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  • LittleLee
    May 25, 2021

    Hey, Shade! Remember me?

  • kattee
    Mar 12, 2021

    Miss u shade !!

  • Necromancer14
    Jan 4, 2021

    u still active?

  • Anyone have any tips for writing an essay on Hamlet? Honestly I'll take everything I can get at this point. XD

  • *pokes*
    Heyy...just wanted to check in to see how the post was going?
    Also...long time no see...how are you doing these days?

  • I had a dream last night that I was wearing crocs? And somehow they were illegal? So I just awkwardly limped places trying to hide the fact that I was wearing crocs. (not sure exactly how the limping was supposed to hide the fact that i was wearing crocs, but anyways. #DreamLogic )

    I'm pretty sure there was more to the dream than that, but that's all I remember. But it's so weird because I haven't worn crocs in like 2-3 years, and so I'm pretty sure they must have came from this one character who likes wearing crocs in a show I watch.

    Let's just say I was very confused when I woke up.

    Rosewood My friend, who just joined YWS, had a similar experience to this in real life. Somehow, he didn't realize he'd worn crocs to school, (we have a uniform), and spent the entire day in them, dodging teachers and avoiding questions.
    Sep 16, 2020

  • I finished an edit of an anime. It's my first edit, and I worked hard on it, even if it isn't as good as I would have liked. I'm sort of a perfectionist on these things though, so probably everything would have never been enough. XD

    Fight Song BHNA Edit - YouTube

  • How are you doing demon cat?

    Shadeflame Doing good.School is gonna start soon, so I gotta get ready for that and I'm just not mentally prepared for another whole year of school work.
    Aug 27, 2020

    MoonIris good luck!
    Aug 27, 2020

  • KateHardy
    Aug 20, 2020

    Hey!! Just checking because I haven't seen you around on the pad lately. How's the post coming?

    Shadeflame Sorry, it completely slipped my mind. XD. I'll actually finish it soon, don't worry.
    Aug 20, 2020

    KateHardy Okay...no worries.
    Aug 21, 2020

  • I hope today is amazing!

    Shadeflame I hope your day is amazing too!
    Aug 15, 2020

  • hater of those who
    dab and writes cool storybook
    posts and poetry

    Here's a haiku for Happiness Happens Month! <3

    Shadeflame I am touched. Thank you.
    Aug 14, 2020

  • Necromancer14 I'd like Fortnite to die, but if memes didn't have text then they wouldn't be nearly as funny. And that would annoy me more than everyone talking about fortnite, so... not pushing the button.
    Aug 12, 2020

    Shadeflame People with courage will push this button, like the person who posted this meme did.

    "Did you do it?"
    "What did it cost."

    Aug 14, 2020

  • In an earlier post I said that I have never found something that embodies my feelings toward those who dab more than that. But now, I must revise that statement, because I have found THIS
    Spoiler! :
    Bakugo is me whenever anyone dabs

    Prokaryote Dabbing is the pinnacle of zoomer culture, and that's saying a lot because they're wrecking it out here
    Aug 10, 2020

    Shadeflame I'm confused are you pro or anti dab.
    Aug 10, 2020

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  • Wait your avatar is a cat??? I first thought it was a drawing of a devil or maybe a bat. Now I realise it’s a cat!

    Shadeflame Yeah. It honestly suits me so well. I love it.
    Aug 10, 2020

    MoonIris I don’t know if I should be happy for you or scared of you...
    Aug 10, 2020

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  • Necromancer14
    Aug 10, 2020

    I really want to pet that cat in your avatar. It just looks so soft, if a tad evil.

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