all designed to withstand the digging in from their claws, while more of the mischievous creatures stayed in wider, more comfortables areas.

Hablex waved hello to everyone, some responding in their own way of speaking, others ignoring them because they weren't there to feed them.

Eh, relatable. If they didn't have to make money, they wouldn't mind being waited on by another person and only having to signal when they were hungry or not.

But with that, Hablex sat back on the couch and decided to practice some of the wordless spells they had been having trouble with. There was no time like the present, right?
"You know that I can't / Show you me / Give you me"
- The Truth Untold (BTS)
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- Jamais Vu (BTS)
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Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:12 pm
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Nike says...

Godric Lovegood

Being at Hogwarts again after everything truly is a feat. I'm mostly fine, I'm just trying to tell myself that it is all in the past and that I really want to teach. Mostly, find a way to protect our lovely world from ever getting attacked like that again. Though, you can't really stop all evil from coming back again. Not everything can be happy. But I have hope that at least for a long while, we will be okay. Hopefully, if evil does come, it won't be as terrible as the last.

Anyway... the school has seen many improvements. It mostly looks the same, but there are updates in technology and we can see that among the student as well as the school. Its' not like the muggle world, but we have our own advancements. More efficient owls, quils that don't dry out as fast, television so we don't just have the Daily Prophet giving us the news every day, and probably much more but its' slipped my mind.

I had just entered the Charms classroom. No one was in here yet, just the room and me. It wasn't my first time shadowing and it won't be my last, but it is my first time being alone here. It is peaceful with the sun shining through the grand window, showing every dust particle insight as they lingered onto the seats.

"Ah, Mr. Lovegood, I see you're taking in the peacefulness of the beginning of a school day-- just before the students come in." Professor Flitwick chimed in from behind me, making me jump.

Turning around, I smiled down at the Professor. "Yes, it really is peaceful and I didn't expect to feel this way being back here. Honestly, I don't think I've ever felt this way here."

He stifled a laugh and walked around me, getting closer to the window and peered out for a moment. "I miss that feeling really, it's been lost on me since the war. But these little moments make me feel okay." He turned back to me with a smile.

"Today we will be teaching WIngardium Leviosa to the first years."

Raising an eyebrow, I asked. "We?"

"Yes, you've been here for the past year... I think it's time you gave it a shot. Not the whole lesson, of course, but a little bit I'm sure you can handle."

I didn't know if I was ready for even a little. I had been visiting and observing but I am not sure if I can trust myself with a lesson. But, the twinkle in professor Flitwick's eyes is telling me he believes in me.
“There is no need to call me Sir, Professor.”

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Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:07 am
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Carina says...

Emmaline Longiflorum

Emma had never been a morning person. She had attended gardening seminars and had heard the phrase "the early bird gets the worm!" so many times, but she never understood why. Why couldn't the bird get the worm at night while it was sleeping? Or check the weather and get them when it was raining outside? Stupid worms. Stupid birds.

These grumpy thoughts crossed Emma's mind as she laid in her bed with a thick duvet wrapped around her. Only her head and fingers were exposed to the chilly room, and she faced the only source of light in the dark room: a Nintendo DS at its maximum brightness capcity, with gentle calm music playing as she farmed and socialized with fictional people in the recent Harvest Moon game she bought a week ago. Even though she has a flower shop and keeps up with daily gardening, she found great satisfaction in virtual farming.

She sighed and looked up at her alarm lock. 06:23AM. Maybe she'll do two more minutes of farming some strawberries and petting her cat, and then maybe she'll dial up her computer and add a song in her Myspace profile that no one ever visits, or maybe read what's going on in London...

Oh wait! Cat!

Emma sat up straight. She promised Hablex she would visit them at Magical Menagerie this week and possibly adopt a kitty. She knew the store was overflowing with cats waiting to be adopted, and, well... she could use a companion.

Smiling, Emma saved and shut down her game, gingerly placing it on the nearby nightstand next to her Game Boy Advance and tower of games. "Okay, let's do this," she mumbled out loud, throwing the duvet off her and swinging her legs over the bed, feeling the chills of the cold floor travel up her feet like electricity.

