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An Introduction, á la Amelie

Maximilia De La Vera is an eighteen year-old girl living in the morning of America (the east coast), with a propensity for icarian dreams.

She dislikes the sight or sound of others spitting anywhere outside of a bathroom sink (particularly sidewalks, when you're directly behind them with the possibility of stepping exactly where it's landed); the occurrence of pages sticking together while reading; and those little stringy things on peeled bananas.

She likes the smell of gasoline; systematically scrapping the cream from every Oreo before eating the chocolate covers; and the feeling of being the first and only soul awake in the early morning hours...

(For my work published here, under public access:
© 2014 Maximilia De La Vera. All rights reserved.)


Film, Literature, Art, Photography, Astrology, Music...that's as generic as it gets, my friends.




Ogres are like onions.
— Shrek