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  • Firestalker
    Aug 21, 2010

    Hey Cat, just thought of dropping by and saying hi although you haven't been online fore a long time. Miss ya!


  • tinkerfee
    Jun 12, 2010

    What kind of music are you into? and what books do you like?

  • nothingface
    Jun 11, 2008

    hey! its so random that im leaving a comment on your profile. i wasnt on in ages and i just 'returned' so yeah i'll be posting new stuff and would like you to read it. i'd like everyone to read it :)

    mimi. :)

  • Adnamarine
    May 18, 2008

    Happy B-day Caitlin:) This is my present to you, that I'm on the computer at this very moment writing to you. Because actually, I'm on vaca visiting family and won't be back till Wednesday, but I had to visit. I miss you guys!

    So, again, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! *huggles*


  • October Girl
    Apr 6, 2008

    *gasp* I haven't talked to you in FOREVER X_X!!! How are you?!!!


  • MadHatter
    Jan 17, 2008

    When was the last time I talked to you? At least sometime in November or such. I never see you on so I assumed you left and then I come here and it tells me you were on this week! Why haven't I seen you?!?

  • PsychicNinja
    Jan 11, 2008

    Hey Caitlin!

    Haven't talked to ya in FOREVER! How are you?


  • Lady Pirate
    Dec 25, 2007

    Merry Christmas, my darling cousin!

  • Lindsaroo
    Dec 25, 2007

    Merry Christmas darling! ^_^ I hope you're having a great day.
    Hope to talk to you soon.


  • October Girl
    Dec 18, 2007

    Hi Caitliness!!!!!!
    Miss you much!


  • Lindsaroo
    Dec 10, 2007

    *sneaks in and hugs*

    Hello darling, I haven't talked to you in [i:e4fb48714c]forever[/i:e4fb48714c]! I miss you and I wanna know what's going on with the all-awesome Caitlin. lol I hope I talk to you soon.

    Much love and care,

  • October Girl
    Nov 29, 2007

    Lol, it's ok I miss you we have to chat sometime soon. Because I miss you so much see you later.

  • October Girl
    Nov 18, 2007


    Caitlin+talking to Max=Happy Max

    Nov 11, 2007

    Awesome concert tonight.
    We weren't crying tho! I came close to it when his mom spoke...but other than that, no! :( I feel left out!


  • October Girl
    Nov 11, 2007

    A book called Betrayed.... it's a sequil to the book called Marked. It's about vampires.


You are not the voice in your mind, but the one who is aware of it.
— Eckhart Tolle