────────── ⋆⋅ ✿ ⋅⋆ ──────────

It was quite a walk from her flat (flats available with internet and cell service come in few numbers here in Hogsmeade), and it took some time to wheel in some fresh-cut flowers from the green house, but it was 08:00AM exactly when Emma unlocked the doors at Pots & Lilies. She used to be open for business at 8AM, but customers hardly ever come in the first hour, so instead she shifted her hours to 10AM-6PM. Still, it was not uncommon for people to come in for the dispensary later in the evening, so she often stayed in the store even longer for a combination of chats and business. Despite now being open two hours later, she still comes to the store at 8AM out of habit, but she uses the two hours to prep and deliver orders. Madam Rosmerta often lectured her about the importance of being on time and presentable, and she'd probably be proud of her for sticking to this habit.

Emma washed her dirtied hands from digging into the garden and then put on a clean work apron with the Pots & Lilies logo on it. The initial gardening part is over, and now it was time time to move on to the presentation: bouquets.

────────── ⋆⋅ ✿ ⋅⋆ ──────────

"Thanks for your business!" Emma said before getting the door slammed on her face. She sighed, knowing that she was still not exactly accepted throughout the town, but it wasn't her fault that there weren't any competitors for normal "muggle flowers." Oh well, some customers may not like her, but at least she was still getting paid.

She crossed the last delivery order off on her list, wiping the sweat away from her forehead. Her delivery "vehicle" was a big bike dolly, and it may not be as efficient as magically trained owls, but it does its job. There were two bouquets on the dolly left to deliver, but the flowers looked more random and less fresh. But no fear: these were leftover flowers from several days ago that no one bought, so they were being gifted.

Emma looked closer at her list:

    Free — Hablex for cat
    Free — Abela just because

Hablex told her that they would waive the adoption fees if she adopted a cat from the Magical Menagerie, and although she smiled and appreciated the gesture, she's been considering it everyday since she had been going back to give the little kitties some love and affection every so often. There was something alluring about these cats—a common creature in the muggle world—stuck in a place marketed as a magical creature store, and not being adopted because of it, and so the store overfills with cats because no one wants to adopt them and give them love... It felt a little close to home and Emma just felt like she had to help out, even if it was just one cat being saved.

The kitty may chew on all her plants, but it'll be worth it if it means that it doesn't have to suffer another day of being alone, wondering if anyone will ever come to adopt them.

She thought she remembered Hablex saying they worked this morning, so visiting them first would be better. That worked out anyways since Abela is always grumpy in the morning working at Dogweed and Deathcap, and Emma would rather she at least somewhat appreciate her surprise visit.

After taking a swig of cold water from her bottle, Emma rode down the street towards the Magical Menagerie.

────────── ⋆⋅ ✿ ⋅⋆ ──────────


Hmm, she thought Hablex said they were working today. Awkwardly still holding the bouquet, Emma knocked on the door and waited for a solid minute. She was about to turn around sad that she didn't get to surprise her friend, but to her surprise, the door opened.

"Oh, hi Em," a voice said.

"Hablex!" Emma exclaimed, swiveling around and nearly thrusting the bouquet to their arms. "Oh, umm... surprise?"

So much for trying to be spontaneous today...

"For me? Thank you." Hablex smiled and graciously accepted the bouquet, giving it a sniff. "Smells really nice. This is perfect for the animals."

Something that Emma finds really amusing with Hablex is that they don't seem to care about the frivolous things in life, and also find the squabbles with the Wizarding World so trivial. See, most people buy her flowers because they're pretty and nice to look at, but Hablex seems to enjoy the smell and functionality of flowers. She once caught them feeding the animals the leftover wilted flowers, and some people may find that rude, but Emma finds it rather peaceful and comforting.

"It has a bit of everything in it, but I put some of your favorites in there," she said. "Roses, lilies, dahlias, daisies, baby's breath, and even some fiddlehead fern..." As she was listing the flowers, she peered over their shoulder and into the store.

"The cats will love it," Hablex said. They paused. "Do... you want to come in?"

"Oh!" She started fidgeting with her hands, not knowing what to with them now that they weren't carrying flowers. "It's just... well, I wanted to see... and you know, get to know... some of the cats? I-It's just... I got excited..." She trailed off, lost for words. Honestly, she just wanted to pet some cats and see which one liked her the best and then adopt that sweetie on the spot.

Hablex smiled. "The cats would love that. Come," they said, stepping aside to let her in. "Come in."
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