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The Mechanic's Tower

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Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:39 pm
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PrincessInk says...


This is the year 1880. The year the Mechanic chooses a new apprentice, as he has always done so every seven years. Five from the kingdom of Olympia has been selected to participate in the contest The Mechanic's Tower. The Mechanic will award the first to successfully complete the challenge—of making it out of the tower—an apprenticeship.

The Mechanic's Tower Challenge
Spoiler! :
At the first day of the new year, the five competitors are transported to the highest floor—the fifth floor—of the tower. From there, they must work their way down, through a series of puzzles and obstacles to the lowest floor and outside, putting their talents and knowledge to use. The first one that reaches the bottom floor and finds a way out is the winner.

Along the way there are many traps and dead ends. If a contestant finds themselves trapped, they will either remain there for the rest of the game, trying to find a way out (and succeeding or failing), or wind a clockwork tower. In the latter case, the tower will issue music, and the challenge's organizers, who hover outside, will find the competitor and escort them out of the tower and the contest.

The Kingdoms
Spoiler! :
In the Continent, Olympia is the most technologically advanced, thanks to the Mechanic. They have powered some of the first airships—flying ships. They have crafted clockwork people who can handle manual labor such as unloading shipments from docks. They have built the first airborne city.

Those from the neighboring kingdoms—Aurland and Berygia—crave to learn the secrets of the Mechanic's miraculous ideas and inventions. For if they learn and use it, Olympia will no longer dominate trade and have the upper hand in its military and economy. Perhaps Aurland, with its vast knowledge in alchemy, might possibly supersede Olympia. Perhaps Berygia, with its enormous amount of natural resources, might possibly outproduce Olympia.

The kings have sent spies to Olympia, but they are yet to uncover the Mechanic's secrets. The kingdoms' only hopes of finding out, it seems, hinge on the success of one of them infiltrating the contest and winning.

♦ ♦ ♦

This is where you come in. You are one of the competitors of the tower challenge, whether it be for personal gain, for your curiosity about the deepest workings of the engineering, for a chance at fame, for the benefit of Aurland or Berygia, or for some other reason. Good luck with The Mechanic's Tower!

Contestant 1: reserved by @PrincessInk
Contestant 2: reserved by @Cyvain87
Contestant 3: reserved by @Tortwag
Contestant 4: reserved by @Chaser
Contestant 5: reserved by @Rydia

*Also there are already two profiles where the characters come from other kingdoms, so the other three have their characters come from Olympia.

Character Profiles
Spoiler! :
Code: Select all
[b]A Question from the Mechanic: When, and why did you fall in love with mechanics?[/b] (answer as if the character were answering)
[b]Motive to join:[/b]
[b]Up for Romance:[/b] (note: this contest spans a short amount of time so romances may or may not develop. And also, please list your character's sexual orientation.)
[b]Other[/b]: (you can list things like quirks/favorite somethings)

Note: please delete things in parentheses.

Storybook Rules:
Spoiler! :
-Communicate! Please subscribe to the DT and post in it (and in the WFP too). Your ideas and contributions are key!
-Keep it PG. Younger YWSers might possibly participate, so it's better to err on the safe side, right? ;)
-No god-modding. God-modding=nothing fun for everybody. Besides, characters get boring fast if they can solve anything that comes in their way/are perfect, like Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
-Let's be kind. Disagreements may happen, but let's remember to always respect each other's opinions and ideas. :)

Link to WFP here
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