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Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:54 am
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Mickixoxo says...

Ahhhh I fail at drawing blood. Please, ignore the failitude of my blood drawing skills. Ughh vat iz dis DX

Okay, so my rambling about how horrible I am at drawing blood aside, I got the idea of this from a Vocaloid song. :3

iNSaNiTY by Miki (?) and Kaito.

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Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:23 pm
xXTheBlackSheepXx says...

The coloring is so cool! I really love it. I think the dark orange and red tones are really intense and the crazy white eyes stand out great! I really feel like this person is going insane xD

I like the way you drew hair, too. I think it was a great idea to put those long, thin strands over the eyes and wrapping around the hands and stuff. Plus you did a great job with adding highlights.

The blood really isn't all that bad. I think it's the right color. Sometimes people draw blood too brightly and it won't look realistic but yours has the right look to it.

I think the only issue with this pic is your anatomy and proportions. There's probably a lot you could fix with the hands. I think the chin is a tad pointy. The left eye doesn't look quite centered like the other one does, even if it is hidden under the hand.

But really, I think your technique was great in this! Awesome job. One of my favorites from you :)
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Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:12 am
DevanEWilliams says...

This is really cool! I think you did a really good job of portraying the proper emotion. The eyes do look quite crazy, but almost scared. One thing that I might point out is that the nose could be defined a little better at the bottom, because it almost blends in with the face.
With your hands--the hands are great, although they are quite thin, and one of the fingers appears to be sticking into one of the eyes (looks a bit painful :P ) One thing I noticed too was that it's hard to tell where the neck ends and where the hands start, especially on the far left, so it almost appears as though they are connected (or the person has a very fat neck! xD)
Your hair was extremely well done. the color really matches the mood of the picture. I think you have a good balance of detail, but not too many individual strands that it appears busy or takes away from the rest of it. Good job!
I think, if you want to make the blood stick out more, add some really intense highlights and shadows to add dimension. When I first glanced at it, it really just looked like shadows to me.
Other than what i said, this was AMAZING! I can't wait to see more!
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