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  • DavieB
    Jul 17, 2024

    Hi, just read some of your work! You are so talented!! I loved diving in to your short stories and poems! <33

  • Congratulations on your second star!!

    NoOneInParticular Yippee! Starsssss….thank you!
    Jun 28, 2024

  • Congrats on your second starrrr!!2!!22! ⭐⭐

    NoOneInParticular Oh, I didn’t realise as well. Yay, star! Thanks! :D
    Jun 28, 2024

  • How does one review novel chapters? I genuinely need to know.

    I’m looking in the green room seeing all these (probably really awesome) novels which are, like, on part 5, part 126 even. And I want to review them(!), but my brain just goes “nope we are not reading all that” and ignores it entirely. T-T

    (other tips on reviewing novels are welcome too)

    ToastK For me personally, I try to review from part 1, but that???s obviously impossible if the book is like ???part 27 chapter 29572??? so, I feel that reviewing the chapter as just its own stand alone work can also work (ppl have done that with my work as well and I am personally totally cool with it). If not, just spend this entire summer reading ig lmao.
    Jun 26, 2024

    EllieMae Even if I am not familiar with all of the previous chapters, I try to give critique on the writers writing style, how the dialogue flows, internal/external details they describe, and things in the plot that stand out to me or feel poetic.
    Jun 26, 2024

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  • Eyes flick to the lights on the digital clock
    10:02, the LED strips read
    That familiar dread bubbling up inside me
    Where did my June Holidays go?
    (Gone in a flash)
    I have four different alarms prepared
    on my phone, but I’m not confident
    to wake up in the morning at five-thirty
    I’m not ready for school
    not now, not yet
    (not ever)
    Responsibilities — a big mountain looming over me
    Inhale a deep breath of air
    I hope I did do all of my homework.

    (I wrote this in 10 minutes lol I am not ready for school)

  • Yippee! I have returned after 4 days of not existing! And double yippee because school starts in two days! Don’t you love it when you have no time to write reviews?

    Sarcasm aside, I am back and writing reviews again! Rejoice! (Let’s hope I do not procrastinate them to oblivion)

  • Thanks for the follow!! I totally assumed I was already following you and just realized I was not XD I see you have started putting some poems on the Free Verse Club!! Yay, cannot wait to see more. It looks awesome so far!!

  • Just realised I’ll be busy next week and won’t be able to take part in Team Tortoise. Oh well, I’ll still do my one review a day whenever I can. Good luck to all other participants, and keep going!

    OrabellaAvenue Aww, that's too bad, but still glad you could review and join us!!
    Jun 12, 2024

  • Not me submitting all my reviews at 11.55pm (though today was a special case!) as I keep pushing ot back so I have to rush everything at night. Have healthy sleep schedules, people.

    OrabellaAvenue THIS !!!
    Jun 9, 2024

  • That feeling when you’re looking through your reviews for…whatever reason and realise that your first review was on a work rated 18+ even though you’re 14, so now you’re just left with that vague feeling of “whoops??”

    goodolnoah Lol, I rate most of my stuff 18+ because of the chance that I threw a swear in there somewhere, never-mind blood and all the fun stuff.

    Ah well, age ratings are all scams anywho.,.

    Jun 7, 2024

    NoOneInParticular Now I’m considering ignoring the ratings and reviewing whatever the heck I want…does anyone even check them?
    Jun 7, 2024

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  • There's a tortoise over here!! And how wonderfully appreciated you are!! Thanks for joining this year!


    NoOneInParticular Thanks for the support! :D
    Jun 7, 2024

  • Awesome to see your participating with the Great Tortoise Race! You're doing an amazing job reviewing! :D

    NoOneInParticular Thank you! I’ll try my best!
    Jun 7, 2024

  • EllieMae
    Jun 5, 2024

    Hey friend!! I saw your comment on the Team Tricksies page asking how to make links look like the ones above. Here is a simple code you can use to do that :D

    Code: Select all
    [url=put your review link here]Name of poem or number you want to show[/url]

    Just remove the text I added and add your own link and words!!

    NoOneInParticular Thanks!
    Jun 5, 2024

  • goodolnoah
    Jun 3, 2024

    Congrats on the first review star!!!

    NoOneInParticular Yay! Thank you as well!
    Jun 3, 2024

  • OrabellaAvenue
    Jun 3, 2024

    Congratulations on your first review star!!! ⭐ That's an awesome achievement!!! Keep going, friend!

    NoOneInParticular Thanks! To be honest, I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.
    Jun 3, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue Oh haha nice. Well, surprise! A star!!
    Jun 3, 2024

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