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How to create a contest, and other common questions

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Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:02 pm
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Big Brother says...

Can I run a contest?

Yes! Anyone can run a contest. We have one every month that's an official contest, but feel free to run your own as well.

How do I create a contest?

To create a contest, just start a thread in the contests forum. When creating it, be sure to be clear about a few things:
- Who's judging
- What the contest is for
- How people can submit entries
- Submission deadline

How do people submit contest entries?

This is up to you, the contest creator. One common way is to have the participants post their entries in the Literary area, and then they send you the link through a post in the contest thread.

Alternatively, they could send you all the entries by PM, which is helpful in case you want the entries kept secret.

What can I offer as prizes?

You can offer anything as a prize as long as there's no monetary value. This means no gift certificates or anything else that costs money.

One common prize are reviews; you can offer to do three reviews of the winner's literary works. Or you can send them a bunch of gifts, or donate points. To give gifts or donate points, go to the 'Gifts' in the settings area then look for 'Give a gift.'

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