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How to Put Music Into Forum Posts

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:44 pm
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Lumi says...

phpBB [media]

How To Add Music To Any Forum Post

As of late, I've been asked this abundantly as a consequence of a growing habit of mine to--you got it--add mp3s to my posts in the Storybook forum for a little extra je ne sais quoi in the ambience department.

Yeah. I felt like I was lacking there. Anyway, the process is simple.

1. Visit http://puush.me
1a. Create an account
1b. Download Puush*.
1bi. Sometimes Puush can be a jerk. This is an objective fact, and I apologize.

2. Launch Puush on your computer (sorry, mobile users.)
2a. Press Control+Shift+U. One of two things can happen because Puush can be a jerk.

3α. If it opens a window for you to select your file, yay! Find your mp3 and suck that puppy up into the aether!

3β. If it does not open a window, Puush has decided to upload the file you have selected currently, whatever it is. To ensure this is the music you want uploaded, have your track pre-selected. Branch in the timeway averted!

4. Once Puush completes the upload, the URL to the mp3 will be copied onto your clipboard. From there, simply go to YWS and in the media tag:

Code: Select all

paste your URL.

All the best,
Lumi (Tunes)

*Puush is a free program, and does not intrude on your fidgets and widgets. In years of using the program, no tomfoolery has come of it beyond it just not working in the early days. However, it's not endorsed in any way by YWS. (Sorry, Puush. Not a sponsor.)
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Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:54 am
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AvantCoffee says...

@Lumi that papaya song is so damn catchy why

Unfortunately Puush no longer allows new user registrations:


I'll edit this post if I stumble upon an alternative site, but regardless it doesn't seem like those without existing Puush accounts can use the site.


Edit: I have a solution! All credit goes to @Tortwag for being awesome as usual.

Puush still won't accept new user registrations, however Discord can achieve the same result we're looking for.

I've come across a good few YWSers who already have Discord accounts, but for those who don't know, Discord is a free voice and text chat application with an emphasis on gaming. This description is largely irrelevant to what we need it for here, but it's good to have some idea.

Step 1. Download Discord, install it, all that jazz. You'll need to create a new account.

Step 2. Open it. You should find something that looks a little like this (see image). What you want to do is click the "plus" button down the left-hand side to create a new Discord Server.

Step 3. Click "Create a Server" and name it whatever you want. No one will see this Sever unless you invite them, so it can essentially be private. Click "Create".

Step 4. In the Server you made, there should be a chat bar at the bottom. Click the "plus" button to the left of the chat bar, then select the mp3 file you wish to upload from your computer. Discord will give the opportunity to add a comment to this file, but there's no need to, so you can simply click "Upload".

Step 5. The mp3 file will start to load on Discord, so wait for it to finish. Once it's complete, this can go one of two ways...

For Windows computer:
Right-click on the title of the mp3 now in Discord, then click "Open link in a new window". Copy the opened link (which should end in ".mp3") and paste it in your desired post, adding the [media][/media] code (same code as Lumi's post). That's it! It now should work (yay).

For Mac computer:
Click on the title of the mp3 now in Discord. It should automatically open as a new download tab on your browser, which will have the mp3 address a moment after it opens – but watch out! That address will disappear before long, so you've gotta be ninja-quick to snatch it! Copy the address (which should end in ".mp3") and paste it in your desired post, adding the [media][/media] code (same code as Lumi's post). Voilà! All working (yay).

Code: Select all

phpBB [media]

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Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:09 pm
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BrumalHunter says...

As a note on uploading files to Discord and using them in posts, some users were occasionally unable to view the media bars on YWS. There's nothing you can do about it, but it seems with Discord's continued development, this issue is less prevalent.

Additionally, you cannot upload files size larger than eight kilobyte to Discord if you don't have Discord Nitro (the premium version). This shouldn't be a problem for most .mp3 files, but if you like orchestral or extended video game soundtracks, you might find it's sometimes too bulky. There are numerous sites online for reducing filesize, such as mp3smaller.com, but you will probably sacrifice quality as a result. (I've found it makes the tracks softer, but also more distorted at higher volumes.)

If all else fails, you can still resort to embedding YouTube links into your posts. I definitely prefer Discord, especially since you can rename tracks and therefore hide their identity, which is ideal if you don't want the source/s of your custom soundtrack to be revealed. And hey, you can also download the embedded files for your own enjoyment!
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