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Exodus Discussion Thread

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Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:58 pm
Face Engine says...

If you have any questions or other comments regarding the Exodus storybook please post them here. At some point I'll post the current character list and brief descriptions of the characters here.

I will also be adding quotations here from the storybook which may provide useful insight into the culture of the ship. It would be good if people could read them to familiarise themselves with the ship's inhabitants' way of life, culture, language, etc. This should help us keep certain things consistent in the story - for example, if the walls of room A is described as being plain and white, then we don't want people to later say its walls are painted red and decorated with the finest pieces of art (please note that "room A" does not currently exist, it was just an example).

Character Descriptions (brief)

Alexis Greggor (Princess) - A fifth generation Gun. Keeps to herself a lot, except around those she trusts, and is desperate to get off the ship. Also referred to as "Alex".

Ande Nighteen (Face Engine) - A fourth generation Upper and naturist (brought up to be a biologist). Loves nature, joined the Uppers to increase the chances of a future generation finding a new home, before Humanity becomes extinct.

Ben Dascomb (Billy) - A fifth generation Upper and medic. Carries a "medic's gauntlet", which allows him to identify known illnesses and injuries. The gauntlet does not appear to register an illness in those who fell victim to the mysterious deaths.

Cael Hammet (kissthewitch) - A third generation ship mechanic. Protective of friends, has a tendency to speak in metaphors, and a bit of a chauvinist (in a "males should take care of things for the females, because they're too delicate" way).

Elsbree Redion (moonlight123) - A fifth generation Gun. She wishes she had lived on Earth centuries before. She enjoys playing old songs on her father's old keyboard. Also referred to as "Bree".

James Gates (Echelon) - A fifth generation Gun. Is very nice to everyone, and protective of his friends. Like chinese dumplings.

Jamie Lorough (SeleneForeverDream) - A fifth generation Upper and surgeon. Head surgeon and specialist in neurology, plastic surgery, trauma and organ replacement.

Jamis Evon Junior (Face Engine) - A second generation captain. As captain, he is the highest authority on the ship. Some consider him to be too carefree, but others like him for his friendly personality.

Kerry Hill (Lukas8u) - A fifth generation "loner". Acts as a messenger between the factions, and sometimes helps doctors.

Kitty Penson (SeleneForeverDream) - A fifth generation Gun. Helps mechanics and creates new agricultural technologies, as well as helping with fitness technology. Rebellious, untrusting and untrustworthy.

Narcis Hadad (Moon Jumper) - A fourth generation Upper. Mean and rude to everybody ever since his wife died.

Remi O'Haren (Layleun) - A fifth generation Gun and mechanic. Builds weapons, transportation, security, etc, for the Guns.

Seth Wilkerson (Billy) - A third generation policeman. He is dedicated to his job, taking his role on the ship very seriously.

Yuming Shang (Moon Jumper) - A second generation "doctor-like figure". Likes playing music, can play the saxophone, violin, piano, etc.

Zander Greggor (Firestalker) - A fifth generation Gun and engineer. He helps the Guns by bringing in new technology. Trusts no one and cannot usually be trusted. Only kind and helpful to his small circle of friends.

Ship Lore

"Christ!" murmured Kerry, a saying he picked up from some 1st generation's, but had no idea what meant.

Kerry reached the end of the corridor, and knocked 3 times at the seemingly normal wall to the right. The door slid open and Kerry went in to his room.

^ -describing what I assume to be a Gun lair

He dropped it off in his apartment. It was not very spacious-the really nice rooms used to be reserved for the ship captains and other high-ranking Authorities but were now part of the Upper territory.

^ -describing Cael's home, and the Upper Sector.

Jamis ascended the stairs on to the central platform.

its size and layout gave a sense of scale almost comparable to that of environments found only on natural planets.

a simulated sky on the ceiling, with clouds, sun and moon, and the walls were made to look like rows of skyscrapers.

The last three quotes describe the Main Boulevard

Those who have claimed the Upper Sector, who have refused to allow even police into their territory

^ -describing the attitude of the Uppers

I have allowed the Uppers to rule the Upper Sector seperately. I have allowed the Guns to carry their namesake for self-defence.

^ -the authority's policy towards the Uppers and the Guns.

Particularly seeing as it was so close to the reactor. Without it, we would be without energy in a matter of weeks, and then we would be dead. Not to mention what that much plutonium could do to the ship if...

^ -describing the method of energy production on the ship (nuclear reactor), and how much energy it provides.
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Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:22 am
lukas8u says...

Good thread. I was wondering, I didn't really ask but i used your character. Do you mind that?
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Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:26 am
Threnody says...

lukas8u wrote:Good thread. I was wondering, I didn't really ask but i used your character. Do you mind that?

People do that all the time.
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Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:09 pm
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Face Engine says...

Oh ja, as Forever Threnody said, that's completely normal, and necessary.
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