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I'm new here.

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Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:51 am
Envied says...

Hello, my name is Envied.

Not is it actually Envied, but that is what I would enjoy being called on here.

I see this is a place for writing. I was introduced by a friend, and thought it may be a good idea... What can I do on here? What can I find?

Any information is greatly appreciated. I have yet to find out about this wonderful site! (Or, so it has been told that YWS is wonderful.)

Thank you in advance.

~ Envied

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Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:21 am
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SmylinG says...

Envied :mrgreen:

Firstly, welcome to YWS!

Seeing as you've asked, I will tell you what you can do here. To put it vaguely first, so many things! There is a place on here to suit every writer's needs, including the fiction and poetry forums. Simply locate your niche and get to posting! You can submit your work by locating the Submit button along the header. Once you've submitted a work you can sit back and enjoy the feedback and critique that comes to you! Just be sure to return the favor by reviewing others' work. We like to think for every work you post you'll at least offer two reviews to other writers with posted works. That way, the balance of submitting literary works and achieving helpful critique on them remains in balance. So remember to review!

Apart from posting and reviewing literary works, there are also a plethora of clubs you can join, contests you can enter, storybooks you can participate in, and, of course, the chatroom, where you can mingle and chat it up with different writers from all over the world! Be sure to roam and get a feel for the site and all these cool things it has to offer. I'm sure you'll find yourself at home in no time. :]

If you have any questions at all you can feel free to PM(private message) me. I'll be sure to get back to you with the answers to any questions that might come up and nip at you. YWS can be a little confusing to some newbies their first few days around. (I was lost my first days!) But us older members are always around to help, so don't hesitate in asking around for help should you find yourself growing a bit lost here and there. We were all new once! And we all get around to growing familiar with this awesome place sooner than not. So have fun!

It might be good of you to check out the FAQ For New Users, just to get a general feel for what everything here is about. Other than that though, I suppose I just want to say welcome again, Envied, and I hope you find YWS to your liking, as there is obviously much to utilize. ;]

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Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:32 pm
Cannonball says...

Welcome here ! :) i'm new me too :)

I hope to write a lot here and read some of all you people. :)

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Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:08 pm
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ArahAkachi1 says...

Welcome to YWS where you can post your works and get advice on how to become a bettwer writer. One tip I usually give out is when you click My YWS, at the bottom is the word of the week. Try to incorporate that word to add to your vocabulary.
Writing your name can lead to writing sentences. And then the next thing you'll be doing is writing paragraphs, and then books. And then you'll be in as much trouble as I am!

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Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:47 pm
LadySpark says...

Hi Envi!
It might be easier to explain what you CAN'T do on YWS. It's not just a place to post your work and get reviewed. It's a place to meet people that stay your life long friends.

Let's see.
There is always the Clubs,
With clubs, you can find all kinds different things. Such as, if you like rubber ducks, type it in the search bar. I'll bet you can find any club for any interest! And, if you can't find the right club, create one! (First make sure that there isn't one already.)
Storybooks (SBs),
SBs are like regular stories, only it's all kinds of writers coming together to create it together. usually you make a profile and have certain characters/character. Some SBs are premission only. I wouldn't apply for those until you've done a few SBs.
The Lounge,
The Lounge has about everything. Just look around!
Review works,
Reviewing works are the way you get points. You can't post works without points, so you have to review.
Submit your own works,
You have to have points to submit works, so review!
Participate in contests,
There is a contest for all kinds of things. From artwork to songs to poetry, you can find something up your ally in no time!
and start a blog!
Blogs are the perfect place to express your feelings, get opinions and anything else you want to do!

See? Lot's of stuff to do.
If you have any questions, you can ask me, I'm always here. Also, you can ask the guys with the green names, (They're the mods) and they'll help too. Also, check out this forum: The Information Desk

A few rules:
1. Good grammar and spelling! There is nothing us YWS users like less than people that use chatspeak.
2. Review Review Review Review! There are LOTS of works posted on YWS every single day. If you want extra points, go to the 'be the first to review' link below the black bar that has all the short cuts to places that we use of YWS. You get 50% more reviews if you review something without a review. Also, you get 25% more if you review something with only one review. Don't forget to be through in your reviews and say what you liked and disliked. Your reviews have to be 250+ characters to get the max points.
3. Join clubs, participate in contest, Join SBs and welcome other newbies like you! (You can also earn points by welcome people on the welcome mat.)

I hope you like it here! :)
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