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About SerenityAmour

I'm a vibrant, ambitious, and passionate writer!
I'm currently in college studying Counseling Psychology and English Education.
I'm the third child of four, and I have extremely close ties to my siblings and my parents.
I follow Christ whole-heartedly.
I aspire to be a Psychotherapist, working closely with families and relationships.
I write for an online magazine, There, I specialize in articles pertaining to college life.
I have an advice column,
I became a published poet at age six.
I am inspired by dynamic and successful individuals, especially women, that I can look to for guidance in my path to becoming a great mother, wife, counselor, motivator, and author.


English, Psychology, Love, Relationships, Counseling, Family, Faith


Student Worker


Just because you don't feel like a hero in your own story, doesn't mean you're not a hero in someone else's.
— Tenyo