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About Marika

I am one half of the Eternal Turtle Studios vlogging and production team, the younger and more creative (just kidding) one of the two.

I enjoy writing, though lately I've been a bit out of myself and unable to get my muse on anything. Hence why I'm here, I need other writers to talk to since I left Livejournal and all my friends there (for a very good personal reason, I promise. Those girls were awesome and I miss them.)

Oh, I also speak Japanese, so most of the names and customs in my stories come from that, though those will all be on my WordPress site and... hopefully not here. I'll try. We'll see how it goes.


Music, writing (of course), vlogging, sushi


Cosmetologist & Massage Therapist-in-training


That's a stupid question.
— Jack Hanna