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Heyo! If you’re reading this, I am alive and fairly okay. I'm not super active on YWS, but you may see me stalking poking around forums and reading new works from the Green Room.

Anyways... if you've found me, congratulations! (I'm kind of impressed.) Feel free to read the, you know, actual bio--it's very free and very right below this sentence.

Quick stats:
- Nickname: Joy
- Age: 17
- Pronouns: she/her/they/ze
- Appearance: Tall, white, and average-looking with shoulder-length brown hair and noticeable eye bags. Wears beanies, jeans and occasionally eye makeup.
- Personality: (idk mate, who can judge their own personality accurately amirite)
- qUirKs: Has anxiety and OCD. Identifies as generally queer. Default mood is tired.
- Disclaimer: I have a limited perspective on life. Please let me know if I act ignorant. thank you ;]

Webcomic Dump:
I really like webcomics! If you have any webcomic suggestions for me, let me know. Here's an unordered list of them that I recommend:
- Gunnerkrigg Court (fantasy, sci-fi)
- Vattu (epic fantasy)
- Paranatural (comedy, supernatural)
- On a Sunbeam (sci-fi, some romance elements)
- A Better Place (sci-fi, some horror elements)
- All-Night Laundry (horror, sci-fi)
- Sleepless Domain (magical girl, fantasy, some horror elements)
- Star Hammer (superhero)
- Erma (horror, comedy)
- The Life of Melody (romance, fantasy)
- Stagtown (horror)
- Demon's Mirror (fantasy, some horror elements)
- Always Human (romance, sci-fi)
- City of Blank (sci-fi, comedy)
- Castoff (fantasy)
- Tales of Terrible Things (horror)

Below is a run-on sentence of my general interests in no particular order. Pretty standard bio stuff.

So... yeah! Nice to meet you, I guess!

(how many times have i redone this bio again)

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Webcomics (not just from webtoon), internet rabbit holes, well-written fanfiction, well-written original works (like the stuff on YWS... which is one of the reasons I still hang out here), fantasy worlds, hard magic systems, roleplaying games, basic physics, basic calculus, animated stuff, singing, songwriting, music in general, mental illnesses/health, how society works, androgynous clothing, drag makeup... and I guess we'll see what else


ice cream scooping again

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