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  • Novel / Chapter » Literature, Teen Fiction
    Re: Adeline and Odelia: A Summer's Tale Prologue

    Hello! First of all I just wanted to mention, I really enjoy your opening ( The Prophecy and the description. I think that is really sets the tone. -The moon ...

    Jul 15, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, Science Fiction
    Re: The Rage (Chapter 1)

    Hi! I really enjoy your story so far. I found a few minor mistakes, but those could just be me. -“If you’re just going to sit there and complain, you ...

    Jul 15, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Narrative
    Re: Chapter #2

    Hi Prim Rose! I just wanted to start off by saying I really enjoy your story so far! I think that the chapters that I have read so far have ...

    Jul 14, 2020

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