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About Dragongirl

I am one of nine children. I was homeschool and I live in the country and I'm not quite as hick as that just sounded.

I like to read and write.


I go between thinking that writing is my calling and wanting to tear every thing I have ever written to bits because it is such garbage.

I am left-handed.

I am brunette.

I know how to cook the most awesome apple bread ever.

I have a collection of 50 cent pieces that I keep in the bottom of my jewelery box, which incidentally looks a bit like a treasure box.

I also used to collect teddy bears. (Thank God that ship has sailed.)

I thought the movie Thor was pretty stinking bad. Talk about no plot.

My favorite colors are black and green.


Writing.(duh!) Reading anything I can get my hands on. Swiming, drawing,(but only when I'm in the mood) jogging, and hanging out with my friends.

Some call me a legacy, others call me a hero. But I assure you, dear admirers, I am only human.
— Persistence