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Pushing Through in Horror Poetry

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Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:01 pm
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CaptainJack says...


Are you a frightful poet of the night, thirsty for spooks and spirits in your lyrics? Is your poetry sticking to the living, quiet world as of late and do you want to step into the shadows? Perhaps you are already a friend of the darkness but wish to become a closer acquaintance through your spiritual poetic prowess.

Or are you a mild mannered graveyard guard, writing your novel on the backs of acquired leather books from the tombs? If you think that you can't write poetry, you'd be wrong. If you think you can't write about blood curling chills of the night, through the rhyming word, you're still wrong.

Poetry is a tough topic to tackle.
A tougher topic to push through.
And an even steeper hill still, is
asking you fair people to write
about what goes bump in the -

No matter what you write or plan to write, this workshop will be for you. Prepare for a few spooky critters, some crazy monsters from dark lagoons and then a few things that we can't even describe. Whether you like cute spiders on their webs or the thing living under your bed (other than your socks), there will be a piece of imagery perfect for you.

Time to be determined pending the next storm that tries to sweep me away.

a little humanity makes all the difference
— Rosendorn