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Magic can conceal you, love can hold you forever (R.W.5)

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Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:41 pm
Charlii101 says...

fifth addition, enjoy! Rose Weasley

Suddenly the gathering crowd came to a sharp halt and Rose stepped on someone’s heel. The boy turned around and his ice eyes blazed into her brown ones. “Sorry.” she mumbled quickly to the Malfoy boy. He raised his head slightly and turned around as if he accepted her apology.

Professor Neville stood at the front and suddenly in his hand a hat appeared. It looked old and battered and looked as if someone has torch it once, but it looked like it had been repaired so many times. Neville pulled out a scroll and unravelled it. It was too long that it almost touched the floor. If Rose looked close enough she could just about see black ink etched into in. suddenly the final whispers in the hall stood silent and every eye found its way to the group of first years. Rose shuffled lightly on her feet and Albus looked everywhere besides the front of the great hall. His eyes lingered on the four long tables that were in the hall and the long table at the front that had the teachers on. All eyes bright and dark were set on the first years.

An old witch with grey hair that had odd specks of brown in sat in the middle of the table. With glasses that touched the edge of her nose. A long finger pushed them back onto her bridge. Neville cleared his throat as if after all this time standing up here still made him a tiny bit nervous. “Andrews, Aluce.” his voice was loud and clear and bounced off the walls in room. A girl with white hair and red cherry cheeks stood up and made her way to the front. She blinked a number of times and Rose thought this was her nervous trait. The hat was placed on her head and she stood fidgeting ever so slightly. Suddenly a voice that sounded so old boomed out “Ravenclaw!” a smile plastered the girls face when a table cheered and clapped as she followed their sound and sat down. She was patted on the back and introduced to people before the silence died.

Neville smiled and then looked at the list again “Alsop, Thomas.” a boy with curly black hair stood up and quickly got to the front as if he wanted this to be over and done with. The hat went on his head and slid just over his brown eyes. “Gryffindor!” the boy’s lips curved up and he joined the roaring table.
The list went on and many names got called out and they were welcomed to their tables like family just as Neville said they would. “Malfoy, Scorpius.” Rose’s eyes fluttered towards the boy that went up to the front. He had his head held high as if he wasn’t scared of all the attention or eyes that were on him. The hat fell on his head lightly and the silence stayed there lingering in the air. For a second Rose thought the hat had fallen asleep when the voice boomed out “Slytherin!” the boy jumped down from the front and ran to his table being greeted by his two ‘bodyguards’. His eyes went to Rose and lingered on her before he turned away. Rose felt Goosebumps ride on her skin but they quickly faded. “Potter, Albus.” the Slytherin table died down suddenly and Albus stumbled up the steps.

Rose knew he could feel all eyes on him and she heard that the tiniest bit of whispering to be found was someone asking their friend if that was Harry Potter’s son.

The hat touched Albus’ head and Rose saw his eyes close and his mouth began moving ever so slightly that she doubted anyone else noticed it. She had a slight feeling he was asking the hat to not put him in Slytherin. “Gryffindor!” the hat shouted and Albus’ eyes flew open and a massive smile blew up on his face he stumbled off from the front and walked towards the Gryffindor table. Where his brother welcomed him and the two twins began shaking hands with him. It was like he had just won a grand prise of something. The list went on and Rose felt alone while Albus was there talking to everyone. “Weasley, Rose.” she took a deep breath in and made her feet move forwards towards Professor Longbottom. She turned on her heels and faced everyone in the main hall.

She felt her heat beat pound viciously as if it was trying to break through from her ribcage. She felt heat rise up in her cheeks and she tried to fight the reaction as the hat fell upon her head. “How many Weasleys am I going to have to deal with hey?” Rose’s eyes rounded she was surprised that she could hear the hat talk to her. “Oh yes I can talk to you, I can also hear what you are thinking.” Rose began to look around the room as everyone was still staring at her.

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