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  • Happy birthday!! :)

  • Happy birthday!

  • Mageheart
    Aug 20, 2020

    Happy birthday! 🎉

  • Thanks for the follow!

  • Happy YWS Anniversary!

    starryknightt Thank youuu!
    Mar 10, 2020


    Lib Is that a novel or a series and what genre is it? (I need more books on my reading list, I'm sorry. xD)
    Feb 25, 2020

    starryknightt @Liberty haha...it's a Webtoon... XD
    but I'm always reading so if you want some recs, I can hook you up ;)

    Feb 25, 2020

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  • I bet Zeus was a lot more open-minded after Athena was born.

    ba dum tssssss

    *door hits me as I walk out*

    Orion42 i hate that this actually made me laugh out loud a little bit
    Mar 9, 2020

    starryknightt haha XD
    Mar 10, 2020

  • A woman dressed in a short black leather dress stopped by our table. Chains criss-crossed her chest and trailed down her arms, looping around her middle fingers. I trained my skeptical gaze on her fiery red pixie cut, twisted into spikes. Her thickly lined brown eyes met mine and a red-lettered list scrolled beside her head. Her profile.

    Name: Gennine Brass, 22 yo., college dropout

    Close Relatives: terminally ill father

    Health Condition(s): chronic fatigue syndrome, psychopathic tendencies

    Criminal Record(s): 7 suspected armed bank robberies

    I blinked in surprise as she pulled out a dingy tablet with a cracked screen. “What’ll it be for you two, sir?”
    Hyperion beamed. “I’ll take a coffee. Black, please.” I frowned. He nodded at me. “She’ll have…” He smirked. “Sparkling water.”
    The bank robber hesitated for a second, then shrugged and walked away, order in hand.
    “Coffee?” I asked, a little exasperated. “At a bar?”
    “Mmm, black like my soul.” He smiled. “I like to smash societal norms, in case you haven’t noticed.”
    I pursed my lips and leveled him a look.
    “You’re the one who got… sparkling water.”
    I scoffed, rolling my eyes. “You’re hilarious. Really.”
    Hyperion sat back, crossing his arms behind his head. “You’re not going to ask me?” he probed.
    I raised a brow. “Hm? About your demented Robin Hood complex?”
    He grinned. “So you did notice.”
    “I don’t care about the psychos you pick up off the street.”
    “I found you, didn’t I?” he teased.
    I flinched a little. “That’s not true,” I barked. “Besides, I sought you out.”

  • EverLight
    Nov 10, 2019


    starryknightt Hey there!
    Nov 16, 2019

  • Hey Starry Knight. trying to get to know more people:) My name is mara, but I am called Rae or Raelyn on here:) I saw you on honora's wall, and I loved your avatar. I am also 17 and in the USA. You can learn more about me under About. Hope to get to know ya

    starryknightt Nice to meet you! Thanks! Same here :)
    Nov 8, 2019

    Raelyn What do you write:)
    Nov 9, 2019

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  • trashykawa
    Sep 11, 2019

    hi star

    starryknightt Hey, hiraeth.
    I know I'm the worst friend in the world right now and I'm sorry. School has been so crazy and I just haven't had any time.

    But how are you today?

    Sep 12, 2019

  • Enemies to lovers is probably my most cliche addiction

    trashykawa Yes! Favourite trope!
    Sep 9, 2019

    Mageheart My cliche is Friends to Lovers - I can never get over that moment where the characters are like, "Wait, I thought we were just friends. Why am I feeling this?"
    Sep 9, 2019

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  • starryknightt
    Sep 9, 2019

    Can we all just take a moment and obsess over the fact that Tyler and Jenna Joseph ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY GIRL?????

  • starryknightt
    Sep 9, 2019

    I don't mind at all
    Lean on my pride
    Lean on my pride
    I'm a lion

  • Have a wonderful day on your special one! ^^

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
— Groucho Marx