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About the glorious idiot

Hey guys, Ardently here!

Formerly a member as seraphinaxx where I wrote a few half-decent works and a lot of bad poetry. But I didn't access the email enough and it's gone so I figured I'll go for a fresh start.

Never really knew what to put for these....

I've currently got a fairytale style short story planned

If any of you are also on Fallen London hit me up :D

It's not letting me link in the website bit for some reason, but I'm also on tumblr and AO3 under the same username if anyone wants to hit me up there.


Fallen London / musicals / gaming (think Dragon Age or Dark Souls) / psychology / philosophy / history / classics / biology / writing (occasionally) / fantasy / sci-fi (maintly star wars and doctor who) / little bit of acting on the side



A memorandum isn't written to inform the receiver, but to protect the writer.
— Dean Acheson