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I Guess I Wasn't Only Great At Beautiful Anguish!

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Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:04 pm
BeautifulAnguish21 says...

Who would have thought I had a passion for writing?
Creating what I call 'beautiful anguish' has always been the priority. Then, after years of having dreamt nightmares and the like; it seems as if my mind had been done in. Then, astonishment! I dreamt of a tale long ago in bits and pieces...the rest was up to me to feel in the gaps.

And that's when I found you guys. YWS.

I'm pumped to be apart of this community of fellow inspired authors. Hopefully, the tale I've dreamt becomes a story...a history...a work of art. It's something I would love to share with you. Therefore, I'm on the band-wagon. So, I'm signed up, ready to bleed away the words from my fingertips.

My name is Michael. I'm a tattoo artist and a passionate one at that. I have a loving boyfriend named Jeremy! I guess I should follow with perhaps common interests:

Color - Green
Food - a tie between Itallian and Japanese
Music - Heavy rock to Monster Metal
Medium - black and grey or writing
Favorite Band - Lordi/Across The Sun/H.I.M.
Genre of Reading - Fiction/Fantasy or mild Science Fiction/Medieval Theme
Movie - Kingdom of Heaven
Book - The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

If I had something to share with the world to egnite some hope; it would be:
To live your life the way you were born to live it! Don't allow others to mold your heart for you, but more or less become intune with your feelings. Feelings make us human and mold our souls into being. Forget the worries of the world...the pain beneath us...for the completion of ourselves. Life doesn't end in 2012 (it's just a chance for billions of people to cash in) ; it's the end of another life cycle. So, make it with me...the end of the road...a resolution of our existence. It's nothing to be human, but to EXIST as a human; now that's something we should always cherish!!

"The skin will be stretched, wringed, and battered. It should become tough, rugged like armor. Only then will the fabrication of human strength generate - the sword and the shield. Fear will turn into courage, and weakness will turn to hope. Be brave! For darkness always answers back."

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Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:39 am
Rosendorn says...

Hey Michael. :)

That was a rather interesting post. As soon as I read "beautiful anguish" I figured you were a poet, lol Considering I find that to be a goal of poetry: take the most desolate and dark feelings and put them into words we stand back and say the work is beautiful even though we shouldn't, because of how dark it is, but at the same time we can't help it.

It does, however, sound like you've made the transition to prose. What kind of story is it? Genre? It sounds like quite the tale to be told, if it has taken over your mind this much. I do hope to see your work around the site. :) (PM me when it's up, be it prose or poetry. I tend to review nearly everything.)

Also, the black and grey— I assume that's the tattoo art? Or sketches you do? To be honest I've always found the concept of tattoos fascinating (mind you, I find practically everything fascinating if given enough research into the topic), even though I can't get one thanks to skin allergies. It just seems like such a... what's the term. It seems so personal in every facet of tattooing.

I like your lack of fear. :) I'm similar, I suppose, when I think about it.

Hope to see you around the site. PM me if you need anything; I tend to know my way around the site, lol

A writer is a world trapped in a person— Victor Hugo

Ink is blood. Paper is bandages. The wounded press books to their heart to know they're not alone.

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Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:17 am
Sachiko says...

Duuude, you're a tattoo artist? That's awesome!

Your welcome post is so much more thorough than mine was. Holy cow! Also, green's my favorite color too. And hard rock, omg. asdfjdlffffff AC/DC? Strangely enough, hardly anyone else I talk to seems to like them much.

What do you write? I love the style that you wrote this post in, I'd love to take a look at anything else you posted! Even poetry, despite the fact that I am absolutely horrible at critiquing it.

I hope that YWS is everything that you hope it to be! If you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to drop a PM to anyone with a light or dark green name; they're the moderators and are around for that (along with other) purposes!


"Funniest Member -- Sachiko. Secretly the devil. Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage." -- Iggy

"Behold ye babes of grammar: the goddess Sachiko. She does what she wants." -- Lauren2010

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Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:23 pm
theotherone says...

Hello Micheal :)

This post was... beautiful. Normally when people post here they don't really tell much, but I feel like I already know you from what you wrote, and you obviously have a talent with words. First off, I want to say that since you are a tattoo artist, I assume you're an artist as well? There is a forum here where you can post your artwork and receive reviews on them. I am an artist myself and I post all my drawings and paintings in here so people can help me with them. :)

I hope to see you around here. Maybe review some of your work. ;)

-Other One
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