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Some old stuff

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Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:15 am
Kopaka says...

Oh man. Its been a while.

Went through some old folders and found a outline for a old story I was doing a few years ago. Dunno if this is the right place but here goes. The story would focus on four characters. 3 of which are golems and one a doctor. (Truth be told I already have one of the golems posted on here in a blog or bio thingy. The Doctor was recently added but as a status update)

"Outsiders, beings from the ethereal plain that can't exist unless there is a conduit that links them to our world. Very powerful creatures, can grant wishes for those who summon them. However, not all obey their own rules. One Outsider titled "Drraegonisck" found a way to bend the rules and rage a terrible war among the humans. Simply suggesting a wish that can open a way for it to possess said person.
Death came our way in a form we couldn't image...many of my kind have died to protect our makers. Now I am all they have until the rest of backup gets here. My tethered soul wanes overtime...please hurry.
-Golem of Earth

After containing the being "Drraegonisck" and splitting its earthly body into 3 parts so it could not return to form of its body again. We made sure to give each third of the body to our other researchers far away. The closer the pieces get, the trouble we will have on our hands soon.
-Cecil Head of the research team

Our very bodies are a mystery alone. But what of a out-worldly sorts? Does the same hold for beings outside of this very plain? We've been at war for a long time now and we're running out of good soldiers. We turned to our alchemist for a solution to solve our problem. What if we create golems? Well such being have been years before. However why not use bodies of men and women to make more efficient golems? Ones that can think and understand orders more clearly. Precautions must be made in order to have them obey us and not rebel.
-Doctor Greta

Using one part of the Oustsiders body was a hassle. We could never use it with a simple golem like we did before. Simply tethering the soul between the body parts and the "volunteers" was driving them insane and eating the soul altogether. I might have a idea how to make this work. What if we infused the parts into a living body? Instead of using a already made wood or stone?
-Assistant Hans

It was all just a theory. What if we created the ultimate soldiers? Front line units, Tank units, and a spy units? Well we finally did it, we created the "Grimm" brothers. One of Blood, Bone and Flesh. The ultimate golems and far superior from the old ones. These ones can think, feel, and breathe. Soon we will mass produce these "products" and use them to our advantage.
-Assistant Hans"

Worth actually going for? or what? Thoughts?
"They are rage, brutal, without mercy, but you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done" -DOOM

The strongest people are not those who show their true strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.
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