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welcome to my page!!!

hello hello! how are you today? i’m lillianna, but also known as harper. i write mediocre poetry and do random art. i’ve been on yws for a year now, which is crazy. hopefully i’ll be around for much longer. i’m a very frequent people’s tab poster, so beware. i’m a HUGE harry styles fan. you’ll see a picture of him every once and a while on my wall♥︎♥︎♥︎. thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!

previously known as harperlouise06 and lulon

most recent work: reminiscing on you - a compilation of poems

i also do review requests:
lulon is now doing more reviews!

i was featured memember december 31st 2020-january 14th 2021! Featured Member Dec 31 - Jan 14: lillianna


art, poetry, procrastination, not following directions, eating five meals a day, swimming, water polo, etc


the official yws mermaid

The wince that you wince when you see your quote in the quote generator is quite a wince, I tell ya. To know that the whole YWS community has read and judged your quote is quite an awkward feeling like oh noes. *manly blush*
— Arcticus