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  • Happy birthday :)

  • starlitmind
    Oct 1, 2020

    :birthday: ❤️

  • momonster
    Oct 1, 2020

    happy birthday!

  • RadDog13579
    Oct 1, 2020

    Happy birthday!

  • Mageheart
    Oct 1, 2020

    Happy birthday! 🎉

  • Hkumar
    Sep 30, 2020

    Happy birthday :D

  • BhavyaMehta123
    Aug 17, 2020

    Hi! How are you?

  • Thanks for the follow!

  • Congrats on the second star!

  • Congrats on the second review star! 🌟 🌟

    DeliriumNervosa Thank you so much! I can't believe how many people have written on my wall to congratulate me!
    Aug 2, 2020

  • Congratulations on getting your second review star!

    DeliriumNervosa Thank you!
    Aug 2, 2020

  • Congrats on your second review 🌟

    DeliriumNervosa Thank you very much! I haven't been on much recently, been very busy. I am so glad I am back reviewing and writing.
    Jul 31, 2020

    Hkumar That's good!
    Jul 31, 2020

  • Hey! Sorry to bother you. I remember you had posted the second chapter of your story but I can't see it now. Did you take it down? :)

    DeliriumNervosa Hi Hkumar,
    No I didn't take it down? I will have a look and see what has happened to it!

    Jun 16, 2020

    DeliriumNervosa For some reason it hadn't published it haha I have now! I hope you enjoy it!
    Jun 16, 2020

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  • Thanks for the follow!

  • Welcome to YWS!

The very worst use of time is to do very well what need not be done at all.
— Benjamin Tregoe