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  • I slipped out of team tortoise but there's always next month.

    WeepingWisteria Any reviews help!! Don’t feel bad about dropping out. We’d be happy to have you next and month and we appreciate what you could write this month <33
    Jul 14, 2024

  • I know we have Will review for food but a part of me thinks there should be a reviewing club to share tips or let people know you posted something easier. It might also help keep people motivated during slower times on the site.

    This is just musing though I do hope rp month is going well for all those participating.

    RavenAkuma I mean there are kinda review clubs, but they're more specific. Like the Green Room Book Club is dedicated to helping ongoing novels in the Green Room, and I want to say there are one or two others kind of along those lines (which is great because it is usually later chapters of novels that get stuck in the Green Room). But yeah, there's not much else...Intruiging :3
    Jul 13, 2024

  • I was thinking of branching out and posting elsewhere what do you guys use?

    I am not going to do royal roads or web novel they don't have great reputations.

    RavenAkuma DEFINITELY please don't do Webnovel, I got scammed hard on that wretched platform... *ahem, anyway, boy do I have the list for you...

    Spoiler! :
    I've used Booksie in the past, which is...well, it's a nice and kinda of old-school website, but it can be tricky to find vocal readers on it. Definitely lacks that "community" aspect, and it can be hard to navigate for newcomers. RoyalRoad was a little better, which surprises me to hear about its reputation, but I remember there being a lot of trolls...man it must've really gone downhill since my time there...Anyway, there's always Wattpad, which is 50/50; some people absolutely thrive on it, but there are some very toxic sub-regions within that community, and while the interface is great and it's an easy website to learn, it can be tricky to get started on (I have a story about my own experiences on there in my "about" section)

    Now, I've poked around on some other websites and I'm not well-versed in any of these, but this is what I can tell you about them;

    FictionPress - it's kind of the "original" of websites like these, where you share your writing. As far as I know, it's still up and running, but I don't know how active it is. My guess is...it's probably not very popular. Its interface is stuck in Y2K and it's not very pleasing to work with, lol. It's exclusively for fiction and poetry, with a forum for RPing.

    TheNextBigWriter - considered a Booksie "sister site" that took on some mechanics of YWS. I've seen some success stories come out of there. It may have trouble from time to time due to some hardware failures that crashed the site previously, but it looks to be up and running still, and should have some active members.

    Tapas - I was on this website for a while and enjoyed it! I was just on RoyalRoad, Booksie, and Wattpad at the time as well, and juggling two struggling books, so I inevitably got overwhelmed and dropped off. The only thing is that it has more of an anime or manga-esque vibe. People still share novels as well as mangas, but the covers and stylings are all in that fashion. That's part of why I enjoyed it so much, but I'm not sure if it's the theme you're looking for with Everbound...

    WritersCafe - another old website, but very charming! It had a very formal atmosphere, which is why I didn't join (TFR -and me- are chaos with a cartoony theme lol). I think Everbound would fit very nicely on this site, but I couldn't tell you much about its activity nowadays.

    Overall, there are some decent options out there, and I've had positive experiences myself on a lot of them. I've just come to the conclusion that YWS has had the best sense of community; they're engaging and patient with newcomers, and there's way more interest in writing not just nice but honest reviews (honesty is one of the hardest things to find on other sites tbh). But just as well, some people can't handle this site's antics and drop off, so it all depends on the writer.

    Jul 11, 2024

    Moonlily Wow thanks for the long list Raven I will check some of these out! For Royal Road I just heard there are a lot of trolls and they don't take too kindly to lgbtq+ stories ( Kind of an issue for Everbound since lil is very pansexuall) I know a lot of authors use it still I just want to avoid the toxicity and lack of readers because I don't slot into the common type of novel there.

    from what I gathered web novel is a big scam with really predatory policies. So I am thinking of tapas here and maybe one other place.

    Jul 11, 2024

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  • I never made a real post saying the new updates out so I guess here it is.

    Better late than never. Everbound Book one has gotten a second update for chapter two. ( Like two days ago thank you for the reviews btw )

    Everbound Book One : The Satanic Method Part 1.1.

    If you are interested at all, I would like to hear your thoughts. You can also check out the other chapters in the Everbound folder. ( Not rushing anyone just saying.)

  • Good News, I should be able to get an update out today! It took a bit of work and trying not to melt from the heat.

  • The next update will be shorter than normal and is coming. I just need to do some rewriting. My old prose can be a bit finicky at times, including now. I will also likely be sending in Pandora Shattered when my mentor gets back to me. (Do you think I can get to four things published by the end of the year, maybe five )

  • I have the perfect cliffhanger for the next update, however, it might be way shorter than normal. (I feel bad because I want to keep things interesting but the end would be so powerful if I go with it.)

  • I have never seen the greenroom so empty! good job guys!

    If we do run out of stuff in there I am not above shameless plugs.

    * cough* check out my novel and I might post a more revised version of Pandora Shattered.* cough*
    okay but in all seriousness you guys rock!

  • Hello folks it's time for a somewhat janky but exciting update. Everbound chapter two is out. (it's one of my favourite parts honestly.)

    Everbound : Chapter Two The Satanic Method. Part One
    ( I will still tag later if anyone wants me too,)

  • I am taking a break from editing and honestly wouldn't mind sharing a bit of my other projects, but the most developed is very very adult.

    Formatting it might also be tricky. Regardless, I will try to get the normal Eb chapter part up in the next few weeks.

  • I know it's been a few weeks since Evebound's last update. I am still trying to streamline processes and balance life with getting the energy to write more. (it is still coming but will be shorter to keep things moving )

  • I would love to do something digital horror or unfiction/ARG like, however, they are always so big and I don't have the skills. I love that type of stuff, hence the poems and (unproduced) Journal pages in Everbound.

    The pages are meant to give more lore and details, much like how Lilian would read it. However, I want to get the plot points down so none of this draft sorry.

    (Think of it like a treat for the hopefully at one point published version)

  • KaeRae88
    Spoiler! :
    psssst, the title! Sorry, I don't want to criticize, I just thought I would let you know

    Jun 13, 2024

    Moonlily The typo has been fixed even if it doesn't show it.
    Jun 14, 2024

  • If I posted a poem, I want to send to a magazine would anyone give me some feedback? ( I am not that good at poetry yet)

    RavenAkuma I'm not the best poetry reviewer, but I would love to try and help you out!! :D
    Jun 13, 2024

    EllieMae Yes for sure!
    Jun 13, 2024

  • Hey everyone I ended up making that playlist forum.

    The Official Everbound Playlist.

    RavenAkuma Cool! :D
    Jun 8, 2024

    goodolnoah Yayyy!! I will be listening to this when I start my reviews! :D
    Jun 8, 2024

fun fact i hear my evil twin once wrote a story about a hacker who used the name fyshi33k bc there are 33k-ish species of fish and she liked phishing so fyshi-33k made sense but then she got super embarrassed when someone forced her to explain
— VyperShadow