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About JoyfulMelody

Hello, y'all. I'm JoyfulMelody, a writer, a poet, an inventor, and an insane idea machine.

Here's a piece of advice if you need one:

Listen, it doesn't matter what you're going through right now. Everybody has hard times, times they struggle. Just listen.

Life gets better and someday, maybe you wouldn't be hating it as you did before. Believe me, it's okay to just let yourself go once in a while. Don't listen to people when they judge you, they don't know you, the true you, the beautiful you.

Don't give up. No matter what. I know I sound as if I want through nothing. But no, I want through so much at such a young age. And I started to crumble apart and I was just...Lost, and alone. Don't learn the hard way like I did, keep on trying till you reach higher than before.
And for those who aren't: Please, listen when someone is finding you, when someone is calling help, and please don't just walk away. Don't leave us lost and abandoned. We need you...We need someone to grab us out of the deep hole we are stuck in. We need you to lead us to the light, to love, to hope.

We are proud of you. We love you. We are so glad you are part of our lives. You are Hope even when you think you're hopeless yourself.

And above all, you are our beloved WRITER.

Best Wishes for future writings!


Books, Animes, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Death, and Anything that is insane like Kelsier's ideas.



Almost all absurdity of conduct rises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble.
— Samuel Johnson