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  • I used to be such a crappy friend/person.. This year has genuinely changed me so very much.

  • Things have been tough lately. I feel like I am just taking things one day at a time. Some days are okay, others are worse, and I have been having less and less "good" days. I feel tired and numb. I feel incapable of creating. And what I do create, I just leave it alone and never acknowledge it. I have been drowning in school work and the stress of having to grow up so fast in just a few months. Losing friends suck. Losing myself sucks more. I apologize for my rare appearance. Mental health hasn't been too nice and I am trying so hard to remain optimistic... but i am so tired.

    Carlito 💜💜💜
    Oct 11, 2018

    Mageheart <3
    Oct 12, 2018

  • it sucks having beautiful songs tied to bad experiences/people.

  • senior year is like brushing your teeth, then taking a sip of orange juice.

  • comment below the most generic/cliche book trope or character you can think of! I am curious hehe

    Prokaryote The Chosen One, easy
    Sep 11, 2018

    erilea Well, specific to one site that I've frequented before (Quotev), nerdy girl meets the bad boy and falls in love, usually with plenty of drama from the popular girl who feels possessiveness towards said bad boy.
    Or vampires/werewolves. Literally every single story on the site.

    Sep 11, 2018

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  • WOW I forgot to post this lol but here is a remake of my #MeetTheArtist . I did one months ago but hated how it turned out so here is a more updated one. I am quite happy it turned out, considering my art has been slow lately and this is my first digital piece in months. Hope you all enjoy! ♡


  • I am actually reading for pleasure again and it has been sooo long since I have and I am just so happy and excited

  • any song/artist recommendations? Nothing popular or "trendy", I am kind of over super popular music

    zaminami Glass Animals is absolutely fab
    Aug 30, 2018

    KaiRyu What type of music do you like?
    Aug 30, 2018

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  • been hitting a few low points lately so i wrote this poem in the midst of a breakdown last night -

    cra s h i n g . ... ..


  • slurringsugars
    Aug 23, 2018

    hiya i'm new, thought i should say hello!

    Rosella hai! welcome to this site! I hope you enjoy it here <3
    Aug 23, 2018

  • PrincessInk
    Aug 7, 2018

    Happy Birthday, Rosella!

  • SnowGhost
    Aug 7, 2018

    I hope you're having an amazing birthday Rosella! XD

  • Mageheart
    Aug 7, 2018

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • This summer I have been mainly focusing on improving myself, and although I haven't been writing poetry or anything, I still journal. I have been trying to start drawing again by doing traditional art instead of digital but it is still hard getting back into the groove of drawing again. So that's why I don't post nearly as much as I used to. I have spent this summer taking time to myself and working on things I need to improve on. I rather fix my heart than forcing myself to write. ♡

    Mea That's great, though! I think I need to take a step back and focus a little bit more on something like that as well, because it's never good when things just become forced due to other problems, and that's the position I've found myself in recently.
    Jul 28, 2018

  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is a masterpiece and I am obsessed

History repeats itself. First as tragedy, second as farce.
— Karl Marx